Portal - An Advanced Mage Routine [PvE & PvP]

by Millz

40 ratings


Portal is the most advanced mage combat routine available for Honorbuddy.

Note: Purchases can be refunded within 7 days, however refunding a product will prevent you from being able to repurchase in future. Please consider using the support link below to seek assistance before refunding products.

  • Supports all Bot Bases
  • Supports Questing
  • End Game PvE/PvP
  • Highly configurable GUI
  • Vast amounts of updates and super fast support
  • Frame lock support
  • All specializations supported
  • Hotkey support
  • Pre-set settings for quick start usage
  • Movement / Targeting / Facing support
Example PvE Features:
  • Optimized routine for max DPS
  • Encounter specific logic for complex fights
Example PvP Features:
  • Diminishing Returns Tracker
  • Event based PvP retaliation (i.e. stun/fear scatter shots before they hit us to break CC combos).
  • Prevent incoming interupts (Juke)
  • Automatic crowd control

Screenshots [From Jan 2017]:

Item: CombatLogHandler.cs
Original Author: Bossland GmbH/Apoc/Wulf/Mirabis
Date Obtained: +/- 2013
Obtained from: PureRotation V2
License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: CacheManager.cs
Original Author: Wulf
Date Obtained: +/- 2013
Obtained from: PureRotation V2
License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: Death.cs TalentManager.cs
Original Author: Bossland GmbH
Date Obtained: +/- 2013
Obtained from: Singular
License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

Item: Net Seal Theme
Original Author: Nimoru Software
Date Obtained: +/- 2014
Obtained from: Site: http://elitevs.net/nstheme.html
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Item: Product Icon Image
Original Author: Millz
Date Obtained: Mar-2015
Obtained from: Original Artwork
License: Original artwork requires no explicit license for use in my own products.

Item: accepted.png 
Original Author: iconfinder.com 
Date Obtained: +/- 2015
Obtained from: https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/10249/accept_activation_check_confirm_correct_ok_save_success_tick_yes_icon#size=48
License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/

Item: warning.png 
Original Author: iconfinder.com 
Date Obtained: +/- 2015
Obtained from: https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/10375/alert_caution_exclamation_exclamation_mark_sign_triangle_warning_icon#size=48
License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/

Item: cancel.png 
Original Author: iconfinder.com 
Date Obtained: +/- 2015
Obtained from: https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/10277/cancel_close_deactivation_icon#size=48
License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/

Item: down.png 
Original Author: iconfinder.com 
Date Obtained: +/- 2015
Obtained from: https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/27880/arrow_red_up_icon#size=128
License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/

Item: up.png 
Original Author: iconfinder.com 
Date Obtained: +/- 2015
Obtained from: https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/27881/arrow_up_icon#size=128
License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/

Item: MahApps Metro
Original Author: Paul Jenkins
Date Obtained: Sep 2016
Obtained from: http://mahapps.com/
License: Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL); https://github.com/MahApps/MahApps.Metro/blob/develop/LICENSE


40 total
Amazing routine, worth every penny.
Have used this for countless years and cannot recommend it enough.
This is a really good PvE CC. PvP needs some work. I tend to want to play by hand after using it.
quite good
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Changelog History

