Insanity - An Advanced Shadow Priest Routine [PvE & PvP]

by Millz

34 ratings


Insanity is the most advanced shadow priest combat routine available for Honorbuddy.

Note: Purchases can be refunded within 7 days, however refunding a product will prevent you from being able to repurchase in future. Please consider using the support link below to seek assistance before refunding products.

  • Supports all Bot Bases
  • Supports Questing
  • End Game PvE/PvP
  • Highly configurable GUI
  • Vast amounts of updates and super fast support
  • Frame lock support
  • Shadow Spec supported (please note: Insanity does not support Disc or Holy specs)
  • Hotkey support
  • Pre-set settings for quick start usage
  • Movement / Targeting / Facing support
Example PvE Features:
  • Optimized routine for max DPS
  • Encounter specific logic for complex fights
Example PvP Features:
  • Diminishing Returns Tracker
  • Event based PvP retaliation (i.e. stun/fear scatter shots before they hit us to break CC combos).
  • Prevent incoming interupts (Juke)
  • Automatic crowd control
Item: CombatLogHandler.cs
Original Author: Bossland GmbH/Apoc/Wulf/Mirabis
Date Obtained: +/- 2013
Obtained from: PureRotation V2
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: CacheManager.cs
Original Author: Wulf
Date Obtained: +/- 2013
Obtained from: PureRotation V2
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: Death.cs TalentManager.cs
Original Author: Bossland GmbH
Date Obtained: +/- 2013
Obtained from: Singular
License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

Item: Net Seal Theme
Original Author: Nimoru Software
Date Obtained: +/- 2014
Obtained from: Site:
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Item: Product Icon Image
Original Author: Millz
Date Obtained: Mar-2015
Obtained from: Original Artwork
License: Original artwork requires no explicit license for use in my own products.

Item: accepted.png 
Original Author: 
Date Obtained: +/- 2015
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Item: warning.png 
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Date Obtained: +/- 2015
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Item: cancel.png 
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Date Obtained: +/- 2015
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Item: down.png 
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Date Obtained: +/- 2015
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Item: up.png 
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Date Obtained: +/- 2015
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Item: ExpressionDark.xaml (Customized)
Original Author: Microsoft
Date Obtained: Aug 2016
Obtained from: Microsoft
License: Ms-PL:

Item: MahApps Metro
Original Author: Paul Jenkins
Date Obtained: Sep 2016
Obtained from:
License: Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL);


34 total
I can argue with the review below, im using this on my shadow raid doing mythic NH and its working perfectly. once you get your tier 4pc sorted this will give you optimal dps without any problems. have tried kingwow and tuanha and can say this is the priest shadow priest CR currently on the market.
Pretty outdated and not optimized for current content (7.2). All development seems to have stopped.
Love it, been using it for a long time now and always got back to it for SPriest combat. Handles AoE and multiple mobs quite well.
Can add a Chinese language package, so easy to set up, the priest's output is very complex, DPS is not the most crazy
super results, my fav CR of all
used millz's warlock routine for long
trying out priest and very happy for getting it
Insane dps, multi target raid very good

Changelog History

Version: [24/Aug/2017] (8/25/2017 2:44:49 AM)
- Updated boss list to include Tomb of Sargeras bosses.
Version: [09/Jun/2017] (6/9/2017 8:16:02 PM)
- Tuning to improve T19 4PC set bonus logic.
Version: [30/May/2017] (5/31/2017 5:07:40 AM)
- Updated the potion logic to use Potion of Prolonged Power.
Version: [24/Apr/2017] (4/27/2017 2:47:31 PM)
- Fixed Mass Dispel hotkeys, should no longer cancel itself.
Version: [09/Feb/2017] (2/10/2017 3:29:17 PM)
- Fixed attempting to face units when stunned, causing the toon to stutter turn - which is impossible to do by a player.
- Experimental change to improve FPS by only scanning for new units up to 5 times per second, instead of every frame change in game (30 FPS = 30 scans per second).
