BGFarmer - An Advanced Battleground Bot Base

by Millz

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BGFarmer is an advanced battleground bot base, similar to BGBuddy, but with much more advanced BG specific logic and human behaviours.

Note: Purchases can be refunded within 7 days, however refunding a product will prevent you from being able to repurchase in future. Please consider using the support link below to seek assistance before refunding products.

BGFarmer Overview;
  • It wants to win games, by capturing bases, defending bases, using objectives etc.
  • All battlegrounds & Ashran supported
  • A configurable GUI to setup options.
  • Keeps away from other botters due to how the BG logic is calculated, reducing your chance of being banned.
  • Supports normal and DE versions of Honorbuddy.
Setup Features;
  • Hotkey system to pause the botbase, and switch into ‘Enyo Mode’
  • During Preparation, options to collect Healthstones, Food, and use Banquet tables.
  • During Battlegrounds, collect Restoration buffs, Speed buffs, and Berserking buffs.
  • Dismount when reaching hotspots (to allow combat routines to keep self buffs up, and allow for healing).
  • ‘Human Behaviours’, including jumping, turning on the spot, facing points of interest/incoming players, strafing, emotes etc.
  • Targeting options to prefer healers, units with low HP, and units with poor gear. Option to choose what range to search for units to attack within.
  • Navigation Blackspot Manager. Allows 1-click blackspot setup to prevent the routine taking certain paths, i.e. the obvious/common paths used by BGBuddy, or locations where the bot gets stuck.
  • Screenshots on completion
  • Delay before signing up after loosing
  • Sign up as party/group
  • Follow leader character
  • Buy gear from Honor/Conquest vendors
  • Open Strong Boxes
  • Use Battle Standards
  • Chat options (greet when entering BGs, call incoming to bases, thank for food/banquets).
  • Logout at capped Honor/Conquest points, deserter debuff, after a specified time, or on chat triggers (i.e. people saying our name - customizable).
Bot Logic Overview;
  • Warsong Gulch / Twin Peaks: Kill enemy flag carriers. Protect friendly flag carriers. Moves to collect enemy flag and returns them to our base.
  • Arathi Basin / Eye of the Storm / The Battle for Gilneas / Deepwind Gorge: Assault bases when loosing (including capturing the banner). Move to protect bases when loosing.
  • Temple of Kotmogu: Collect Power Orbs. Move to mid field when holding Power Orbs (to stand with party). Kill enemies holding Power Orbs.
  • Silvershard Mines: Attack and Defend mine carts, staying with carts until fully captured.
  • Alterac Valley: Kill mini-bosses, Galvangar and Balinda. Assault and defend towers. Move to Vandaar / Drek’Thar once towers successfully captured.
  • Isle of Conquest: Attack Hangar, Docks, and Workshop. Kill boss when gates are down.
  • Strand of the Ancients: Attack demolisher’s, collect bombs, and attack gates.
  • Ashran: Move to find fights, collect chest items (scout satchel etc), turn in artifact fragments, attach bosses and mini-bosses (guardians).

Screenshots [From 01/2015];

Item: CombatLogHandler.cs
Original Author: Bossland GmbH/Apoc/Wulf/Mirabis
Date Obtained: +/- 2013
Obtained from: PureRotation V2
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: CacheManager.cs
Original Author: Wulf
Date Obtained: +/- 2013
Obtained from: PureRotation V2
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: Death.cs TalentManager.cs
Original Author: Bossland GmbH
Date Obtained: +/- 2013
Obtained from: Singular
License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

Item: Net Seal Theme
Original Author: Nimoru Software
Date Obtained: +/- 2014
Obtained from: Site:
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Item: Product Icon Image
Original Author: Millz
Date Obtained: Mar-2015
Obtained from: Original Artwork
License: Original artwork requires no explicit license for use in my own products.

Item: MahApps Metro
Original Author: Paul Jenkins
Date Obtained: Sep 2016
Obtained from:
License: Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL);


66 total
We are eagerly waiting to get a big update to the problem of waiting and standing in PvP
Active developer
Waiting.. waiting.. waiting an update..
needs an update
it good buy it!
In it's current state it has a ton of work needed. Millz is a fantastic developer but in his discord support there seems to be too many other things more important than this profile. Maybe when he's happy with those he will turn his attention to this, but right now it is the owners of this who are left unhappy
Buyer beware!
Pretty disappointed with the botbase in it's current state. I tried running it for a few bgs, and it was following a couple other botters step by step in av... I'll be adjusting my review when changes are made. (And they're certainly needed.)
sadly this botbase isnt like it was anymore. please update.

Changelog History

Version: [11/Aug/2017] (8/14/2017 3:40:21 PM)
- Fixed an issue with some characters stuttering to get in range of objects to interact (such as banners).
- Quit on BG message/string has been fixed to allow multiple entries.
Version: [21/Apr/2017 - Beta] (4/21/2017 7:11:38 PM)
- [Alterac Valley] Change to resolve running in and out of towers.
- Should no longer jump when casting/mounting.
- Will only attempt to mount up once per 5 seconds maximum. This is to prevent mounting and dismounting on the spot repeatedly.
- Added handling for blank lines in chat replacement blocking all chat functionality from working.
Version: [31/Jan/2017 - Beta] (2/3/2017 3:37:05 AM)
- Added mercenary mode NPCs for Dalaran (Broken Isles).
Version: [18/Jan/2017 - Beta] (1/22/2017 3:11:58 AM)
- Blocked Isle of Conquest again. Under certain circumstances the bot could run into non-destroyed gates - which is very obvious botting.
Version: [08/Jan/2017 - Beta] (1/10/2017 3:59:15 AM)
- [IoC] Battleground is now supported. Will no longer be blacklisted by BGFarmer.
- [IoC] Added unit weight for bosses.
- Updated vendoring logic to improve repairing.
- Fixed an exception when trying to engage with targets using a CR that doesn't explicitly support engaging logic.
- Removed caching on detection of whether or not we can navigate to a target to improve reliability.
- Removed blackspots for high enemy unit presence, and spell ground effects (solar beam etc) to fix spam triggering HB's avoid behavior. 
- Fixed trying to mount indoors and failing.
Version: [01/Nov/2016 - Alpha] (11/3/2016 4:59:44 PM)
- New targeting system, using 'weight scoring' for players to determine who to target/attack, and changed the logic behind when to target/untarget someone. Removed options from Targets tab in GUI as these no longer do anything.