Version: [11/Aug/2017] (8/14/2017 3:36:41 PM)
- [Frost] Added support for Zann'esu Journey.
Version: [23/Jul/2017] (7/24/2017 5:05:00 PM)
- Updated boss list to include Tomb of Sargeras bosses.
- [Frost] Another change to prevent Ice Lance double cast after Flurry.
Version: [29/Jun/2017] (6/30/2017 9:11:20 AM)
- [Frost] Removed double Ice Lance after Flurry.
- [Frost] Made a change to reduce the number of irrelevant Ice Lance's being cast.
- Demonic Inquisition fight (ToS) - will no longer attack units with auras Fel Squall or Bone Saw.
- [Arcane] Fixed Rune of Power usage outside of Mark of Aluneth on target dummies.
- [Arcane] Changed Rune of Power conditions to make it sync better with Arcane Power, and to not be wasted as easily when no arcane charges/mana available.
Version: [30/May/2017] (5/31/2017 5:08:24 AM)
- Updated the potion logic to use Potion of Prolonged Power.
Version: [19/Apr/2017] (4/19/2017 5:20:28 PM)
- [Fire] Added a time to death check to Combustion to prevent triggering when target is close to death (when not during a boss encounter).
- [Frost] Added support for Freezing Rain artifact trait.
- [Frost] Increased Ice Lance priority after Flurry.
Version: [09/Feb/2017] (2/10/2017 3:28:15 PM)
- [Fire] Meteor is now toggled off with the cooldown hotkey.
- Fixed attempting to face units when stunned, causing the toon to stutter turn - which is impossible to do by a player.
- Fixed a facing issue caused by Blink / Cone of Cold settings being enabled, where if the conditions matched (regardless of whether we could actually cast the spell), the bot would force face the desired direction - which caused some odd turning behavior.
- Experimental change to improve FPS by only scanning for new units up to 5 times per second, instead of every frame change in game (30 FPS = 30 scans per second).
- Change to internal caching durations for how long the bot stores certain values - such as how often we rebuild the party members, or determine who is an enemy/friendly.
Version: [19/Jan/2017] (1/22/2017 3:36:51 AM)
- [Arcane] Fixed Evocation cooldown detection.
- [Arcane] Tuning to Charged Up talent.
- [Arcane] Tuning to Arcane Barrage to prevent using too much mana.
- [Arcane] Tuning to Arcane Missiles to improve mana regen.
Version: [15/Jan/2017] (1/17/2017 11:01:22 PM)
- [Frost] Fixed an issue with Ice Nova talent spamming an exception.
Version: [11/Jan/2017] (1/12/2017 2:31:17 AM)
- TalentManager has been updated to reflect the talent changes in 7.1.5.
- Multiple GUI updates to support class changes.
- Spec specific 7.1.5 changes:
    - [Fire]
        - Ice Barrier has been changed to Blazing Barrier.
        - Removed Ice Floes support.
        - Removed existing Flame On code. 
        - Hardcoded Blast Wave's conditions - removed options.
    - [Arcane]
        - Ice Barrier has been changed to Prismatic Barrier.
        - Removed Ice Floes support.
        - Added Slipstream support for casting when moving.
        - Hardcoded Supernova's conditions - removed options.
    - [Frost]
        - Updated Ebonbolt's conditions.
        - Hardcoded Ice Nova's conditions - removed options.
        - Added option to Mirror Image to 'On Combustion Active'
Version: [06/Jan/2017] (1/8/2017 2:07:33 AM)
- [Arcane] Added a Time to Death check to Mark of Aluneth.
- [Arcane] Fixed Presence of Mind usage.
Version: [30/Dec/2016] (1/1/2017 5:46:27 AM)
- [Frost] Tuning to Frost Bomb.
- [Frost] Tuning to Ray of Frost.
- [Frost] Tuning to Flurry.
- [Frost] General tuning to spell priority order.
- [Frost] Ray of Frost no longer casts under 'high aoe'.
- [Fire] Added support for Wriggling Sinew trinket.
- [Fire] Living Bomb now has a higher priority than Pyroblast.
- Fixed Every Man for Himself.
- When bot is started, if using Questing bot base, will now forcefully enable movement, targeting, and facing to improve usage with HBRelog.
- Tuning to TimeToDeath manager to improve FPS loss performance.
- Reduced the unit scanning range from 120 yards to 80 (for FPS improvements).
- Will no longer blink while standing in Rune of Power.
Version: [10/Dec/2016] (12/15/2016 4:39:50 AM)
- [Fire] Added support for Koralon's Burning Touch - Scorch <= 25%.
- [Fire] Added support for Darckli's Dragonfire Diadem - Dragon's Breath range +25 yards.
- [Fire] Living Bomb is now cast when 2 or more units are near the target. No longer tied to the High AoE unit count value.
- [Fire] Minor tuning to Rune of Power to improve usage of second charge.
- [Fire] Added setting to Combustion for unit count targeting me - aimed at improving questing.
- [Fire] Reduced range check on Dragon's Breath by 1 yard to be more reliable.
- Time Warp will now auto cast when using the Questing bot base and fighting a 'rare elite' unit.
- Interrupting against non-players is now faster.
- Added setting to Blink when target in melee range and rooted (i.e. frost nova).
- Reduced range on Frost Nova check to be more reliable.
Version: [27/Oct/2016] (10/29/2016 2:30:12 AM)
- [Fire] Fixed Fire Blast usage outside of Combustion rotation.
- [Fire] Cinderstorm is now under AoE control, and can be toggled off with the AoE hotkey.
Version: [23/Oct/2016 - Alpha] (10/24/2016 5:48:26 AM)
- [Fire] Flame On is no longer used during trash pulls. 
- [Fire] Further tuning to Fire Blast to pool charges for Combustion.
- [Fire] Tuning to casting Scorch while moving - to not cast if we can cast Ice Floes.
- [Fire] Added an aura time remains check to Kael'thas's Ultimate Ability.
- Ice Floes will now react faster to moving.
- Every man for Himself is now only looking for stun effects, instead of all crowd control effects.
- Blink random direction has been changed to Blink backwards, and is now more accurate at setting the facing direction.
- Blink/Shimmer should no longer double cast.
- Fixed an issue with running into melee range when movement enabled.
Version: [17/Oct/2016 - Alpha] (10/17/2016 11:55:00 PM)
- [Fire] Will no longer cast Ice Barrier while Combustion active.
- [Fire] Added some debugging / minor tuning to Flame On.
- [Fire] Tuning to Fire Blast usage.
- [Fire] Fixed an issue where Combustion could be cast without Rune of Power active (if talented).
Version: [11/Oct/2016 - Alpha] (10/12/2016 2:38:54 PM)
- Will no longer cast RoP when moving (i.e. when Ice Floes active).
- [Fire] Will now use Flame On during trash pulls - outside of the Combustion cycle.