- Change to internal caching durations for how long the bot stores certain values - such as how often we rebuild the party members, or determine who is an enemy/friendly.
- Shadowfiend on Voidform now casts when Voidform stacks are > 15 instead of instantly after entering Voidform.
Version: [30/Jan/2017] (1/30/2017 9:36:38 PM)
- Added some options to Shadow Crash usage.
- Added support for Zeks Exterminatus.
Version: [15/Jan/2017] (1/17/2017 11:04:25 PM)
- Tuned Void Eruption for LotV.
- Fixed a pausing issue where Mind Flay should be cast, but isn't.
- Changed multi-dotting logic slightly.
Version: [11/Jan/2017] (1/12/2017 2:29:07 AM)
- Updates to TalentManager to support 7.1.5 talent changes.
- Updates to GUI to support talent changes.
- 7.1.5 Changes:
    - Legacy of the Void can now be cast at 65 Insanity instead of 70.
    - Void Bolt is now always cast on current target as it extends all dots around target by 3s.
    - SWP on target Time To Death check reduced from 12s to 3s to help Mind Sear logic.
    - Mind Sear has been removed.
    - Will no longer manually cast SWP when Misery talented.
    - Logic changed behind VT to cast SWP when Misery talented.
Version: [28/Dec/2016] (1/1/2017 5:43:00 AM)
- When bot is started, if using Questing bot base, will now forcefully enable movement, targeting, and facing to improve usage with HBRelog.
- Reduced the unit scanning range from 120 yards to 80 (for FPS improvements).
- Tuning to TimeToDeath manager to improve FPS loss performance.
- Support for The Twins' Painful Touch legendary item.
Version: [05/Dec/2016] (12/6/2016 1:36:12 AM)
- Change to conditions for Dispersion usage under Surrender to Madness.
- Dispersion for S2M now has a lower priority than SWD and MB.
- Fixed multi-dotting Vampiric Touch when AoE disabled.
- Added multi-dotting support for Surrender to Madness.
- Minor tuning to selection of which unit to cast Void Bolt on.
- Vampiric Embrace is now only used when Voidform is active during an encounter for maximum effect.
- Trinket usage 'Before Devouring Plauge' option has been changed to 'On Voidform Active'
- Interrupting against non-players is now faster.
Version: [27/Oct/2016] (10/29/2016 2:41:08 AM)
- Added option to Power Infusion 'Optimal Raid DPS' which controls the ability around Voidform stacks.
- Tuning to Shadow Word: Death and Surrender to Madness.
- Added handling for Shadowform.
- Dispersion is now auto cast when Surrender to Madness is active, and we're at very high risk of dropping out of Voidform.
Version: [23/Oct/2016 - Alpha] (10/24/2016 5:51:02 AM)
- Added support for Norgannon's Foresight (legendary item).
- Every man for Himself is now only looking for stun effects, instead of all crowd control effects.
- Fixed stutter stepping when trying to wait for mana to recover.
Version: [30/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (10/1/2016 3:25:14 AM)
- Removed Dispersion on S2M low insanity setting - nerfed, no longer useful.
- Added 2 options for Mind Bomb, one to cast on cooldown, and another to cast on cooldown when boss fight isn't in progress (for trash).
- Added option to Advanced tab to allow disabling attacking other players in the open world.
Version: [26/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/28/2016 8:42:37 PM)
- Improved conditions around Shadow Word: Death.
- Major logic re-work to Void Eruption, Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch, and abilities affected by Legacy of the Void.
- Dispersion on low insanity during voidform now only casts when Surrender to Madness active.
Version: [16/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/19/2016 7:13:44 PM)
- Will now cast Shadow Mend out of combat instead of using food if rest behavior enabled.
- Fixed an issue with casting on units which weren't in combat with us during an encounter.
- Will no longer attack pet battle critters.
- Replaced Healing Tonic usage with Ancient Healing Potion.
- New GUI theme.
- Added setting to use Mindbender/Shadowfiend on Voidform.
