YourRaidingBuddy V3

by Xcesius

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YourRaidingBuddy V2
is your one-stop routine for most of your classes. The routine is designed for optimal DPS without losing ingame performance. We support a multitude of classes and the amount is still growing! Why spend lots of money on per-class routines if YourRaidingBuddy can handle them all for you! Optimizing happens according to the latest theorycrafting regarding PvE and is a continues process.

Pick YourRaidingBuddy for all your PvE rotation needs!

Features of YourRaidingBuddy V2:
  • Multi-Class and specialization support - Making it more flexible then most other routines!
  • Advanced interface with lots of customizable settings.
  • Made by raiders for raiders.
  • Advanced logics to handle spec-specific abilities as optimal as possible.
  • Continues optimization for all supported classes and specializations.
  • Quick, fast and prompt support via the official Honorbuddy forums.
  • Support for all major bot-bases (HB Botbases and Enyo).
  • Full framelock support!

What specializations are currently supported?
The routine supports a long list of specializations for multiple classes. See the list below and determine if your specalization is listed. If this is not the case, check back later on as it's a continues process and specs are added on regular basis!
  • Deathknight - Blood
  • Deathknight - Frost
  • Deathknight - Unholy

  • Rogue - Assassination
  • Rogue - Combat
  • Rogue - Subtlety

  • Shaman - Elemental
  • Shaman - Enhancement

  • Monk - Brewmaster
  • Monk - Windwalker

  • Druid - Boomkin
  • Druid - Guardian

  • Hunter - Beastmastery
  • Hunter - Survival
  • Hunter - Marksmanship

  • Paladin - Protection
  • Paladin - Retribution

So whats up next?
There are quite a few plans up next. One of them is continues optimization, the other is to add even more specializations! Hereby a list of the upcoming specializations, and their expected versions.

  • Priest - Shadow (Unknown)
  • Warlock - Demonology (Unknown)

Item: Singular - Totems.cs - (In Spell.cs -- GCD (Latency VS GCD / GCD List)
Original Author: Bossland GmbH
Date Obtained: 2013 +/-
Obtained from:
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: TimeToDie.cs
Original Author: Handnavi
Date Obtained: 1-Dec-2014
Obtained from: Skype
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: Throttle.cs
Original Author: Bossland GmbH
Date Obtained: 2013 +/-
Obtained from: HB Distribution folder
License: Creative Commons CC CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: PerformanceLogger.cs
Original Author: UnifiedTrinity && Wulf
Date Obtained: 2013 +/-
Obtained from: Skype
License: Creative Commons CC CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: SettingsManager (ShareFiles)
Original Author: Wulf
Date Obtained: 28-Dec-2014
Obtained from: Skype
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: CombatLogHandler.cs
Original Author: Apoc (Modified by Mirabis)
Date Obtained: 28-Dec-2014
Obtained from: PureRotation V2
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: Extensions.cs  
Original Author: Mavamaarten
Date Obtained: 2013 +/-
Obtained from:
License: Unlicensed, free to share if credited

Item: Extension1.cs  
Original Author: Mavamaarten
Date Obtained: 2013 +/-
Obtained from:
License: Unlicensed, free to share if credited

Item: Google Chrome Theme
Original Author: Daedun & Mavamaarten~
Date Obtained: 2014 +/-
Obtained from: /
License: Unlicensed, free to share if credited.

Item: accepted.png 
Original Author: 
Date Obtained: +/- 2015
Obtained from:

Item: warning.png 
Original Author: 
Date Obtained: +/- 2015
Obtained from:

Item: cancel.png 
Original Author: 
Date Obtained: +/- 2015
Obtained from:

Item: down.png 
Original Author: 
Date Obtained: +/- 2015
Obtained from:

Item: up.png 
Original Author: 
Date Obtained: +/- 2015
Obtained from:


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Good developer and worked really hard to bring ultimate product to many classes.

Changelog History

Version: (9/17/2015 3:28:36 AM)
Fixed Marksmanship bug
Version: (9/5/2015 5:30:19 AM)
Minor Spell Cast Changes for new testing.

Tweaked Frost DW to be up-to-date 6.2
Rogue Combat Rewritten
Rogue Assassination Rewritten
Fixed so .csproj gets attached into the zip file, so the resources now works.
Version: (5/2/2015 3:34:06 AM)
  • T17 Subtlety Shadow Dance fix
  • New Overlay for the BM hunter's
  • Resolved an issue with Kill Command
  • Overlay fixes
  • New overlay options for the background
  • Some Boomkin optimizations from Mythic Boomies
Version: (4/23/2015 3:24:15 AM)
Fixed some hunter issues
Added Overlay for Protection Paladin and Balance Druid's
Made changes to Rogue Rotation (Subtlety)
Version: (4/18/2015 3:28:00 AM)
Version: (4/4/2015 6:33:51 PM)
Spell cast fixes
Version: (3/31/2015 11:26:29 PM)
Version: (3/27/2015 3:20:17 AM)
Version: (3/1/2015 4:46:52 AM)
Version: (2/18/2015 11:15:39 PM)
Survival fixes HOTFIX!! important 