- [Fire] Flame On will forcefully be used when burst mode enabled.
- [Fire] Further tuning to Rune of Power usage.
- [All] Rune of Power will now cast on trash pulls, but only when we have (nearly) 2 charges, and there will be a unit alive for at least 15 seconds.
- Will now only use conjured food to recover instead of any food in the bags.
Version: [05/Oct/2016 - Alpha] (10/6/2016 6:00:24 AM)
- Removed casting details from overlay to prevent a crashing issue.
- [Fire] Will now cast Ice Floes on 'Kael'thas's Ultimate Ability' proc (legendary bracer).
- [Fire] Should no longer double hard cast Pyroblast on 'Kael'thas's Ultimate Ability' proc.
- [Fire] Will now prefer to use Ice Floes -> Fireball over Scorch.
- [Fire] More tuning for Phoenix's Flames with Phoenix Reborn artifact trait.
- Fixed an issue with facing targets while moving.
- Settings have been removed for Rune of Power, and replaced with;
    - Fire:   Hardcoded into a cast sequence method to ensure we always cast Rune of Power -> Combustion. RoP is still cast ouside of the Combustion cycle based on charges available.
    - Arcane: Hardcoded into a cast sequence method to ensure we always cast Rune of Power -> Mark of Aluneth. RoP is still cast on it's own based on charges available when MoA is on cooldown.
    - Frost:  Hardcoded into a cast sequence method to ensure we always cast Rune of Power -> Icy Veins. RoP is still cast on it's own based on charges available.
- Added Counterstrike Totem to the totem list.
Version: [30/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (10/1/2016 3:30:03 AM)
- [Fire] Cinderstorm will now cast properly on trash.
- [Fire] Fixed an issue with not casting on units with our Disoriented buff (i.e. from Dragon's Breath).
- [Fire] Tuning to Flame On with Kindling talent.
- Re-written face target logic.
- Added option to Advanced tab to allow disabling attacking other players in the open world.
Version: [26/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/26/2016 6:12:30 PM)
- [Fire] Tuning to Cinderstorm.
- [Fire] Should no longer double cast Pyroblast on Marquee of the Sun Binding bracers.
- [Fire] Tuned Flame On's usage surrounding Combustion.
- [Fire] Re-ordered some priorities on abilities.
- [Fire] Tuning to Rune of Power.
- [Arcane] Added Mark of Aluneth to the rotation.
- [Arcane] Tuned Rune of Power to handle Mark of Aluneth.
- [Arcane] Added support for Arcane Familiar.
- [Frost] Fixed trying to summon water elemental with Lonely Winter talent out of combat.
- Potential fix to facing issues.
Version: [16/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/19/2016 7:14:59 PM)
- Will no longer attack pet battle critters.
- Fixed an issue with casting on units which weren't in combat with us during an encounter.
- Replaced Healing Tonic usage with Ancient Healing Potion.
- [Fire] Will no longer cast Cinderstorm when Combustion active.
- [Fire] Rune of Power 'On Boss Or Player' setting reworked to match Simcraft rules.
Version: [11/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/12/2016 3:13:41 PM)
- [Fire] Fixed Pyroblast spam with Marquee Bindings of the Sun King.
- [Fire] Flamestrike now follows the AoE unit count setting.
- Updated Spellsteal. Should be more efficient.
Version: [07/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/8/2016 2:15:25 AM)
- Fixed not attacking Naraxas (boss).
- Fixed LoS issues during encounters.
- [Fire] Will now prioritise Pyroblast over Phoenix's Flames.
- [Fire] Will now cast Scorch as filler when Combustion active.
- [Fire] Living Bomb is now cast when number of units near target exceeds AoE unit count setting.
- [Frost] Added support for Concentrated Coolness Honor Talent.
- [Frost] Fixed an issue with Glacial Spike.
Version: [03/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/3/2016 5:11:39 PM)
- Fixed not attacking Helya (boss), Destructor Tentacle (trash).
- New GUI.
- [Fire] Added logic for Phoenix's Flames. Logic varies depending on whether we're in a group or not.
- [Fire] Flame On is now under control of the Cooldowns hotkey.
Version: [31/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/31/2016 9:00:49 PM)
- Updated to HB3 API.
Version: [26/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/28/2016 4:11:57 AM)
- [Frost] Added hotkey Blizzard mouseover.
- [Fire] Fixed Flamestrike to only cast on Hot Streak.
- [Fire] Flamestrike is now cast with Flame Patch talent, or 10+ units in range.
- [Fire] Tuning to Cinderstorm usage.
- [Fire] Flame On is now held if Combustion will be available within the next 10s.
- [Fire] Switched some rotation priorities around.
- Overlay X/Y/Height/Width is now saved while bot is running.
- Fixed an issue with toggling hotkeys crashing the bot if overlay is disabled.
- Reduced range of Frost Nova to prevent being wasted.
- Frost Nova now checks it's not casting on flying units.
Version: [10/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/10/2016 10:35:34 PM)
- Rotation should no longer crash when saving settings. Note: Hotkey settings have been reset to accommodate this change.
- Ice Barrier will now work in Fire and Arcane specs. Settings moved from Frost to Class Abilities tab.
- [Frost] Fixed an issue with Blizzard casting when AoE disabled.
Version: [03/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/4/2016 1:25:28 AM)
- [Fire] Added Combustion settings.
- Added settings to Rune of Power.
Version: [27/Jul/2016 #2 - Alpha] (7/28/2016 1:12:28 PM)
- Added a 2 minute internal delay between casting Conjure Refreshments.
- [Arcane] Fixed pausing.
Version: [27/Jul/2016 - Alpha] (7/27/2016 12:31:07 PM)
- Removed 'charges' references to Blast Wave, Supernova, and Ice Nova.
- Fixed an exception causing the rotation to lock up.
Version: [26/Jul/2016 - Alpha] (7/26/2016 8:13:13 PM)
- Will no longer try to use non-usable trinkets if they're enabled.
- Fixed some talent lookup issues causing some spells not to cast properly.
Version: [24/Jul/2016 - Alpha] (7/25/2016 8:22:45 PM)
** This build is a major revision, and will likely contain numerous bugs. Please report them in the Portal thread on the forum **
Version: [02/Jun/2016] (6/3/2016 6:28:43 AM)
- [Fire] Fixed an exception when using Living Bomb talent and Alternate PvE Rotation setting.
Version: [22/May/2016] (5/27/2016 4:13:34 AM)
- [Arcane] Fix to Arcane Power not casting when burn mode is set to auto, and 'only burn when AP active' setting enabled.