- Added setting to use Dispersion on Voidform and Insanity < 15 - targeted at Surrender to Madness.
- Void Torrent now checks the target will live for a minimum of 6s before casting.
- Fixed DoT refresh timings during Voidform.
Version: [11/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/12/2016 2:32:19 PM)
- Will now ignore moving checks when Surrender to Madness active.
Version: [04/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/4/2016 9:26:58 PM)
- Fixed not attacking Helya (boss), Destructor Tentacle (trash), Naraxas (boss).
- Fixed a multi-dotting issue in Legion zones when below level 104.
- Added Void Torrent support.
- Fixed LoS issues during encounters.
Version: [31/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/31/2016 9:01:29 PM)
- Fixed an issue with Mind Flay not casting if AoE is disabled.
- Fixed Void Eruption not casting with AoE disabled.
- Fixed an issue with Void Eruption on bosses.
- Updated to HB3 API.
Version: [22/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/24/2016 2:16:07 PM)
- Further multi-dotting improvements around uptime.
- PWS for Body and Soul movement will now cast on cooldown rather than after the buff expires.
- Removed some old GUI references to Glyphs.
- Fixed minimum Insanity required for Void Eruption with Legacy of the Void talent.
- Improved multi-dotting logic with Legacy of the Void talent.
Version: [20/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/21/2016 1:11:51 AM)
- Fixed an issue with refreshing DoTs in Voidform.
- Fixed Mind Flay using GCDs, getting in the way of more important spells.
- Improved refreshing SWP on the move.
- Fixed PWS not casting with Body and Soul talent when moving.
- Removed 'casting' info from overlay - too spammy/untidy.
Version: [19/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/20/2016 4:11:43 PM)
- Void Eruption now checks there's at least 1 unit with a TTD of >= 10s before casting.
- When more than 4 units near target, will only DoT with either VT or SWP depending on Tier 5 talent choice.
- Overlay X/Y/Height/Width is now saved while bot is running.
- Fixed Shadow Mend.
- Fixed GUI not showing High AoE value option.
- Fixed a major multi-dotting issue.
- Improved logic behind which unit is selected for Voidbolt.
- SWP / VT will only refresh if the dot is about to drop when in Voidform.
- Added a facing check before attempting to cast Voidbolt.
Version: [15/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/17/2016 9:33:04 AM)
- Fixed rotation locking up when Shadow Mend can't cast due to lack of mana.
- Fixed an issue with max dots to cast value not saving correctly.
- SWD is now only used against players in BGs and Arenas.
Version: [05/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/5/2016 8:30:53 PM)
- Rotation should no longer crash when saving settings. Note: Hotkey settings have been reset to accommodate this change.
- Changed priority's of Mind Blast / SWD to be higher than multi-dotting.
- Void Bolt now takes into account travel time before casting to refresh DoT duration.
- Will no longer cast Mind Flay/Sear when it should be casting Void Eruption.
Version: [03/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/4/2016 1:24:23 AM)
- Will no longer attempt to cast Psychic Scream if Mind Bomb talented.
- Mind Sear now casts when unit count matches high aoe setting value on shadow tab.
- Added Shadow Mend Self option.
- Will no longer use Mind Sear if AoE disabled.
- Fixed rotation not working with AFK bot bases (Questing/BGBuddy etc).
Version: [26/Jul/2016 - Alpha] (7/26/2016 8:11:28 PM)
- Logging now prints out Insanity power and Voidform status.
- Will no longer try to use non-usable trinkets if they're enabled.
- Void Bolt is fixed
- Mind Blast is now cast when moving when Shadowy Insight active.
- Fixed a couple of talent lookup issues.
Version: [25/Jul/2016 - Alpha] (7/25/2016 8:24:57 PM)
- Legion

** This build is a major revision, and will likely contain numerous bugs. Please report them in the Insanity thread on the forum **
Version: [26/May/2016] (5/27/2016 5:38:37 AM)
- Fixed Angelic Feather not casting consistently enough in combat when using CoP talent.