- [SM] Removed custom navigation to resolve escaping spawn zone.
- Fixed creating soulwell and refreshment table during preparation.
- Removed Hearthstone on stuck, as it's no longer applicable since Ashran is now instanced.
- Navigation tab in the GUI has been removed, as this is no longer supported in HB3.
- Re-added buttons to Movement tab for quick setup of combat movement.
- Fixed an issue with the map opening and closing at a fast rate.
- 'Move around in combat' logic is broken. Temporarily disabled to prevent stutter stepping.
- [AV/ToK/WSG/TP] Changed the logic for 'moving to biggest friendly pack' - to prevent moving to 'packs' only 1 or 2 other players.
- 'Range to scan for units' can now be increased beyond 40 (min: 15, max: 150). Recommended is 60.
- Added a random delay after resurrecting if other players near to help space our toon out from other bots.
- Changed logic for dismounting to engage in combat to help support more CRs.
- Added a warning when mounting up fails - to advise to clear the HB and WoW cache - as this appears to resolve mounting up issues.
Version: [23/Oct/2016 - Alpha] (10/24/2016 7:10:07 PM)
- [ToK] Will now take a more direct path out of the starting area once the BG has begun.
- [ToK] Will now jump down into the center pit from the east/west side instead of taking the stairs if we're heading into the middle.
- [AB/BfG/DG/EotS] Randomized how often to check which base to move to, and the range we move within at the destination base (to prevent stacking).
- [AB/BfG/DG] Will now only capture banners for the landmark we're interested in, to prevent being diverted from our goal.
- Jumping behavior has been re-enabled. 
- Will no longer attempt to collect Speed, Restoration, or Berserker game object buffs within the first 30 seconds of the game, to prevent strange pathing leaving our starting zones.
- Fixed an exception with collecting game object buffs (speed/restoration/berserker).
- Turn on spot behaviour will no longer trigger immediately after we resurrect.
- Added some internal navigation throttling to continue on our current path if we suspect the nav server would throttle a new pathing request - which was the cause of some odd stopping moving behaviour while walking around.
- Improved combat movement to prevent stutter stepping.
Version: [08/Oct/2016 - Alpha] (10/10/2016 4:24:33 AM)
- Fixed mounting.
Version: [25/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/26/2016 7:30:01 AM)
- [Silvershard Mines] Fixed an issue with idling.
- [Silvershard Mines] Should now be less bot-like following the carts.
- [Silvershard Mines] Now using a custom nav system to get out of spawn area to prevent spinning in circles.
- Will no longer attempt to mount while swimming.
- Updated the logic to move to target, and engage in combat.
- [Domination] Increased the time between re-evaluating bases from 20s to 30s.
- Removed support for Fire Watchers Oath.
- Improved the eat/drink logic.
- Fixed an issue with not dismounting despite fighting happening around us.
- [Deepwind Gorge] Disabled calling incoming. Seems to like shouting 'Inc Deepwind Gorge', instead of our current base.
Version: [14/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/15/2016 4:03:36 AM)
Please do not leave BGFarmer AFK until stable.
** BGFarmer v2 **
** Big thanks to the testers in the Discord channel for helping with this release - especially #th3g3ntl3man]. **
- BGFarmer's navigation has been re-written to support Honorbuddy 3. 
- Fully re-written battleground logic in all BGs.
- All logic now has much faster reaction times, and less idling. 
- Fixed signing up for specific BGs.
- Fixed using the correct ground mount.
- New GUI interface (which supports 4k monitors).
****************** Known Bugs ******************
- Ashran is not optimal. It works, but needs improvements.
- IoC and SotA still aren't supported. 
- Chat Replacement / Blackspot GUI controls aren't refreshing properly.
- Blackspots in navigation aren't working (HB3 issue).
- There may still be navigational issues, which are most likely related to HB3, not BGFarmer.
- Jumping has been temporarily disabled (cause of spam jumping in water).
Version: [03/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/3/2016 6:55:17 PM)
- Fixed the FPS lag issue.
- Hidden new GUI again until it's complete.
Version: [31/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/31/2016 9:02:09 PM)
*** With the release of Honorbuddy 3, significant changes have again been made to how BGFarmer works. As a temporary measure, Isle of Conquest and Strand of the Ancients have been disabled. The bot will automatically blacklist these battlegrounds from the random battleground selection. Do NOT leave AFK. ***
- [Ashran] Updated the queue code to use a method which does not require setting a role.
- Custom Nav has been removed as it's no longer possible to work with HB3.
- Removed some redundant Ashran options.
Version: [10/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/10/2016 10:39:03 PM)
- [Silvershard Mines] Will now stick closer to the mine carts, and move to keep up with them faster.
- [Silvershard Mines] If we're already close to a cart, regardless of who controls it - will now stick with that cart.
- [Alterac Valley] If we're closer to end boss than the last non base tower (TP / IB), bot now focuses on end boss.
- [Alterac Valley] While running to next POI - will participate in fights which have 5 or more friendly units there.
- [Alterac Valley] Added an option to always stick with group. Overrides all other tower logic.
- [WSG / TP] Logic now updates much quicker.
- [WSG / TP] Minor changes to defending friendly flag carrier player.
- [Domination] Will no longer wander around at the base we're defending.
- [Domination] Will no longer leave a base if there's an enemy unit within 100yds.
- [Strand of the Ancients] Disabled greeting (chat message) for this BG. Bot believes round switch is a new BG which caused it to greet twice. Too suspicious. 
Version: [03/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/4/2016 1:24:59 AM)
- Will now open crates of battlefield goods.
- Fixed capturing banners in domination battlegrounds (AB/BfG etc).
- [Ashran] Fixed joining queue.
- [Ashran] If we can't get a cluster location from the world map for team, will now attempt to find the players via ObjectManager.
- [Ashran] Added some temporary logic until world map displaying player locations is fixed.
** NOTE ** I strongly recommend not AFKing Ashran at the moment. It works again, but the behaviour isn't ideal. **
Version: [27/Jul/2016 - Alpha] (7/27/2016 12:33:14 PM)
- Recompile to fix mount issue.
Version: [26/Jul/2016 - Alpha] (7/26/2016 2:53:10 PM)
- Fixed an issue with mounting.
Version: [25/Jul/2016 - Alpha] (7/25/2016 8:23:39 PM)
** NOTE: A lot of code has had to be changed to make BGFarmer work with Legion. Dont leave BGFarmer AFK until a stable build has been released **

- [Ashran] Upon ressurecting within our home base, will now always turn in artifact fragments when holding more than 5.