- [Arcane] New Supernova setting to cast when mana below 93% in conserve phase.
- [Arcane] Arcane Barrage will not cast if Evocation is required.
- [Arcane] Evocation conditions relaxed, and should always cast below 50% mana, regardless of Prismatic Crystal / Arcane Power.
- [Arcane] Changed conditions around Arcane Power to be used more effectively with burn phase.
- [Arcane] Supernova will no longer cast above 97% mana, to prevent wasting regen time.
- Rare, Rare Elite, and World Boss units now trigger 'Boss Or Player' conditions.
- Re-wrote remaining TreeSharp code to Coroutines.
Version: [17/May/2016] (5/18/2016 4:27:48 AM)
- Fixed routine spamming errors when overlay disabled.
Version: [12/May/2016] (5/14/2016 8:54:33 AM)
- Redesigned overlay component. Uses significantly less CPU, is transparent, can be moved easier, can be resized, and shows what the routine is casting.
Version: [06/May/2016] (5/7/2016 2:44:25 PM)
- Fixed a bug where we would sometimes cast on units with a 'dont attack' aura - such as Fel Barrier on Soul of Socrethar.
- Enabling/Disabling Overlay no longer requires restarting Honorbuddy.
Version: [29/Apr/2016] (4/29/2016 6:49:43 PM)
- Fixed Save button on new GUI not registering hotkey changes.
Version: [24/Apr/2016] (4/26/2016 3:03:27 PM)
- Performance tuning to improve FPS drops;
    * Scanning units (ObjectManager) - 96% performance improvement.
    * Spell charge info (no longer using lua calls) - 77% performance improvement.
    * Reduced the periodicity of time to death tracking globally, rather than per unit - 98% performance improvement.
    * Removed some aura caching which was, in some cases, resolving slower than non-cached methods.
Version: [18/Apr/2016] (4/20/2016 5:15:43 AM)
- New GUI!
Version: [31/Mar/2016] (3/31/2016 3:43:07 PM)
- [Arcane] Added setting to only burn on Arcane Power active.
Version: [05/Mar/2016] (3/7/2016 2:16:05 PM)
- Units during mythic encounters (i.e whilst fighting a boss) are now never classed as trivial when calculating time to die values.
Version: [15/Jan/2016] (1/16/2016 4:46:59 PM)
- Delay before raid buff no longer pauses the bot.
Version: [09/Jan/2016] (1/9/2016 6:11:02 PM)
- Added delay before breaking crowd control.
- Fixed a bug where the CR would repeatedly consume food while already eating.
- Fixed Conjure Refreshment.
Version: [22/Dec/2015] (12/23/2015 4:24:11 AM)
- Rewrote large chunks of code for performance/reliability.
- Added sounds for arcane burn hotkey.
- Added Settings Manager - to allow individuals to upload/download categorised settings with ease. Credits to Wulf for the base code.
Version: [04/Nov/2015] (11/5/2015 4:58:06 AM)
- Changed routine spec switch code to resolve a conflict with another 3rd party product.
Version: [02/Nov/2015] (11/3/2015 3:56:02 AM)
- Anti-Lag #2 option has been disabled.
- Change to improve potion usage reliability.
- Added some missing trinkets to the trinket tracker.
- [Fire] Added setting for cast Dragon's Breath on >= X units.
- [Fire] Fixed Meteor usage.
- Change to allow switching specializations without reloading Honorbuddy.
- Recoded hotkey system for performance/reliability improvements.
- Will no longer instantly buff when someone in the raid cancels our aura. Anti-bot detection.
Version: [23/Oct/2015] (10/24/2015 4:25:18 AM)
- Silence should now work better, and cast more frequent.
- Fixed combat log events not being handled.
Version: [15/Oct/2015] (10/17/2015 4:29:17 AM)
- Fixed 'preventing casting on: me - blacklisted' error.
- Removed some spam logging when other players in our party change spec/talents.
- Changed combat log event handling to new method.
- Added Garrison ability usage.
- Improved potion usage reliability.
Version: [08/Oct/2015] (10/9/2015 4:27:30 AM)
- [Frost] Improved FoF / IL weaving.
- [Frost] Fix to prevent casting Water Jet and Frozen Orb together.
- Crystalline Fel Prison will no longer be multi-dotted.
Version: [01/Oct/2015] (10/2/2015 4:36:30 AM)
- [Frost] If T18 2PC -> Will wait until no BF procs before casting Water Jet.
- [Frost] If T18 4PC & Class trinket -> Will now weave FB -> IL when less than 4 stacks.
- Voracious Soulstalker will no longer be multi-dotted.
- [Arcane] Will hold off Evocation while Mark of Doom active.
Version: [08/Sep/2015] (9/9/2015 5:37:28 PM)
- [Arcane] Added hotkey to allow forcing burn phase.
- [Arcane] Added setting to allow disabling automatic usage of burn phase.
- [Arcane] Added 'On Burn Phase' setting to Arcane Power and Presence of Mind.
- Added 'frost nova replacement talent' support for Temporal Power buff (T18 4PC Bonus).
- Should no longer cancel cast in BGs if capturing banner point.
Version: [31/Aug/2015] (9/1/2015 3:56:51 AM)
- Fixed Mark of Doom detection.
- Improved the 'stop moving' code when movement enabled.
- Improved Slow Fall usage. Slightly less spammy.
Version: [20/Aug/2015] (8/21/2015 3:11:26 AM)
- [Arcane] Will now cast AM on any unit with our Mark of Doom active.
- Added support for CapabilityFlag 'Interrupting' to allow plugins/bots to block routine from interrupting.
Version: [14/Aug/2015] (8/15/2015 4:21:47 AM)
- [Arcane] Added logging to AM usage when used for Mark of Doom.
- Added support for CapabilityFlags which enables bot bases to enable/disable functionality within the combat routine.
Version: [10/Aug/2015] (8/11/2015 12:03:24 AM)
- Added switch target if current target is Prismatic Crystal and no units near it (only active when auto targeting enabled).
- 'Reactive Firebomb' unit on Iron Reaver fight, and 'Corrupted Soul' on Gorefiend mythic is now ignored for AoE/multi-dotting.
- [Arcane] Added support for Mark of Doom.
Version: [28/Jul/2015] (7/30/2015 3:25:47 AM)
- Improved Slow Fall when falling usage.
- Added ignore LoS on Archimonde and Fel Lord Zakuun.
Version: [21/Jul/2015] (7/21/2015 4:05:35 PM)
- [Frost] Added Shatterlance support (Tome of Shifting Words Trinket).
Version: [14/Jul/2015] (7/14/2015 11:48:07 AM)
- Re-upload due to streaming issues.
Version: [09/Jul/2015] (7/14/2015 10:58:37 AM)
- Amplify Magic has been removed.
- [Fire] Removed T17 'ignite' trick.
- Added Socrethar's immunity aura (Fel Barrier) to don't attack list.
- Added Hellfire Citadel's boss IDs to improve boss detection.
Version: [01/Jun/2015] (6/2/2015 3:04:18 AM)
- [Fire] Fixed a null exception error when Meteor talented.
- [Fire] Combustion should now wait for Meteor to land before casting (if talented).