- Rare, Rare Elite, and World Boss units now trigger 'Boss Or Player' conditions.
Version: [17/May/2016] (5/18/2016 4:26:37 AM)
- Shadowfiend/Mindbender & Racials will no longer cast when cooldown hotkey disabled.
- Fixed routine spamming errors when overlay disabled.
Version: [13/May/2016] (5/14/2016 8:55:53 AM)
- Redesigned overlay component. Uses significantly less CPU, is transparent, can be moved easier, can be resized, and shows what the routine is casting.
- Cast on ground abilities are now cast slightly slower to prevent having a lingering green target selector from double casting.
Version: [05/May/2016] (5/5/2016 11:28:57 AM)
- Fixed a bug where we would sometimes cast on units with a 'dont attack' aura - such as Fel Barrier on Soul of Socrethar.
- Enabling/Disabling Overlay no longer requires restarting Honorbuddy.
Version: [29/Apr/2016] (4/29/2016 6:52:58 PM)
- Completed re-write to coroutines.
- GUI will now be smaller when opening.
- Fixed Save button on new GUI not registering hotkey changes.
Version: [25/Apr/2016] (4/26/2016 3:12:44 PM)
- Added option to use Dispel Magic on target (including PvE situations).
- Re-write to coroutines (~70% complete). Changes along the way;
    * Bug fix: Potion usage on Vampiric Embrace.
    * Improved Levitate on falling logic.
    * Resolved an infrequent bug where '[Hotkey] Mass Dispel' would spam try to cast.
- Performance tuning to improve FPS drops;
    * Scanning units (ObjectManager) - 96% performance improvement.
    * Reduced the periodicity of time to death tracking globally, rather than per unit - 98% performance improvement.
    * Removed some aura caching which was, in some cases, resolving slower than non-cached methods.
Version: [20/Apr/2016] (4/22/2016 10:04:41 PM)
- New GUI!
Version: [05/Mar/2016] (3/7/2016 2:15:36 PM)
- Units during mythic encounters (i.e whilst fighting a boss) are now never classed as trivial when calculating time to die values.
Version: [15/Jan/2016] (1/16/2016 4:47:32 PM)
- Delay before raid buff no longer pauses the bot.
Version: [09/Jan/2016] (1/9/2016 6:12:27 PM)
- Added delay before breaking crowd control.
- Fixed a bug where the CR would repeatedly consume food while already eating.
Version: [22/Dec/2015] (12/23/2015 4:24:45 AM)
- Added Settings Manager - to allow individuals to upload/download categorised settings with ease. Credits to Wulf for the base code.
Version: [04/Nov/2015] (11/5/2015 4:59:02 AM)
- Changed routine spec switch code to resolve a conflict with another 3rd party product.
Version: [02/Nov/2015] (11/3/2015 3:43:45 AM)
- Anti-Lag #2 option has been disabled.
- Change to improve potion usage reliability.
- Insanity can now be loaded in Disc/Holy spec, and allow changing to Shadow spec without reloading Honorbuddy.
- Will no longer instantly buff when someone in the raid cancels our aura. Anti-bot detection.
Version: [23/Oct/2015] (10/24/2015 4:23:43 AM)
- Fixed 'preventing casting on: me - blacklisted' error.
- Removed some spam logging when other players in our party change spec/talents.
- Changed combat log event handling to new method.
- Added Garrison ability usage.
- Added code for Mental Fatigue refresh to CoP Standard rotation.
- Silence should now work better, and cast more frequent.
- Fixed combat log events not being handled.
Version: [10/Oct/2015] (10/11/2015 3:43:51 AM)
- Improved the 'stop moving' code when movement enabled.
- Should no longer cancel cast in BGs if capturing banner point.
- Voracious Soulstalker and Crystalline Fel Prison will no longer be multi-dotted.
- Added option to use Draenic Intellect Potion when Vampiric Embrace active.
Version: [20/Aug/2015] (8/21/2015 3:19:30 AM)
- Added support for CapabilityFlag 'Interrupting' to allow plugins/bots to block routine from interrupting.