- [Ashran] Artifact fragment turn in is now quicker.
- [Ashran] Improved detection for whether an event is active or not.
- Gear buyer removed
- Logout on Conquest/Honor capped removed.
Version: [29/Apr/2016] (4/29/2016 11:34:36 AM)
- Fixed 'human behaviours' in Ashran - jump, emote etc.
- Fixed looting BoP items.
Version: [24/Apr/2016] (4/26/2016 3:05:58 PM)
- [Ashran] Disabled stadium racer event logic, as it couldn't keep up with the racers, and looked bot-like.
Version: [30/Mar/2016] (3/31/2016 3:33:22 PM)
- Skip HBRelog task on BG win will now leave BG and open strongboxes before skipping.
- Will now confirm looting items which are BoP.
- [Ashran] Fixed (another) issue with queueing.
- [Ashran] Added separate option for collecting Songflower to remove need for collecting all chest objects.
- [Ashran] Will no longer attempt to run Ashran logic when still in the queue, and haven't actually been accepted yet.
- [IoC] When stick with friendly pack enabled, will now alternate on a random timer every few minutes between offensive and defensive logic.
- [IoC] Fixed not going out of main gate at start of BG (was using teleport).
- [IoC] Will no longer apply blackspots for high enemy presence in IoC. Caused some strange running back and forth behaviour.
Version: [24/Mar/2016] (3/24/2016 4:32:35 PM)
- [Domination] Added some debugging for Domination BGs to help resolve an issue with landmarks.
- [Ashran] Added delay before accepting queue/invites. Should resolve bug with getting deserter immediately after invite to start game.
- [Ashran] Fixed an incorrect aura ID flagging us as having recreant.
Version: [05/Mar/2016] (3/7/2016 2:17:20 PM)
- [Domination] Healers will no longer attempt to capture banners within the first 90s of the game, to allow focusing on healing/keeping up with group.
- [Ashran] Changed the dismounting behaviour.
- [Ashran] Will now take flight paths when travelling to Ashran within Draenor.
Version: [21/Feb/2016] (2/22/2016 4:33:47 PM)
- PreCombatBuffBehavior is now only called once, instead of twice per tick. Performance fix.
- [Silvershard Mines] Carts entering the depots are now ignored to prevent running into the depot object.
- Ticks Per Second (TPS) is now dynamically adjusted based on in game FPS vs how fast Honorbuddy can process what's going on. Improves FPS.
- Added HBRelog skip on deserter/recreant debuff.
- [Ashran] When passing leader to another player, will now loop through all team members until it's worked.
- [Ashran] When in a bad party, if /afk won't leave the group, will now run out of the zone.
- [ToK] Fixed an issue for alliance toons trying to run through the gate before game has started.
Version: [29/Jan/2016] (1/30/2016 8:50:41 PM)
- Accepting role check should now be more reliable.
- Added setting to use hearthstone if stuck more than 3 times at the same location within a minute (to prevent us being spotted/reported by other players).
- [Ashran] Fixed attempting to queue with 'Recreant' aura.
- [Ashran] Fixed leaving party when low number of players in group.
- Added option to skip HBRelog task on BG win.
Version: [15/Jan/2016] (1/16/2016 4:52:44 PM)
- Improved logging for chat history to provide more detail (say, yell, raid warning etc).
- Chat logging is now logged in Ashran.
- [Ashran] Fixed passing party leader to another player.
- [Ashran] Will now blacklist chest objects if we still can't navigate to the object for 50% of the time longer than the total expected navigation time.
- [Ashran] Added setting to allow disabling release from corpse delay when event active.
- [Ashran] Will now collect and use Song Flower items when 'collect chest objects' enabled (+15% stats).
- [Ashran] Fixed an issue that caused the bot to run back and forth.
- [WSG / TP] Improved return flag logic.
Version: [09/Jan/2016] (1/9/2016 6:08:54 PM)
- Added setting to allow disengaging from a target when they've moved more than X yards away from where we engaged them - i.e. to prevent being kited.
- Fixed an issue with trying to buy gear from vendors which had gossip options (i.e. 'I would like to buy from you.').
- Fixed a targeting issue when 'prefer low HP units' or 'prefer low geared players' selected.
Version: [22/Dec/2015] (12/22/2015 9:24:15 AM)
- Will now buy items/gear when inside Ashran. Will leave Ashran if necessary.
- Will now fly to the gear item vendor where possible.
- If a gear buyer vendor is in combat (so can't be interacted with), the bot will blacklist the vendor and come back in 5 minutes to re-check.
Version: [12/Dec/2015] (12/12/2015 5:59:22 AM)
- When not inside BGs, should now fly to where it needs to be.
- If your toon can fly, will now navigate from anywhere in Draenor to join the queue for Ashran.
- [SotA] Starting locations now work better. Stands in a new location away from other bots, and better engages in combat.
- [AB] Added a blackspot under the bridge heading to blacksmith.
- Added new strongboxes for opening.
Version: [02/Nov/2015] (11/3/2015 4:01:03 AM)
- Fixed attacking NPCs - will now only fight those already in combat and targeting someone in our group.
- Performance improvement to resolve FPS lag when large groups of units nearby.
- [SotA] Minor logic improvements.
- Added warning to enable logout after x minutes if it's disabled.
Version: [23/Oct/2015] (10/24/2015 4:29:26 AM)
- [Ashran] Changed the quest turn in logic to improve reliability.
Version: [20/Oct/2015] (10/20/2015 8:38:41 PM)
- [IoC / SotA] Fixed an issue whereby the bot could sometimes hang (pause/stop) when loading mesh tiles caused by calling API outside of the framelocked thread.
- [IoC] Changed how BGFarmer hooks into navigator.
Version: [15/Oct/2015] (10/17/2015 4:09:37 AM)
- [Ashran] Changed some default settings to disable leaving group / turning in fragments.
Version: [10/Oct/2015] (10/11/2015 7:59:37 AM)
- [AV] Fixed a bug that caused the bot to pause
Version: [08/Oct/2015] (10/9/2015 4:55:22 AM)
- Mercenary Mode is now active again.
- Performance changes to improve on some FPS issues.
- [SotA] Removed face enemy units when preparation active. Fixes turning on the spot while on the boat.
- [SotA] Changed how we determine if we're attacking or defending. Was the cause of intermittent crashing.
- [WSG] Will now stick with the pack of friendly players.