- [Fire] Combustion will now cast after Meteor, not before (if talented).
- Logging now shows last 4 characters of target GUID to help determine difference between multiple units.
- Overlay will now keep the same position between HB restarts.
- Fixed an issue that could cause problems with saving settings due to new store security.
- Hotkeys/Overlay settings are now stored separately to the normal routine setup. This means when loading new setting files, the hotkey config won't change. *NOTE* This does require hotkeys to be re-configured for the first time after this update.
Version: [12/May/2015] (5/12/2015 9:55:02 PM)
- [Fire] Improvements to Inferno Blast usage.
- [Fire] Fixed some minor bugs related to Meteor/Combustion usage.
- [Fire] Combustion when Meteor talented should now react faster.
- [Fire] Change to prevent hard casting Pyroblast with 4PC set bonus.
- [Arcane] Added debugging for time to death burn phase calculation.
- [Arcane] Removed force cast AM on Arcane Instability.
- Fixed auto focus.
- Updated default PvE/PvP files. These aren't optimal for every fight - just generalised settings to use in any situation.
- Manual cast pause is now using a better, more reliable coroutine method. 
- Fixed don't cast on Damage Shield aura, and added Hardened Slag aura.
Version: [08/Apr/2015] (4/9/2015 3:55:47 AM)
- [Fire] When cooldowns hotkey disabled, the T17 2PC trick is also disabled.
- [Fire] Removed LB multi-dotting. It's only worth casting when it can be spread to other targets.
- Overlay now shows the toggled values permanently in a little window.
- Overlay font sizes can now be changed.
Version: [03/Apr/2015] (4/4/2015 6:32:03 PM)
- Will now ignore Risen Spirit units in Ashran.
- [Fire] Fixed an error that sometimes occurred when starting the bot.
- [Fire] Added combustion setting for power above average and x units in range.
- Improved some lua calls to remove any chance of a footprint being left inside the WoWClient.
- WoW chat output options have been removed. Has been changed to use overlay. Can be toggled from Advanced tab.
Version: [14/Mar/2015] (3/27/2015 3:21:52 AM)
- [Fire] Improvements to 2pc set bonus trick.
- Now ignores LoS checks on Prismatic Crystal.
- After Prismatic Crystal ends - will now try to re-target the last target.
- [Frost] Improved Water Jet's conditions.
- Will no longer cast Ring of Frost on Prismatic Crystal.
- [Arcane] Will now force Arcane Missiles on T17 4PC proc (Arcane Instability).
Version: [10/Mar/2015] (3/11/2015 3:11:17 AM)
- [Arcane] Will now use Arcane Missiles for extending Arcane Power duration.
- [Fire] Will cast Fireball when standing still and 3x stacks of Ignition always - overriding use scorch as filler setting.
- [Fire] Improved combustion trick for 2pc set bonus.
- All targeting checks are now ignored once an encounter has been detected in progress.
Version: [26/Feb/2015] (2/27/2015 2:13:23 AM)
- Removed routine name from logging to game window.
- Added Hansgar and Frazok to ignore LoS checks.
- Improved Ring of Frost usage.
Version: [20/Feb/2015] (2/21/2015 3:50:59 AM)
- Fixed Prismatic Crystal not working on boss fights which have a large hit box radius.
- Disabled LoS checks on Blackhand.
- [Fire] Fixed Meteor not obeying setting.
- [Fire] Changed 'ignite trick' to work without Prismatic Crystal.
- Updated default PvE.xml file.
Version: [10/Feb/2015] (2/18/2015 11:17:14 PM)
- Fixed Rune of Power casting when moving on Ice Floes/Aspect of the Fox.
- [Fire] Added stop casting on Pyromaniac active to spam Pyroblast. 
- [Fire] Increase Pyroblast priority when Pyromaniac active.
- [Fire] Improved Pyroblast usage when building up for Combustion.
- Added support for food items that provide the buff 'Refreshment' instead of Food/Drink.
- Fixed Ice Block casting and then re-casting, which caused the buff to cancel.
Version: [07/Feb/2015] (2/7/2015 7:12:46 PM)
- [Fire] Improved Dragon's Breath usage.
- [Fire] Improved Combustion options.
- [Fire] Living Bomb will now be cast on units more than 10 yards away from our target.
- [Arcane] Improved Evocation checks to prevent mana getting too low.
- All movement checks are now ignored when Aspect of the Fox is active.
Version: [04/Feb/2015] (2/5/2015 5:39:27 AM)
- [Fire] Removed some spam debug logging. 
- [Fire] Improved conditions behind finding the best unit for casting Combustion on.
- [Fire] Added better support for spreading Combustion.
- Added support for 2 immunity abilities in BRF.
- Added ignore LoS on Iron Gunnery Sergeant and Oregorger (BRF).
- Fixed not attacking Ore Crate on the Oregorger encounter.
- Fix for Greater Invisibility's 90% damage reduction after Invisibility has ended.
Version: [03/Feb/2015] (2/4/2015 2:57:14 AM)
- The frost nova replacement ability when set to 'On Prismatic Crystal' will wait until >= 4 Incanter's Flow stacks if talented for it.
- [Arcane] Fixed mana % getting very low before Evocation casts.
- [Arcane] 'Burn Phase' can now be toggled using the Cooldowns hotkey.
- [Fire] Added support for T17 4PC.
- [Fire] Improved Meteor conditions.
- [Fire] Instant Pyroblast will now be cast while moving.
- [Fire] Living Bomb will no longer manually multi-DoT unless in a BG or Arena.
- [Fire] Flamestrike is no longer spam cast under high AoE conditions.
- [Fire] Combustion is now cast on the unit which has the highest ignite debuff value, which will still be alive for at least 15 more seconds. Prefers boss or player units where possible.
- Added stop casting logic for Franzok - Blackrock Foundry - Disrupting Roar.
- Increased the allowable window for casting an interrupt spell.
Version: [28/Jan/2015] (1/29/2015 5:40:49 AM)
- [Fire] Prismatic Crystal will no longer cast without at least a Pyroblast! proc active.
- [Fire] Advanced PvE Rotation -> Improved conditions when using Inferno Blast to spread procs.
- [Fire] Will no longer Flamestrike Prismatic Crystal.
- Added setting to ignore LoS checks to advanced tab.
- Added setting to Mirror Image to use on Icy Veins active.
Version: [19/Jan/2015] (1/20/2015 5:28:12 AM)
- Removed Ice Block's stop casting logic as it caused issues.
Version: [14/Jan/2015] (1/15/2015 4:07:16 PM)
- [Arcane] Fixed Arcane Orb conditions.
- [Arcane] Added a fix for Evocation not casting quick enough.
- [Arcane] Added cast frost nova replacement talent when Evocation CD > 20s.
- [Arcane] Added racial on burn phase setting.
- [Arcane] Tuning to Arcane Missile usage.