Version: [14/Aug/2015] (8/15/2015 4:19:56 AM)
- Added support for CapabilityFlags which enables bot bases to enable/disable functionality within the combat routine.
Version: [10/Aug/2015] (8/11/2015 12:03:43 AM)
- 'Reactive Firebomb' unit on Iron Reaver fight, and 'Corrupted Soul' on Gorefiend mythic is now ignored for AoE/multi-dotting.
Version: [28/Jul/2015] (7/30/2015 3:25:12 AM)
- Added ignore LoS on Archimonde and Fel Lord Zakuun.
Version: [10/Jul/2015] (7/14/2015 10:58:53 AM)
- Added Hellfire Citadel's boss IDs to improve boss detection.
Version: [02/Jul/2015] (7/3/2015 2:33:36 PM)
- Change to help prevent capping orbs when talented for Auspicious Spirits.
- Improved cascade's usage.
- Added Devouring Plague to high AoE rotation.
- Added Socrethar's immunity aura (Fel Barrier) to don't attack list.
Version: [08/Jun/2015] (6/9/2015 2:59:38 AM)
- Fixed Mind Sear usage for low levels.
Version: [01/Jun/2015] (6/2/2015 3:05:47 AM)
- Logging now shows last 4 characters of target GUID to help determine difference between multiple units.
- Overlay will now keep the same position between HB restarts.
- Fixed an issue that could cause problems with saving settings due to new store security.
- Hotkeys/Overlay settings are now stored separately to the normal routine setup. This means when loading new setting files, the hotkey config won't change. *NOTE* This does require hotkeys to be re-configured for the first time after this update.
Version: [12/May/2015] (5/12/2015 9:55:08 PM)
- [AS] Improved Devouring Plague usage.
- Fixed don't cast on Damage Shield aura, and added Hardened Slag aura.
Version: [08/Apr/2015] (4/9/2015 3:58:35 AM)
- Devouring Plague now casts at max orbs or when >= 3 and Mental Instinct (T17 4PC) is expiring.
- Overlay now shows the toggled values permanently in a little window.
- Overlay font sizes can now be changed.
Version: [03/Apr/2015] (4/4/2015 6:32:14 PM)
- Multi-DoT now has a higher priority than Insanity when using AS talent.
- If Mental Instinct active, will now always cast DP at 3 orbs.
- When using AS talent, fixed multi-dotting DP.
- Improved some lua calls to remove any chance of a footprint being left inside the WoWClient.
- WoW chat output options have been removed. Has been changed to use overlay. Can be toggled from Advanced tab.
Version: [17/Mar/2015] (3/27/2015 3:22:53 AM)
- Will now ignore Risen Spirit units in Ashran.
- High AoE will now chain cast Searing Insanity on >= 6 units.
Version: [13/Mar/2015] (3/14/2015 3:57:46 AM)
- All targeting checks are now ignored once an encounter has been detected in progress.
- Fixed Insanity - aura had changed in client which prevented it casting.
- Increased priority on Searing Insanity.
- Mind Sear should now be a little smoother when casting ahead of other more important abilities.
- DoT Weave [New] will now clip MF:I when 4PC T17 bonus active.
- DoT Weave [New] will now handle SW:D glyph correctly.
- Clipping Insanity casts now clips right after the last tick occurs.
Version: [26/Feb/2015] (2/27/2015 2:28:14 AM)
- Removed routine name from logging to game window.
- Added Hansgar and Frazok to ignore LoS checks.
Version: [20/Feb/2015] (2/21/2015 3:54:42 AM)
- Disabled LoS checks on Blackhand.
Version: [12/Feb/2015] (2/18/2015 11:18:19 PM)
- All movement checks are now ignored when Aspect of the Fox is active.
- Fixed an issue with PW:S trying to spam cast when still active but Weakend Soul ended.
- Will now multi-DoT Devouring Plague when Auspicious Spirits talented to prevent capping orbs.