Blood range check
Version: (2/3/2015 4:30:25 AM)
Version: (1/28/2015 5:42:01 AM)
Some minor changes to release build.
Version: (1/14/2015 6:53:05 AM)
Version: (12/31/2014 8:26:01 PM)
Version: (12/31/2014 12:34:39 AM)
Version: B Release (12/26/2014 8:36:34 PM)
Changelog :
Version: Release (12/20/2014 5:01:38 AM)
Changelog ::
Version: R (12/12/2014 7:52:12 AM)
Changelog @ Forum
Version: (12/5/2014 2:31:36 AM)
  • Fixed Unit checks
  • Fixed Boss List for WoD (Work in progress)
  • Fixed an issue with Chi Explosion (Brewmaster)
  • Fixed an issue with AutoSEF (Min HP)
  • Fixed an issue with Deathknight Blood (Blood Tap) where it would try to use Blood Tap when it had full runes.
  • Added Arena / RGB support (Attacking). I may or may not add extensive pvp support in the future, however I must say that PvP is not supported.

Still working on ::

  • Seraphim usage if user has automated SoTR
  • Rogue Combat Auto-turn off Blade Flurry (When there isn't enough units)
  • Rogue Assassination AoE
  • Hunter Defensives causes routine to stop up.
  • Hunter Survival rewrite
  • ​Demonology Warlock
Version: (12/4/2014 1:01:44 AM)
Fixed major bug with trinket system
Version: (11/27/2014 5:53:21 AM)
Changelog @ forum
Version: 6.1.1 (11/24/2014 3:56:54 AM)
Fixed major bug with saving settings
Version: 6.0.9 (11/16/2014 10:07:22 PM)
Lots of new things
Version: 6.0.8 (11/3/2014 7:44:33 PM)
Too many changes, will make forum post.
Version: 6.0.7 (10/27/2014 1:53:29 PM)
Core changes

Added new CastOnGround for Deathknights //Thanks weisch & chinajade
Added new CastOnGround for Elemental,Warlock and Paladin's

Paladin Overall Changes

Fixed CastOnGround for Light's Hammer

Hunter Beastmastery Changes

Added Call Pet Enable/Disable
Added Call Pet Number (1-5) so you can choose which pet to use
*This will work in both outside combat and inside combat in case your pet is gone*

Shaman Elemental Changes

Fixed Earthquake in both Single-Target and AoE

Paladin Retribution Changes

Fixed an issue where Avenging Wrath would pop regardless of setting.
Fixed Light's Hammer CastOnGround

Paladin Protection Changes

Fixed AoE Settings for Hammer of the Righteous
Fixed AoE Settings for Avenger's Shield (To gain first priority in AoE)
Fixed AoE Settings for Consecration (AoE Count)
Fixed Light's Hammer issues

Deathknight Overall Changes

Fixed an issue with Blood Tap
Fixed CastOnGround for Death and Decay + Defile (Level 100 talent)

Deathknight Unholy Changes

Added Auto Raise Dead to gain the pet up regardless if we are in combat or precombat (in case pet is gone)

Rogue Subtlety Changes

Fixed Hemorrhage issues
Fixed Backstab issues

Rogue Combat Changes

Fixed an issue with Blade Flurry where it would pop in Hotkey Mode without AoE Hotkey being enabled.
Semi-Autohotkey mode will still be the same here regardless of setting (needs major rewriting on to-do list for next build)

Warlock Destro Single-Target added, AoE and Offensive cooldowns in progress.
Version: 6.0.6 (10/23/2014 6:35:08 PM)
Windwalker Monk changes : 
Fixed an issue where Jab wasn't being used when RJW was talented in Single-Target
Added TEB(Tigereye Brew) usage when boss is at 10% hp or less and we have our stackcount of TEB(Setting) and we have trinket proc up.
Enhancement Shaman changes :
Fixed an issue where level 92-100 aura ID of Unleash Flame was being detected instead of the level 90 one.
Druid Boomkin changes :
Resolved an issue where cooldowns weren't executed.
Version: 6.0.4 (10/22/2014 1:37:06 PM)
Core Druid changes

Boomkin and Guardian Druid is now fully in Coroutine and fixed up for WoD. Might be some things broken as I don't have a nice guardian druid tank on my skype.

Elemental Shaman changes

Fixed up CastOnGround for Earthquake, Earthquake now has 2 different settings. One for AoE Enable/Disable and One for Single-Target Enable / Disable (Highly recommend that you have T16M geared toon for Earthquake in Single-Target)
Removed things that wasn't suppose to be there.