- [Arcane] Tuning to Arcane Blast in conserve phase.
- Added some debugging for Ice Block.
- [Fire] Fixed an issue with the 'experimental rotation' usage of Pyroblast.
Version: [08/Jan/2015] (1/9/2015 4:36:17 AM)
- Added Healing Tonic.
- [Arcane] Added option to use trinkets on burn phase.
- [Arcane] Increased the delay of burn phase when waiting for PC to come off CD from 15 to 30 seconds. This helps prevent PC being cast at 50-60% mana once burn phase is nearly finished.
- [Arcane] Arcane Missiles during burn phase will stop at < 70% mana to prevent prolonging the burn phase.
- Fixed Rune of Power double casting.
- Increased the reaction time of all cast on ground spells (like Meteor, Prismatic Crystal).
- Started work converting routine to use coroutine code (faster code than current style).
Version: [07/Jan/2015] (1/8/2015 5:19:55 AM)
- Prismatic Crystal on burst will now ignore moving and TTD checks on target, and just cast when instructed.
- [Arcane] Will no longer cast Evocation when Arcane Power is active.
- Removed target moving check from Prismatic Crystal.
- Fix to prevent ourself/pet being detected as an enemy unit.
- Added quicker handling for Rune of Power.
- Silencing units will wait closer until the end of the cast before interrupting.
Version: [30/Dec/2014] (12/31/2014 12:20:28 AM)
- [Arcane] Arcane Power now has a check to ensure we have 4 charges before casting.
- [Arcane] Evocation will now be cancelled at > 92% mana.
- [Arcane] Will no longer use Evocation when target is Prismatic Crystal.
- [Arcane] Will no longer manually cast Slow when Glyph of Slow is selected.
- [Arcane] Will no longer use Prismatic Crystal during conserve phase.
- [Frost] Added a check to not apply frost bomb to prismatic crystal if we have Glyph of Splitting Ice and a unit near the crystal has our Frost Bomb.
- [Frost] Added setting to use Prismatic Crystal when target has my Frozen Orb.
- [Frost] Frost Nova replacement ability will no longer cast on Prismatic Crystal when we need to use Ice Lance.
- Fixed Portal not working with PartyBot.
- Added protection in for when anti-lag #1 is returning incorrect results, to allow the routine to automatically bypass the setting.
- Change to improve polymorph usage.
Version: [19/Dec/2014] (12/20/2014 4:48:17 AM)
- [Frost] Added a facing check to Frostbolt.
- [Arcane] Added cancel Evocation at 100% mana.
- [Arcane] Changed conditions behind Arcane Power, to better sync with burn phase.
- [Arcane] Improved conditions behind when to trigger burn phase.
- [Arcane] Added PoM on Crystal setting.
- [Arcane] Fixed Nether Tempest casting too frequently.
- [Fire] Fix to Meteor not casting often enough.
- [Fire] Added Mouseover Meteor hotkey setting.
- [Fire] Added setting to allow disabling Meteor automatic usage.
Version: [10/Dec/2014] (12/11/2014 5:13:11 AM)
- Fixed not attacking target dummies inside Garrison's correctly.
- Trinkets will not be used when cooldowns (hotkey) are disabled.
- [Frost] Fixed an issue where Frostbomb is required, but the routine has already pre-queued up Frostbolt as the next cast, delaying Frostbomb + Ice Lance usage.
- [Frost] Added facing checks to Ice Lance.
- [Frost] Change to aid keeping IV up when Thermal Void and Frostbomb are talented.
- [Fire] Fixed Meteor clicking ground location.
- [Fire] Meteor is now cast just before Combustion is required.
- [Arcane] Added a mana burning phase when Evocation is available.
- Added debugging to Frost Nova replacement talent.
- Fixed a complex distance issue. All distances should now be acurate to within 0.1yds.
- Routine will cast when moving when Aspect of the Fox is active.
- Fixed an issue where some units were not correctly being tracked by the time to death manager.
- Added some settings to Prismatic Crystal to allow better control.
- Fixed some Highmaul boss ID's.
- Added stop casting on Imperator Mar'gok's Awaken Runestone buff.
- 'Do not attack' auras will now disregard the buff once the aura is below 1s (allowing for chain CCing).
- Routine now acknowledges Ashran as a BG, which also fixes TTD on players.
- Added Reckless Provocation - Fleshrender Nok'gar to do not attack aura list.
- Changed how TTD trivial units are calculated. Now returns trivial if a unit has < 8% of our HP * party count (down from 10%). If a unit has been alive for more than 2 seconds, will revert back to the calculated TTD (since it's not dying as fast as we expected).
- TTD now disregards entries where the unit is at max HP, which makes calculating death time more accurate when the unit has been in combat for a few seconds without being attacked yet.
Version: [02/Dec/2014] (12/4/2014 1:01:26 AM)
- [Frost] Increased Frozen Orb priority.
- [Frost] Added explicit setting to use Frozen Orb on Prismatic Crystal.
- [Frost] Water Jet will now cast when we're casting Frostbolt, and it's got < 1s remaining on the cast (Water Jet takes up to 1s for the debuff to appear on target after casting).
- [Frost] Will cancel Blizzard when Frozen Orb is available and needed.
- [Frost] Improved Frost Bomb's conditions.
- [Frost] Improved conditions on when to cast Ice Lance.
- [Frost] Frozen Orb can now be enabled/disabled using the cooldown hotkey.
- [Frost] Added a minimum TTD of 10s to Frozen Orb.
- Added Prismatic Crystal on Burst option.
- Fixed a pausing issue with item usage (trinkets, potions, healthstones).
- Added lots of settings to frost nova replacement talent.
- Added stop casting logic for Pol (Twin Ogron encounter).
Version: [26/Nov/2014] (11/27/2014 5:35:00 AM)
- Increased priority of Prismatic Crystal.
- Prismatic Crystal now checks the target will be alive for at least another 8 seconds before casting.
- If automatic Prismatic Crystal usage is disabled, the frost nova replacement ability will always cast the 2nd stack as it's unable to properly sync up with PC.
Version: [25/Nov/2014] (11/25/2014 6:46:18 PM)
- Fix to frost rotation not loading correctly.
- [Arcane] Added force face target before Arcane Orb.
- [Arcane] Added conditions to Arcane Orb.
- Added setting to toggle off automatic usage of the frost nova replacement talent.
- Fixed Carrion Worm in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds from being reported as a boss.
- Improved logic behind frost nova replacement ability and pooling for Prismatic Crystal (if talented).
- [Frost] Frozen Orb on Boss or Player now syncs with Prismatic Crystal (if talented).