- Added support for food items that provide the buff 'Refreshment' instead of Food/Drink.
- Made a change for Void Entropy talent to prevent capping orbs.
- Various tuning to VE build.
Version: [04/Feb/2015] (2/5/2015 5:31:51 AM)
- Added support for 2 immunity abilities in BRF.
- Added ignore LoS on Iron Gunnery Sergeant and Oregorger (BRF).
- Fixed not attacking Ore Crate on the Oregorger encounter.
Version: [03/Feb/2015] (2/4/2015 2:46:51 AM)
- Increased the allowable window for casting Silence.
- Added stop casting logic for Franzok - Blackrock Foundry - Disrupting Roar.
Version: [28/Jan/2015] (1/29/2015 5:35:47 AM)
- Added option so you can switch between the old and new style of DoT Weave.
- Fixed Angelic Feather not casting the last charge.
- Added hotkey to allow cycling through CoP rotations.
Version: [19/Jan/2015] (1/20/2015 5:51:09 AM)
- CoP Lite fix for casting Mind Spike without Surge of Darkness active.
- CoP Standard will now cast Mind Flay when target has our Devouring Plague instead of Mind Spike.
- CoP Standard will now cast Devouring Plague on off-targets instead of current target where possible.
Version: [14/Jan/2015] (1/15/2015 4:01:25 PM)
- DoT Weave -> Implemented new rotation priorities.
- Rotation will now pause on Spectral Guise, as any actions cancels the stealth effect.
Version: [07/Jan/2015] (1/8/2015 5:15:56 AM)
- DoT Weave fix for engaging in combat starting with 5 orbs.
- Angelic Feather self now checks for the aura on us, to prevent wasting charges.
- Added protection in for when anti-lag #1 is returning incorrect results, to allow the routine to automatically bypass the setting.
- Fix to prevent ourself/pet being detected as an enemy unit.
- Silencing units will wait closer until the end of the cast before interrupting.
- Pull (used when questing) will now be done with SWP as it's always instant cast, and better for tagging mobs.
- DoT Weave -> Fixed a bug whereby switching to a previously multi-dotted target could cause the rotation to pause.
- DoT Weave -> Increased priority on Mind Blast to prevent casting DP -> MB instead of MB -> DP.
- Priorities for PWS have been split depending on the conditions. Casting because of moving is now low priority, casting because of low HP is still high priority.
- Added Healing Tonic usage.
Version: [18/Dec/2014] (12/19/2014 1:29:22 AM)
- Added SWD to DoT Weave rotation.
- Added hotkey for Angelic Feather Self.
Version: [16/Dec/2014] (12/17/2014 5:24:19 AM)
- Added DoT Weave rotation.
- Fixed a bug where PW:S when moving prevented instant cast DPS spells from being cast.
- CoP Standard -> Added time to death check to Devouring Plague.
Version: [10/Dec/2014] (12/11/2014 4:55:08 AM)
- Fixed a complex distance issue. All distances should now be acurate to within 0.1yds.
- Routine will cast when moving when Aspect of the Fox is active.
- Fixed an issue where some units were not correctly being tracked by the time to death manager.
- Fixed some Highmaul boss ID's.
- Added stop casting on Imperator Mar'gok's Awaken Runestone buff.
- Fixed Angelic Feather on Mouseover hotkey.
- 'Do not attack' auras will now disregard the buff once the aura is below 1s (allowing for chain CCing).
- Routine now acknowledges Ashran as a BG, which also fixes TTD on players.
- Halo's distances now takes into account the target's hit box size.
- Ignore movement checks on Mind Blast when CoP talented.
- Fixed Desperate Prayer and Spectral Guise.
- Fixed an issue with clipping Insanity incorrectly.
- Added Reckless Provocation - Fleshrender Nok'gar to do not attack aura list.
- CoP Lite will no longer cast SWP or VT on current target when the unit is below 20% HP. This increases SWD damage.
- High AoE rotation will no longer DoT any units when CoP is talented.