- [WSG] Removed horde force exit resurrection area now that mesh has been fixed. Improves behavior after resurrecting.
- [AV] Changed the logic for where to stand in towers. Fixes falling out of towers/running back loop. Significantly less obvious when more than 1 BGFarmer bot in tower.
- Game Stats (kills / deaths) now periodically appears in the main HB status window, and now works with mercenary mode.
- Game events now periodically appear in the main HB status window (such as 'The Gate of the Yellow Moon was destroyed!'). Does not log horde/alliance specific events - most contain names.
- Improved pet recall.
Version: [28/Sep/2015] (9/29/2015 2:49:18 AM)
- Mercenary mode is now disabled to resolve crashing issue. Will be re-instated once issues resolved. Will cancel Mercenary Contract buff if active.
Version: [22/Sep/2015] (9/23/2015 4:14:14 AM)
- Fixed not attacking enemy targets under Mercenary Mode.
- Added debugging to log when signing up as Mercenary Mode.
- Improved detection as to whether we're horde or alliance when using Mercenary Mode.
- [SotA] Fix to prevent crashing issue.
Version: [17/Sep/2015] (9/18/2015 6:03:34 AM)
- BGFarmer can now determine if player is actually horde/alliance, or as mercenary mode (where faction is reversed).
- Added option to allow signing up for Mercenary Mode.
- [Ashran] Removed jail stuff. Incorrectly identified us as being in jail sometimes when we weren't.
- [AV] Fixed some issues with not identifying tower banner objects correctly.
- [AV] Improved the logic around whether or not a tower needs capturing. Should no longer charge to end boss when Dun Baldar / Frostwolf towers still haven't been capped. Should resolve yolo'ing into end boss.
- [AV] Horde -> Should no longer get into a loop falling out of tower and running back up while waiting for a tower to be destroyed.
- [AV] Fixed pulling Galv/Bal.
- [AV] Blacklisted Iceblood & Stonehearth graveyards. Best off leaving these to players.
- Chat logging for our own toon will now say 'Me' instead of just replacing the first 2 characters with *.
- Fixed spam using food/drink items when already eating.
- Leaving battleground once completed will now simulate clicking the 'Leave Battlefield' button. Should help resolve rare issue of being unable to quit BG once completed.
Version: [07/Sep/2015] (9/8/2015 3:26:55 AM)
- [Ashran] Added escaping from Jail (untested).
- [Ashran] Will no longer try to queue when 'Ashran Tour of Duty' buff is active.
- Added another 'Ashmaul Strongbox' ID to open.
Version: [28/Aug/2015] (8/29/2015 9:57:23 AM)
- [Ashran] Will now open Champion's Strongbox (quest reward).
- [Ashran] Fixed a bug entering and leaving the mines repeating.
- [Ashran] Added better event ended detection.
Version: [20/Aug/2015] (8/21/2015 3:14:18 AM)
- Improved targeting logic.
- [IoC] Increased the timer before disabling gates at start of BG.
- [Ashran] Added quest turn in.
- [Ashran] Should now leave mines when event has ended, rather than get stuck in combat loop with NPCs.
- [Ashran] Scanning for map locations for team delay increased from every 2s to 5s. Should help with FPS latency.
Version: [14/Aug/2015] (8/15/2015 3:23:44 AM)
- [Ashran] Added Apexis Marks event.
- [Ashran] Added Dented Ashmaul Strongbox to open strongbox list.
- [SotA] Fixed a rare crashing issue.
- Added support for CapabilityFlags to allow enabling/disabling features in CRs depending on BGFarmer's settings.
Version: [02/Jul/2015] (7/3/2015 2:34:33 PM)
- [WSG] Fix for horde side not leaving graveyard after resurrection correctly.
- Added new strongbox ID's from 6.2. Will now open strongboxes again.
Version: [03/Jun/2015] (6/3/2015 1:20:38 PM)
- Using a new, more reliable method for accepting group invites - credits to Highvoltz.
- Logging now shows last 4 characters of target GUID to help determine difference between multiple units.
- Fixed an issue that could cause problems with saving settings due to new store security.
- [SotA & IoC] Now hooking HB's new mesh navigation provider, which should fix running into gates/walls.
Version: [02/May/2015] (5/2/2015 1:40:34 PM)
- Fixed to work with latest HB.
Version: [08/Apr/2015] (4/9/2015 3:53:13 AM)
- Improved the overall logic behind buying items to be more reliable.
- Improved logic around signing up as group.
- Roll/Ready checks should now be working.
- Fixed an issue whereby after stopping and re-starting the bot, lua events were no longer being monitored to accept ready checks, group invites etc.
- Will collect new healthstones during preparation if less than 3 charges.
- Will collect more conjured food from refreshment table when less than 20 remaining.
Version: [16/Mar/2015 ] (3/17/2015 3:13:28 AM)
- [Ashran] Slowed down how fast it updates the move to group logic - to make it idle a bit more when waiting around for events.
- [Ashran] Healers will only force target friendly players if not in group.
- [Ashran] Added setting to dismount to loot mobs.
- Role Checks in group should be resolved.
Version: [10/Mar/2015] (3/11/2015 3:19:58 AM)
- Will now accept ready checks.
- Fixed accepting role checks.
- [Ashran] Will now leave groups after 5 minutes if very few players in party that are online and in the same zone as us.
- [Ashran] Reduced delay between asking for group invites.
- [Ashran] Randomized the looking for a fight end point.
- [Ashran] Will now pass group leader off to someone else.
- [Ashran] Will no longer release from corpse when an event is active and friendly players are near.
- [Ashran] Should no longer hang around for so long after events have ended.
- Improved dismounting when party members in combat with NPCs.
Version: [09/Mar/2015] (3/10/2015 3:47:01 AM)
- Fixed a minor bug with trying to find the location of player 'raid0' - which doesn't exist.
- Finding clusters of players ignores any player that's offline or isn't alive.
- Finding clusters of players is now throttled, so should reduce FPS lag significantly.
- Added roll need on loot.
- [Ashran] Added option to allow disabling looting mobs.
- [Ashran] The searching for a fight logic will now only trigger when not in a group.
- [Ashran] Will no longer apply blackspots for high enemy presence in Ashran.
- [Ashran] If in a group, will now only participate in events that we approach because our team are near. The bot will no longer run alone to an event area unless not in a party.
- [Ashran] When not in a group, finding fights will now move to the area mid zone, rather than charging the enemy base.
- [SotA] Improvement to not moving when can't determine if we're attacking or defending.