- [Frost] Will no longer attempt to cast Blizzard if target is Prismatic Crystal.
- [Frost] Frozen Orb's settings can now be multi-selected, so for example, you can enable conditions 'On 5 units in range' or 'On Boss or Player'.
- [Frost] Will no longer attempt to cast Deep Freeze on Prismatic Crystal.
- [Frost] Prismatic Crystal is now listed as a boss unit.
- Slightly increased the overall speed of the rotation so it attempts to cast the next spell faster.
Version: [24/Nov/2014] (11/25/2014 2:24:45 AM)
- [Frost] Water Elemental will now switch targets when we do if force pet attack enabled.
- Updated potion to be Draenic Intellect Potion.
- New WoD target dummies will now be detected as a boss unit.
- Added option to use sounds when toggling hotkeys.
- TimeToDeath calcs now assume units with a max HP of < 10% of our max HP * party member count are trivial, and will die within the next 1 second. This is to prevent casting DoTs when freshly entering combat with units that will die quick.
- Corrected Boss ID's for The Everbloom encounter with Dulhu
- Added support for Nagrand's mounts.
- Fixed auto burst triggering for dead units.
- [Frost] Changed Frost Bomb's conditions to match Method's guide.
- [Frost] Fixed not casting FB on Prismatic Crystal.
Version: [19/Nov/2014] (11/20/2014 12:07:31 AM)
- Fixed a lot of boss ID's so that the routine correctly identifies units as being bosses.
- 'Walter' the engineering butler is now ignored.
- Will no longer cast Arcane Explosion/Cone of Cold on Prismatic Crystal.
- [Arcane] Will no longer cast Rune of Power with PoM.
- Added hotkey for Prismatic Crystal on mouse over.
- Added setting to allow disabling Prismatic Crystal.
- Prismatic Crystal is now always accepted as a good target by the targeting logic.
- Prismatic Crystal is now under cooldown control, and can be toggled on/off using the cooldown hotkey.
- [Frost] Added support for Water Jet.
- [Frost] Added >= 2 units setting to Pet Freeze.
- Will no longer spam cast DoTs on Prismatic Crystal.
- TTD logging now shows the TTD on the unit we're casting, rather than our target.
- [Fire] Added spread Living Bomb with Inferno Blast.
Version: [17/Nov/2014] (11/17/2014 10:04:33 PM)
- [Frost] Ice Lance / FFB are prioritised by whichever has 2 stacks first, to prevent loosing charges.
- [Arcane] Fix to casting Arcane Power.
Version: [16/Nov/2014] (11/16/2014 10:11:27 PM)
- Lots of abilities are now disabled by default.
- [Arcane] Removed < 85% mana settings. Doesn't really apply anymore in WoD.
- Fixed another issue with 'PLAYER_SPECIALIZATION_CHANGED' event firing from other players.
- Ignore LoS checks on Ragewing / Railmaster bosses.
- Fixed Prismatic Crystal.
- Stop casting on Borka the Brute's 'Slam'.
Version: [06/Nov/2014] (11/7/2014 3:16:07 PM)
- Fixed the 'PLAYER_SPECIALIZATION_CHANGED' event from forcing a talent rebuild when it wasn't us that triggered the event.
- [Arcane] Removed arcane charge requirement from arcane explosion when moving option.
- [Arcane / Fire] Fixed an issue with Frost Nova casting randomly.
Version: [03/Nov/2014] (11/3/2014 6:38:40 PM)
- [Arcane] Tuning to casting Arcane Blast when mana % high enough, and prevent casting missiles when it's not yet required.
- [Arcane] Fixed a condition where Arcane Barrage was being cast too early (when we still have Missiles procs).
- Logging now prints out talent names selected rather than just numbers.
Version: [31/Oct/2014] (10/31/2014 6:51:45 PM)
- Fixed targeting players in the open world when not PvP flagged, and fixed attempting to multi-dot non-pvp'ed players/pets.
- Printing chat output for toggling hotkeys is now disabled by default. Will be removing this chat output soon once I have a new method. Required due to buddy store rules.
- Will no longer multi-dot mind controlled targets.
- Added new time to die function. Will replace minimum HP values in the near future. Determines how long until the target will die, and whether or not to cast spells based upon that. Only prints value to logging for now.
- Added settings for Amplify Magic when party HP low.
- Fixed some trinkets from not being detected correctly.
Version: [26/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/27/2014 2:23:36 AM)
- Fixed frost nova replacement talent casting frost nova when it's not talented.
Version: [24/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/24/2014 11:34:41 PM)
- Improvements to logic behind selecting which unit to multi-dot.
- [Frost] Fixed an issue with Ice Lance not casting correctly when Frost Bomb isn't talented.
- Added support for frost nova replacement talent (Blast Wave, Supernova, Ice Nova). Will pool charges for buffs/trinkets.
Version: [23/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/23/2014 6:35:18 PM)
- [Fire] Will no longer attempt to cast Cone of Cold in fire spec (causing Dragon's Breath to cast).
- [Fire] Will only check ignite value when target actually has ignite aura. Minor performance improvement.
- [Fire] Added debug logging for ignite value to show 90th percentile value. This will help give an idea what to set the setting values as.
Version: [22/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/22/2014 1:21:48 PM)
- [Arcane] Fixed spamming Arcane Missiles when no AM procs.
- Updated trinket tracker to include WoD trinkets.
Version: [21/Oct/2014 - Beta - Update #2] (10/21/2014 7:52:43 PM)
- [Frost] Improved Frost Bomb usage, when to refresh, and when to use FoF procs to optimize FB uptime.
- Fixed Rune of Power not casting if we're standing on another mage's RoP.
- [Arcane] Will now cast Arcane Missiles if the buff is dropping.
Version: [21/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/21/2014 5:43:21 PM)
- [Fire] Combustion is now used when over the ignite value and all Pyroblast! procs have been used. 
- [Fire] Experimental Rotation -> Pyroblast is force cast if Combustion needed.
- [Fire] Will now cast Fireball when Ice Floes active.
- Fixed Ring of Frost.
Version: [20/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/20/2014 7:01:47 PM)
- Removed Lifeblood, Synapse Springs.
- [Fire] Combustion now has 2 settings. First 1min of combat, and after 1min of combat.
- Fixed Rune of Power.
- [Frost] Fixed Icy Veins.
- Fixed issues with Nether Tempest and Frost Bomb not refreshing correctly.
Version: [17/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/17/2014 7:27:44 PM)
- 6.0 WoD Build.