- Changed how TTD trivial units are calculated. Now returns trivial if a unit has < 8% of our HP * party count (down from 10%). If a unit has been alive for more than 2 seconds, will revert back to the calculated TTD (since it's not dying as fast as we expected).
- TTD now disregards entries where the unit is at max HP, which makes calculating death time more accurate when the unit has been in combat for a few seconds without being attacked yet.
Version: [03/Dec/2014] (12/4/2014 4:25:26 AM)
- Fixed a pausing issue with item usage (trinkets, potions, healthstones).
- Added a 10s recast delay to PoM to prevent it locking up routine.
- Minor improvements to SW:D usage.
- Added stop casting logic for Pol (Twin Ogron encounter).
- Fixed not attacking target dummies inside Garrison's correctly.
- Added setting for Power Word: Shield when moving.
- Fixed a pausing issue with High AoE rotation.
- Improvements to CoP Standard High AoE rotation.
Version: [30/Nov/2014] (12/4/2014 1:01:31 AM)
- Changed Insanity and MultiDoT priority around in CoP Standard rotation.
- Removed VT when low mana.
- Removed Dispersion when low mana.
- Changed Insanity to look for 'Shadow Word: Insanity' on us instead of 'Devouring Plague' on targets.
- Fixed casting Levitate in combat when glyphed.
- Slightly increased the speed at which the rotation attempts to cast the next spell.
- Will no longer multi-dot in high aoe mode when talented for CoP as Mind Sear does more DPS.
- Will no longer cast DP when already have Insanity buff.
- MB and SWD now have a higher priority than DP when < 5 orbs.
Version: [26/Nov/2014] (11/27/2014 4:29:17 AM)
- Fixed auto burst triggering for dead units.
- Fixed Desperate Prayer.
- Fixed Carrion Worm in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds from being reported as a boss.
Version: [24/Nov/2014] (11/25/2014 2:16:47 AM)
- Will now cast SW:D on targets above 20% HP in rotation if glyphed. 
- Updated potion to be Draenic Intellect Potion.
- Added option to toggle between CoP Lite and CoP Standard rotations.
- New WoD target dummies will now be detected as a boss unit.
- Logging TTD values now show the unit we're casting on, rather than current target.
- Logging now shows target distance.
- Added option to use sounds when toggling hotkeys.
- TimeToDeath calcs now assume units with a max HP of < 10% of our max HP * party member count are trivial, and will die within the next 1 second. This is to prevent casting DoTs when freshly entering combat with units that will die quick.
- Corrected Boss ID's for The Everbloom encounter with Dulhu.
- Fixed an issue with trinket usage on boss/player setting not activating correctly on bosses.
- Fixes to Divine Star to improve reliability.
- If Insanity talented, and you reach 5 orbs, will allow casting DP when moving. DP is prevented at 3 and 4 orbs until you stop moving.
- Added support for Nagrand's mounts.
- Improved Flash Heal during rest behaviour.
- Fixed logic determining our max shadow orbs. No longer checks for a fixed level >= 92.
Version: [19/Nov/2014] (11/20/2014 12:13:09 AM)
- Fixed a lot of boss ID's so that the routine correctly identifies units as being bosses.
- 'Walter' the engineering butler is now ignored.
- Levitate (if enabled) will now be cast whenever falling or you have the levitate glyph.
- Set a lot of abilities which are defaulted on to be off.
- Reduced DP's minimum orb requirement back down to 3 when not talented for Void Entropy as per Icy Veins guide.
Version: [16/Nov/2014] (11/16/2014 10:09:30 PM)
- Ignore LoS checks on Ragewing / Railmaster bosses.
- Stop casting on Borka the Brute's 'Slam'.
- Fixed a bug with rotation stopping casting.
Version: [11/Nov/2014] (11/12/2014 6:49:17 PM)
- Fixed the 'PLAYER_SPECIALIZATION_CHANGED' event from forcing a talent rebuild when it wasn't us that triggered the event.