- Fixed gear buyer from not buying items.
- Will no longer loot mobs when mounted.
Version: [03/Mar/2015] (3/4/2015 4:02:52 AM)
- [Ashran] Should now be less inclined to hump bonfires.
- [Ashran] Logout conditions will now apply inside Ashran.
- [Ashran] Improved dismounting for combat in Ashran.
- [Ashran] Fixed a major bug when determining where the biggest pack of friendly units are.
- [IoC] Added setting to stick with biggest friendly pack.
- Fixed an error when stopping -> starting the bot.
- Slowed down some lua calls which could cause the bot to lock up.
Version: [26/Feb/2015 - R2] (2/27/2015 1:57:43 PM)
- Fixed an instant mount -> dismount bug.
- [Ashran] Workaround for a bug for the middle GY when dead and no spirit healer.
- [Ashran] Minor improvements to Stadium Racing event to keep up with the racer better.
- [Ashran] Will now loot mobs.
- [Ashran] Will now open Strongboxes when inside Ashran.
- [Ashran] Removed Wand of Mana Stealing, and Wand of Neutralization (removed in patch 6.1).
- [Ashran] Will no longer loot Goren Eggs.
- Will now only move away from players when using BGFarmer's movement, rather than all units (which included NPCs).
- When BGFarmer needs to logout (caps honor points etc), will now also stop the connected HBRelog profile (if in use).
Version: [26/Feb/2015] (2/27/2015 5:23:21 AM)
- Fixed an instant mount -> dismount bug.
- [Ashran] Workaround for a bug for the middle GY when dead and no spirit healer.
- [Ashran] Minor improvements to Stadium Racing event to keep up with the racer better.
- [Ashran] Will now loot mobs.
- [Ashran] Will now open Strongboxes when inside Ashran.
- [Ashran] Removed Wand of Mana Stealing, and Wand of Neutralization (removed in patch 6.1).
- [Ashran] Will no longer loot Goren Eggs.
- Will now only move away from players when using BGFarmer's movement, rather than all units (which included NPCs).
- When BGFarmer needs to logout (caps honor points etc), will now also stop the connected HBRelog profile (if in use).
Version: [20/Feb/2015] (2/21/2015 3:57:14 AM)
- Reduced the distance from flag in domination BGs for calling incoming (to prevent calling the zone name instead of base name).
- [Ashran] Fix for bot moving out of Ashran when unable to find a good cluster of units.
- [Ashran] Will no longer attempt to mount when carrying empowered ore.
- [Ashran] Added setting for attacking mini-bosses.
- [Ashran] Added setting for forcefully attacking enemy players.
- [Ashran] Will move less while waiting at an event area.
- [Ashran] If 2 events running at once, will stick with the first event that triggers.
- [Ashran] Will no longer ask for group invite when joining queue for Ashran.
- [Ashran] Events are now highest priority (moved above turning in fragments).
- [Ashran] Will now detect when events have completed when we've won them.
- [Ashran] Bot will now attempt to block routine from attacking Risen Spirits.
- Improved the 'return to graveyard' code when a ghost.
Version: [17/Feb/2015] (2/18/2015 11:24:36 PM)
- Fix for trying to vendor with NPCs we can't fully navigate to.
- [Ashran] Added usage of items (Disposible Pocket Flying Machine & Wands).
- [Ashran] Events are now a higher priority than collecting items.
- [Ashran] Reduced the amount of time the bot will hang around at an event area.
- [Ashran] Added option to disable 'move to find fight'.
- [Ashran] When in a group, the bot will now move to where the other party members are.
- [Ashran] Added auto accept group invitations.
- [Ashran] Added chat option to ask in General channel for a group invite.
- [Ashran] Improved logic for events so that they're actually played by the bot.
Version: [11/Feb/2015] (2/12/2015 4:32:14 AM)
- Fix for eating food on non-mana users.
Version: [10/Feb/2015] (2/11/2015 2:56:25 AM)
- [SotA] Should now place bombs closer to the gate.
- [SotA] Should better detect which gate to move to for defending.
- [SotA] Improved logic behind moving to gate to place bombs.
- [SotA] Added Chamber gate for places to drop bombs.
- [SotA] Will now move to the gate with the least number of enemies to place bombs.
- [IoC] Healers will now move to the biggest friendly pack of players that are in combat.
- Added some more vendors for Warspear.
- Follow Friendly Player field can now take multiple entries, separated by the | character. Bot will follow the closest friendly player.
- Added support for food items which provide buff 'Refreshment' instead of 'Food' or 'Drink'.
Version: [08/Feb/2015] (2/9/2015 2:37:47 PM)
- Added settings to enable eating/drinking of conjured food.
- [Domination] Added setting to choose how many players need to be defending a base before moving on.
- Custom Navigator in ToK should now run over the edge into the middle area much more frequently.
- Custom Navigator should throw less false positives for collision/obstructions.
- Added some custom vendors for ashran/stormshield/warspear zones.
- [ToK] Improved move to center logic.
- Fixed logging out on deserter debuff in Ashran.
- Changed method behind detecting players capturing flags to try and interrupt them.
- [Ashran] Should no longer attack boss units that aren't in combat.
- [Ashran] Should now detect events and move to the event's area.
- [EotS] Will now dismount correctly upon reaching a base with no enemies near.
Version: [29/Jan/2015] (1/30/2015 2:25:28 AM)
- [Domination] Added option to move to base with most friendly team mates. Aimed at healers.
- [Domination] When unable to find a good base to move to, instead of going to a specific one (i.e. WW, Blacksmith, Centre Mine), it now just moves to the closest base, so that this behaviour is more random.
- Fixed trying to spam use Refreshment Tables.
- [Ashran] Added option to disable collecting chest objects (Scout's Satchel etc).
- Reduced the amount of blackspots that are applied for high enemy presence.
- Custom Navigator will now be less likely to travel through water, unless a water walking buff is present.
- Should no longer dismount and mount as often.
Version: [28/Jan/2015] (1/29/2015 5:25:53 AM)
- Changed the logic behind applying blackspots to enemy presence to reduce zig-zagging behaviour when moving.
- Hotkeys will now unregister correctly when stopping the bot.
Version: [27/Jan/2015] (1/28/2015 4:27:02 AM)
- Improved logic for when in combat.
- Should no longer attack target dummies.
- Improved protection for vendor logic when inside Ashran.