************ PLEASE READ ************
- Default settings files (PvE.xml, PvP.xml, and Questing.xml) will be overwritten every time the bot loads. Never save your custom settings over these files. 
- There will be bugs. There's been a huge number of changes with patch 6.0.2 - Report them on the forum with log files and I'll fix them as soon as I can. Please don't PM me with routine issues - it takes longer to reply.
Version: [05/Oct/2014] (10/6/2014 1:49:01 PM)
- Increased the speed of initialization.
Version: [04/Oct/2014] (10/4/2014 1:30:37 PM)
- Minor bug fixes.
Version: [23/Sep/2014] (9/24/2014 1:25:45 PM)
- [Fire] Fixed a bug where Combustion on 'ignite value over x' is used before it should be.
Version: [17/Sep/2014] (9/17/2014 2:34:51 PM)
- Hotkeys will no longer activate when typing into chat window.
- Fixed an issue with blacklisting evading units for too long, and when using Tyrael.
Version: [08/Sep/2014] (9/8/2014 8:15:20 PM)
- 'IsEnemy' is now only cached for 1s (down from 5s). Was causing issues after being mind controlled.
- [Fire] Fixed a bug with ignite value on combustion.
- [Fire] Experimental rotation will now use Pyroblast to help keep Profound Magic up.
Version: [03/Sep/2014] (9/3/2014 11:38:55 PM)
- [PvE] Mind Controlled players are now classed as enemies.
- [Frost] Added Frozen Orb on unit count near target exceeds value.
- [Fire] Fix for combustion/PoM usage while AT is on CD.
Version: [01/Sep/2014 #2] (9/1/2014 9:13:52 PM)
- [Frost] Pet will now attack on pull, rather than waiting for combat when force pet attack is enabled.
- [Frost] Fix to pooling FoF + BF charges prior to activating Icy Veins and Alter Time.
- [Fire] Fix for Combustion usage when Alter Time is on cooldown.
- [Arcane + Frost] Fixed cancelling Alter Time if a second trinket activates after it's been triggered.
- Removed SVN update message on load.
- Fixed change log not populating.
- 'Default Settings' button will now automatically extract the default settings.
- All artwork removed/changed to prevent potential copyright issues with HB store.
Version: [22/Aug/2014] (8/22/2014 4:47:43 PM)
- [Fire] Fixed a bug with combustion on Alter Time / PoM combo, whereby it could be used at incorrect times.
- Re-Enabled Quickload Settings.
- Added button to download default setting files.
- Force Combat will no longer engage when the POI type is Interact.
Version: [15/Aug/2014] (8/16/2014 8:19:55 PM)
- Initial build ready for the Honorbuddy store. Some GUI functionality has been temporarily disabled (translations, quick load) for now. 
- [Frost] Improved conditions behind when to use Icy Veins (to prevent wasting FoF & BF procs).