- Removed all force refresh timers on DoTs, and removed all minimum HP values. This is hard coded to best refresh values, and time to death calculations.
- Added support for level 100 talents.
Version: [03/Nov/2014] (11/3/2014 6:25:47 PM)
- Fixed targeting players in the open world when not PvP flagged, and fixed attempting to multi-dot non-pvp'ed players/pets.
- Printing chat output for toggling hotkeys is now disabled by default. Will be removing this chat output soon once I have a new method. Required due to buddy store rules.
- Will no longer multi-dot mind controlled targets.
- Added new time to die function. Will replace minimum HP values in the near future. Determines how long until the target will die, and whether or not to cast spells based upon that. Only prints value to logging for now.
- Logging now prints out talent names selected rather than just numbers.
Version: [24/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/24/2014 10:33:53 PM)
- Improvements to logic behind selecting which unit to multi-dot.
Version: [23/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/23/2014 4:41:13 PM)
- Removed PW:S Psyfiend option from GUI.
- Added Flash Heal Self option.
Version: [21/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/21/2014 5:28:30 PM)
- Fixed a check on Halo pulling units which aren't in combat.
- Removed Lifeblood & Synapse Springs.
- Fixed Power Word: Fortitude.
Version: [20/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/20/2014 6:36:38 PM)
- Fixed an issue where Insanity wouldn't load when you don't have a spec yet (i.e. < level 10).
Version: [17/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/17/2014 6:46:09 PM)
- 6.0 WoD Build.

************ PLEASE READ ************
- Default settings files (PvE.xml, PvP.xml, and Questing.xml) will be overwritten every time the bot loads. Never save your custom settings over these files. 
- There will be bugs. There's been a huge number of changes with patch 6.0.2 - Report them on the forum with log files and I'll fix them as soon as I can. Please don't PM me with routine issues - it takes longer to reply.
Version: [05/Oct/2014] (10/6/2014 1:46:52 PM)
- Increased the speed of initialization.
Version: [04/Oct/2014] (10/4/2014 1:21:03 PM)
- When units near target below high AoE threshold but over 3, Mind Flay will be replaced with Mind Sear.
Version: [17/Sep/2014] (9/17/2014 2:34:56 PM)
- Fixed an issue with blacklisting evading units for too long, and when using Tyrael.
Version: [15/Sep/2014] (9/16/2014 2:28:06 PM)
- Hotkeys will no longer activate when typing into chat window.
- Fixed routine not loading for <= level 10 priests.
Version: [06/Sep/2014] (9/6/2014 5:40:09 PM)
- Halo will now be less strict on the distance checks when target is boss. It now only checks the target is in range of the spell hitting.
- Failed SWP and VT casts will now be re-attempted quicker.
- Increased speed of checks before Mind Sear.
- [PvE] Mind Controlled players are now classed as enemies.
- 'IsEnemy' is now only cached for 1s (down from 5s). Was causing issues after being mind controlled.
Version: [01/Sep/2014] (9/1/2014 5:49:23 PM)
- Removed SVN update message on load.
- VT over SW:P at mana percent setting now also affects current target, not just multi-dotting.
- Will no longer attempt to cast VT on Thok when Acceleration stacks are over 14.
- Fixed an issue with clearing the pending spell cursor.
- Fixed Psychic Scream on unit count in range.
- Fixed an issue with silencing mind controlled friendly units in raids.
- Added Angelic Feather Hotkey.
- 'Default Settings' button will now automatically extract the default settings.
- All artwork removed/changed to prevent potential copyright issues with HB store.
Version: [22/Aug/2014] (8/22/2014 4:48:10 PM)
- Re-Enabled Quickload Settings.
- Added button to download default setting files.
- Force Combat will no longer engage when the POI type is Interact.
Version: [15/Aug/2014] (8/16/2014 8:19:58 PM)
- Initial build ready for the Honorbuddy store. Some GUI functionality has been temporarily disabled (translations, quick load) for now.
- Added Spectral Guise on Mesmerize, Aim, and Launch Sawblade (siegecrafter fight).