- Added toggle to allow usage of the new custom navigation system. This system fixes some bad behaviour that is caused with the default nav system. Paths are randomized more, it no longer spins when entering some BGs (DG, BfG), it no longer back tracks when jumping down from start area in SM, and will (sometimes) walk over the edges in ToK.
- BGFarmer will now attempt to detect condensed areas of enemies (where there's more enemies than friendly), and navigate around them.
- [BfG, DG, AB] Will now apply blackspots to the banner objects to prevent running into the banners.
- [Ashran] Fixed finding end enemy boss unit.
- Will no longer log out for deserter debuff when inside Ashran.
- Added option to leave BG to join Ashran.
- Fixed collecting refreshment tables.
Version: [22/Jan/2015] (1/23/2015 4:45:28 AM)
- [Ashran] Changed the 'roaming for a fight' logic to run right up to (and inside) the enemy base.
- [Ashran] Added logic to attack enemy leaders (Tremblade / Volrath).
- [Ashran] Added logic to turn in Artifact Fragments.
- [Ashran] Will now collect chests.
- [Ashran] Added more priority to looting corpses.
- [Ashran] Will now open Strongboxes obtained from Ashran.
- [CTF] Added move to biggest friendly pack for healers.
- [AV] Fixed attacking Vandaar too early.
- [Twin Peaks] Should now take the path out of the side of the starting areas (like normal players), rather than running through the base and out the front entrance.
- [ToK] Fixed healers idiling on spot when nothing else to do.
- Healers will no longer just stand still when enemy attacking us and no friendly units near.
- If we somehow get away from the graveyard, the bot will now teleport back to the graveyard.
- Fixed an exception.
- Updated vendoring logic to improve reliability.
- Improved collecting game object buffs (berserker, speed, restoration).
- Started work making GUI resizable.
- Fixed changing targets when enemy is carrying flag and we're not in combat.
- Looting corpses should now be smoother.
- If we can't navigate to a target, the target is now temporarily blacklisted.
- Will no longer blacklist friendly targets for being unattackable.
Version: [14/Jan/2015] (1/15/2015 5:25:01 AM)
- Made a change to force vending logic when we need to buy new gear.
- Will now ignore BG invites when inside Ashran.
- Will no longer chase enemies as a healer when using BGFarmer's combat movement.
- Fixed an exception with gear buyer.
- Increased the time between BG sign up attempts.
Version: [07/Jan/2015] (1/8/2015 4:57:43 AM)
- Will no longer display the sign up as group warning message every time you open the GUI.
- Followers that are using leaders target will no longer target units itself.
- Will now blacklist target if they use a Goblin Glider (as it presumes they've jumped off a cliff - and we don't want to follow!).
- Added logout on capped weekly conquest points setting.
- Repair vendors which are too far away to be used are now blacklisted, so that the bot searches for a new vendor instead of sitting on broken gear.
- Added internal gear buying system to remove the reliance on external plugins.
- [Domination] Reduced the range at which it moves to capture a banner from 50 yards to 30. This prevents the bot from, for instance, wanting to move to gold mine, but changing course and capping the banner at stables.
- The lag when using BGFarmer's combat movement has been resolved.
- [SotA] Moved the waiting spot during preparation further up the beach to prevent it getting in the water as often.
- Fixed a bug whereby the bot wouldn't move on to its next goal until out of combat.
Version: [02/Jan/2015] (1/3/2015 5:39:50 AM)
- [AV] Fixed game resource check. Should no longer mark mini bosses as dead at the start of the BG.
- [Domination] Added some options to the behaviours to allow disabling some actions (like defending bases).
- [EotS] Fixed 'defending' the flag location. Reported to HB team as core bug.
- Kiting has been renamed to moving around in combat - as it better suits what it's doing.
- Fixed collecting Berserker, Restoration, and Speed BG power up buffs.
- 'Follow Friendly Player' names are now masked when logging out the settings to the log file.
- Slightly improved the lag spikes when using BGFarmer's combat movement.
Version: [24/Dec/2014] (12/24/2014 2:30:37 PM)
- [SotA] Fixed Seaforium Bombs.
- Changed the stop moving failsafe code to trigger slightly less, which will help with the FPS drops.
Version: [20/Dec/2014] (12/20/2014 5:15:20 AM)
- Fixed an error exception from being thrown when trying to decide if the bot should stop moving.
- Added a safeguard for when the bot is failing to stop moving.
- Added a safety check to repairing to only use NPCs that are within 1000 yards range (to fix a bug where the bot would attempt to swim from Ashran to Talador).
- Minor change to follow leader logic to improve responsiveness.
Version: [17/Dec/2014] (12/18/2014 5:02:50 AM)
- Prevented targeting logic when mounted and moving to a POI.
- When in Warspear / Stormshield, BGFarmer will now move into the Ashran zone to join the queue for the battle.
- Removed limit from custom sign up delay.
- Will no longer face targets when stunned.
- Movement -> Fixed a spinning issue for melee toons.
- Fixed an issue where the bot wasn't capturing banners correctly.
- Fixed an issue where the bot wasn't stopping when it should have.
- Fixed an issue with healers whereby the bot wasn't calling the combat routine correctly.
- [IoC] Fixed a bug where the bot wouldn't leave the docks.
Version: [11/Dec/2014] (12/12/2014 7:07:33 AM)
- Will now attempt to ignore NPCs when mounted and continue with BG logic.
- Added don't move while casting when using BGFarmer's combat movement.
- Combat movement should now be slightly smoother, rather than stutter stepping.
- Movement when navigating to different areas should no longer interrupt the character while it's busy casting a spell.
- Will now only use battle standards in BGs.
- [IoC] Changed logic so that we defend less now.
- [AV] Engaging Drek'Thar and Vanndar should now wait until they are below 90% HP instead of just waiting for combat. This prevents BGFarmer getting in the same death run cycle caused by BGBuddy bots.
- [Ashran] Added some basic logic.
- Added setting to allow disabling vendor/repair logic.
- Slightly improved looting insignia behaviour. Will only attempt to loot target once now before moving on, and will attempt to loot players more often.
- Now allows signing up for Random BG + Specific - restriction was removed with WoD.
- Fixed target switching when our target is a pet.
- Added target switching when target has a do not attack aura (i.e. immune/crowd controlled).
Version: [26/Nov/2014] (12/4/2014 1:01:38 AM)
- [SotA] Added force stop moving when on the boat during preparation.
- [SotA] Improved targeting logic for Demolishers.
- Added BASIC support for Southshore vs Tarren Mill BG. Blizzard have implemented phasing technology for this battleground which causes the bot to struggle with finding enemies. If the BG is going to stay after the 10 year anniversary, then I'll work on it further. For now it's very basic.
- Slowed down the open/close map logic.
- Added rest behaviour CR calls when outside of BGs.
- Changes to prevent stutter stepping when movement enabled.
- Added auto accept Ashran queue invite.
- Added option to use Battle Standards.
- Added debugging for SotA when trying to use portals when attacking.
Version: [22/Nov/2014] (11/22/2014 6:38:57 PM)
- Added support for new banquets.
- Combat movement has been changed to prevent bad movement behaviours (running away, running through targets, not stopping etc).
Version: [19/Nov/2014] (11/20/2014 12:13:17 AM)
- [ToK] Fixed an issue with not re-checking what actions to perform often enough.
- Now throws a warning when using Vitalic or Gladiator Suite routines and movement isn't enabled.
- Added option to automatically open Strong Boxes.
- Fixed an issue where the bot was attempting to move to invalid bases.
Version: [11/Nov/2014] (11/11/2014 4:55:15 PM)
- [AV] Will no longer attempt to strafe behind targets in towers, as it causes the toon to fall out of tower.
- Will no longer attempt to strafe behind NPCs.
- Will now collect Berserker buffs when there's any units within 80 yards of us, or the buff object, rather than our targeting range setting.
- Added blackspot to default list for twin peaks tower near horde base.
- Automatic blackspot system is now slightly more intelligent for when to create blackspots.
- Fixed an issue with running through targets, turning around, and running back through them again.
- Added debugging to looting invalid insignia corpses, CTF flags, and movement in combat.
- Added custom signup delay option.
- Fixed an issue with switching target when it shouldn't be (i.e. target is carrying a flag etc).
Version: [03/Nov/2014] (11/3/2014 5:34:00 PM)
- Following friendly player - slave characters will now mount up faster rather than running first and then mounting.
- [BfG] Fixed a bug where the toon would run into the gate constantly during preparation.
- Fixed an issue where BGFarmer wouldn't stop moving correctly when in combat.
Version: [30/Oct/2014 - Update #2] (10/31/2014 6:21:50 PM)
- [Domination BGs] Will no longer blacklist the 'default' landmark when there's no good landmarks available.
Version: [30/Oct/2014] (10/30/2014 1:17:35 PM)
- [SotA] Added debugging to find out which object ID's are flagging as Unknown.
- [SotA] Fix to not registering gates as being destroyed and attempting to run into them.
Version: [27/Oct/2014 - Update #2] (10/28/2014 12:56:50 PM)
- Removed 'Beta' tag as bot seems stable again.
- Added code to use the Bloody Coin item (Fire-Watcher's Oath).
Version: [27/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/27/2014 2:02:17 PM)
- Hotkey toggling will no longer print out into the WoWClient. Will still print into the HB logging window. This is due to new Buddy Store rules. Will add an alternative notification method in the near future.
- [SotA] Added some protection in to prevent attempting to get off the boats too early.
Version: [26/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/27/2014 12:40:34 AM)
- Renamed 'Tyrael Mode' to 'Routine Only Mode', since Tyrael has been renamed to Enyo.
- Fix to not capturing banners.
- [EotS] Disabled flag as a base. Will avoid going there now.
Version: [24/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/24/2014 10:24:11 PM)
- Minor performance fix.
Version: [21/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/21/2014 5:23:28 PM)
- [ToK] Added option to disable picking up orbs.
Version: [16/Oct/2014 - Beta] (10/16/2014 11:27:27 PM)
- Updated for WoD 6.0.2
Version: [05/Oct/2014] (10/6/2014 1:43:07 PM)
- Increased the speed of initialization, and starting the bot base.
- Fixes to reduce chance of crashing wow client on zoning. Changed framelock message to warn that disabling FL will increase crashing chance.
Version: [04/Oct/2014] (10/4/2014 1:12:32 PM)
- Will now take a screenshot on every chat trigger detected.
- Converted some pauses to coroutine sleeps.
- Fixed entering BGs too quick instead of waiting out the delay.
Version: [30/Sep/2014] (9/30/2014 8:13:08 PM)
- Fixed a condition where the bot may pause briefly if targeting range set below 40, and there's no units within the targeting scan range.
- Fixed attacking priests in Spirit of Redemption form.
- Warlocks and Mages will now cast table/soulwell regardless of whether one already exists.
Version: [29/Sep/2014] (9/29/2014 6:03:07 PM)
- Improved melee strafing behind target.
- Fixed a bug where the toon would continue to run forwards if the target died when we're running forwards.
- Changed some internal code to remove unnecessary sleeps in line with store rules.
- [Domination] Increased the HP threshold values to make more bases acceptable.
Version: [27/Sep/2014] (9/28/2014 5:27:43 PM)
- Fixed an issue with not moving to enemy flags to return them.
- Random emotes are disabled by default to reduce the number of people using emotes in BGs.
- Increased random timer on emotes from 30-120s to 45-180s to reduce the number of emotes sent.
- Improved targeting logic to switch away from pets when player units are valid.
- Added chat replacement, so you can change 'Lumber Mill' to print 'LM' etc.
- Added chat message to thank for banquet tables when you've used it. Let's be a polite bot!
- Added safety check into chat to not send more than 1 message every 2 seconds.
- Improved safety checks surrounding calling incoming.
- Improved code behind capturing banners, when to move to capture etc.
- [SotA] Another change to improve setting gates as destroyed to prevent walking into them.
- [AV] Another fix to prevent running up and down towers.
- [AV] Added settings to allow disabling certain towers.
- [EotS] Mage Tower is blacklisted for the first 20 seconds of the BG, as all BGBuddy bots run there without randomization.
- Healers will no longer defend undefended bases (which will stop them from solo defending bases).
- When switching targets, the bot kill POI is now updated. This prevents CR's switching back.
- Will now only cancel resurrections for up to 3 minutes before allowing one when getting farmed. This is to prevent the Deserter debuff.
- Fixed melee strafing not keeping behind target correctly.
Version: [21/Sep/2014] (9/21/2014 3:28:48 PM)
- After being stuck in the same spot twice, the bot will now automatically blacklist the location to prevent going there again.
- Berserker, restoration, and speed buffs will now ensure we can navigate to them before accepting them as a POI.
- Will no longer blacklist units which are carrying an orb or flag for not engaging in comat with them quick enough.
- Added force quit BG on x number of chat triggers (i.e. in case people are saying your name).
- Will automatically cast Refreshment Table/Soulwell when they don't already exist during preparation.
- [ToK] Will now force a dismount before attempting to interact with Orbs.
- Fixed call to arms detection for ToK and DG.
- Fixed release delay timer. Should resolve a resurrecting bug.
- Fixed an issue with the bot attempting to mount when it shouldn't - i.e. when holding a power orb.
- [SotA] Fixed an issue with the gates not showing as unwalkable.
- [SotA] Another change to improve reliability for getting off the boat.
- [SotA] Following friendly player will no longer happen while on the boats in SotA.
- [AV] Improved the method of detecting whether towers are destroyed or not.
- [AV] Improved the method behind detecting if a tower needs defending or not. 
- [AV] Improved logic behind when to ignore towers and move to end boss.
- [AV] Fixed running up and down towers.
- Fixed a bug with combat movement trying to strafe behind dead targets.
- Removed kiting when not facing target - caused bot to run away/past enemy players.
- Fixed an issue whereby the bot would use a random emote (if enabled) as soon as the BG begins (when Preparation phase ends).
- 'Random Strafing' and 'Random Turning' settings will no longer trigger within the first 5 seconds after preparation phase ends.
- Chat messages can now have multiple entries by separating the entry with a | character, and a random message will be selected, for instance a greeting can now have hey|hello|hi.
Version: [09/Sep/2014] (9/9/2014 3:22:57 PM)
- Chat handlers should now detach correctly when stopping bot.
- [AV] Improved checks for when a tower needs defending.
- Increased the range a target needs to get to before switching targets to a closer unit.
- Added 'Chat' tab to GUI. Will allow greeting other players when entering all BGs, and calling incoming when defending. Incoming supported in AB, EotS, DG, and BfG.
- Improved cancelling shapeshift forms before mounting.
- [Domination] Will now defend friendly bases under attack as high priority.
- Should now correctly stand still before interacting with banner.
- Fix for holy priests with spirit of redemption.
- Targeting list is now populated to help CR targeting.
- Blacklisted a bad Berserker buff location in Deepwind Gorge which the bot cannot navigate to.
Version: [05/Sep/2014 #2] (9/6/2014 12:50:20 AM)
- When BGFarmer can't move to the set hotspot, it will now randomize that location by up to 40 yards to attempt to find a working path.
- [SotA] Fixed gate randomization waiting points. 
- [SotA] Improved getting off boats.
- [SotA] Starting locations on beach randomized more.
- [SotA] Increased range for attacking enemy vehicles.
- [SotA] Rechecking logic timer is now more randomized, and will re-check logic while navigating to the current POI to determine if there's a newer, more important task.
- [IoC] Updated logic slightly. Should be less suicidal and smarter at picking the target base. Will also re-check the bases while moving around the map rather than just once we reach the target base.
- [IoC] Will now also go to the refinery as a base. Quarry is ignored as it bugs.
- [IoC] Added settings so you can now select which bases to attack. Docks is still the preferred base when enabled.
- [ToK | SM | SotA] Will be faster at checking logic.
- [AV] Reduced the randomization area of the Horde starting base to prevent attempting to run through gates before game started.
- [AV] Increased the randomization range when defending towers to help prevent stacking.
- [DG] Starting point randomized more.
- [SM] Logic re-check timer is randomized between 3 and 10 seconds, instead of a fixed 5 seconds.
- Improved melee strafing movement to prevent circling targets.
- Facing nearest player/point will only happen when the player/point is within 80 yards.
- Fixed targeting whereby pets could be selected before a player.
- Fixed an issue with BGFarmer dismounting too early to engage in combat as a melee character.
- Chat is now logged out to the log files. Player names and servers are masked.
Version: [31/Aug/2014] (8/31/2014 10:14:17 PM)
- Healers will no longer be forced into combat by the bot base.
- Players with the 'Netherstorm Flag' aura (EotS) are classed as priority units.
- Added setting to allow disabling melee strafing behind targets.
- Added option to target the leaders target when using signup as group.
- Added a force release from corpse failsafe.
- Default blackspot file is now automatically extracted upon startup.
Version: [29/Aug/2014] (8/29/2014 9:30:23 PM)
- Kiting will now strafe slightly when not facing target.
- Kiting will no longer issue multiple strafe directions at once (causing the toon to side stutter).
- Kiting will no longer walk backwards, only left/right.
- [CTF] Will no longer target the enemy flag carrier until we're in range. Prevents us entering combat far away from EFC and ignoring the attacker.
- Targeting will now allow switching targets, when our target is holding a flag/orb. This helps to prevent unhuman behaviour when in combat.
- Fixed an error during preparation when PreCombatBuffBehavior is null.
- Will now attempt to switch to targets capturing banners.
Version: [27/Aug/2014 - Update #2] (8/27/2014 8:32:29 PM)
- Fixed a bug with mounting logic.
- [EotS] Will no longer move to or defend flag because it's undefended.
Version: [27/Aug/2014] (8/27/2014 5:52:38 PM)
- Jumping now uses lua rather than sending the space key on the keyboard.
- No longer uses jump as anti-afk. Instead just resets the afk flag.
- [AB / DG / BfG / EotS] Added some more conditions to determining a 'Good' base to attack.
- [CTF] Added logic for healers to heal near damaged players, instead of attacking enemies when unsure on an objective.
- [EotS] The flag is now the fallback location when the bot can't determine where to go.
- [EotS] Fixed selecting a random landmark to attack instead of going to Mage Tower when the BG starts.
- Improved some targeting logic which will prevent some running back and forth behaviours.
Version: [23/Aug/2014 - #2] (8/23/2014 9:14:18 PM)
- Fix to capture the flag BGs (WSG / TP). Slight improvements to the logic to increase speed.
- Disabled reporting AFK players due to Buddy Store rules.
Version: [22/Aug/2014] (8/22/2014 4:48:14 PM)
- BGFarmer has now been fully converted to using coroutines.
- [Arathi Basin] Battleground has been fully re-coded with new logic. 
- [Battle For Gilneas] Battleground has been fully re-coded with new logic. 
- [Eye of the Storm] Battleground has been fully re-coded with new logic. 
- [Deepwind Gorge] Battleground base capturing has been fully re-coded with new logic. Still requires code adding for capturing/defending carts.
- Anti GY farming code now waits until there's 2 or less enemies around before accepting the resurrect.
- Added link under Navigation tab to download default blackspot.xml file.
Version: 15/Aug/2014 (8/16/2014 8:20:01 PM)