Enhancement Shaman changes

Fixed Feral Spirit
Fixed Elemental Mastery
Fixed Fire Elemental
Fixed Frost Shock usage in Rotation

Frost Deathknight changes

Fixed an issue where Two-Hander rotation wasn't triggering when wearing Two-Hander weapon.
Fixed Blood Tap usage

Unholy Deathknight changes

Fixed up Blood tap usage
Fixed Death and Decay usage
Fixed Plague Leech usage

Assassination Rogue changes

Fixed Anticipation usage

Combat Rogue changes

Fixed Anticipation usage
Fixed Blade Flurry automation usage
Fixed AoE usage.

Subtlety Rogue  changes

Fixed an issue where rotation wasn't able to use Backstab.
Fixed an issue where the rotation would spam use Hemorrhage even when behind.
Fixed Anticipation usage
Fixed some issues with the AoE rotation / Rotation in general.

Protection Paladin changes

Fixed an issue where Sacred Shield wasn't being applied.

Windwalker Monk changes

Fixed an issue with Chi Brew
Fixed RJW on single-target setting
Version: 6.0.2R (10/19/2014 2:03:04 PM)
Fixed everything to SafeName
Removed Old updater and Statcounter.
Version: (10/8/2014 9:33:36 AM)
Unholy freezes fixed for now.
Fixed Serpent Sting spamming for BM hunters. Sorry guys for not fixing it faster was busy with WoD :)
Fixed hopefully Light's Hammer now.

Note this will be the final release before 6.0.2 patch! I will not fix more things before 6.0.2.
Version: (10/2/2014 8:31:08 PM)
Paladin Changes ::
Fixed Light's Hammer location (It should now work) on both specs. -- Thanks Stormchasing
Monk Brewmaster Changes :: 
Resolved a bug where Jab was spamming. It should now wait until Keg Smash is over 900 Miliseconds on cooldown before using Jab (Should resolve most of the jab spamming issues)
Shaman Elemental Changes ::
Fixed Earth Shock where if Flame Shock was falling, it would use Earth Shock instead of refreshing Flame Shock. 
Fixed AoE Range down to 20 yards instead of 28yards. Should resolve some AoE Issues with Chain Lightning (needs tweaking), if 20 yards is too much I will consider making this a setting in General Settings / Elemental Settings
Fixed Earth Elemental usage for Elemental, it now waits for Fire Elemental to be on cooldown (70+ seconds)
Fixed an small issue where interrupt would never trigger. Also Players needs to enable Enable Interrupts setting under Elemental Settings before Interrupting.
Deathknight Unholy Changes ::
Spec Rotation is now fully in Coroutine.
Precombat still needs work.
Core Changes ::
Added Spell Casting for Coroutine
Added CastOnGround casting for Coroutine
Fixed / edited Aura checks to work with Coroutine
Added Healthstone for Coroutine
Added Timer (To measure how long it takes on the routine to execute) -- Thanks Natfoth
Version: (9/8/2014 8:33:37 PM)
Urgrent fix to HookBehaviors
Version: (9/7/2014 5:27:28 PM)
Windwalker Monk Changes ::
  • Added Chi Burst to Single-Target and AoE. Will be used on Cooldown as Chi Wave does
  • Added Automated SEF usage (Thanks Tuan!)
  • Added FoF Hotkey (SpecialKey) When enabled, it will use FoF right away when it can. Rotation will continue normally until it can use it.
  • Added FoF ExcludeUnits Setting. It currently does not use FoF on following units : Embodied Fear, Embodied Despair and Embodied Doubt.
    This is the FoF in the Rotation not on the hotkey. Hotkey will not exclude these units.

Core Shaman Changes ::

  • Added new way of Stormlash Totem usage, you can now decide if you want it enabled under following options.
    Offensive means it will use Stormlash Totem as a cooldown on Boss only / when you enable the cooldown key
    AoE means it will use Stormlash Totem in the AoE Rotation
    Single-Target means it will use Stormlash Totem in Single-Target Rotation.
    You can enable all 3 if you want, or disable them as you like.
  • Stormlash Totem Setting Mode works as following
    OnSpeedBuffsOnly means it will only use Stormlash Totem on Bloodlust,Heroism or similar
    Always means it will use Stormlash Totem on cooldown 
    As per cation I added a check if we don't have the Stormlash Totem aura, we use Stormlash Totem. This should help if there's other shammies in the group / raid group and they use Stormlash Totem before you do.

Enhancement Shaman Changes ::
  • Fixed up the AoE for Enhancement.

Elemental Shaman Changes ::
  • Added setting to enable/disable Thunderstorm in AoE.
  • Fixed up AoE for Elemental Shaman

Hunter Beastmastery Changes :: 
  • Added a setting to Enable / Disable Focus Fire (True is default)
Version: (9/3/2014 11:38:46 PM)
Fixed Settings not saving.
Version: (8/31/2014 10:14:42 PM)
Fixed so the routine only loads on supported specs

Fixed Death Pact for Blood DK
Version: 1.1.2 (8/31/2014 10:14:37 PM)
/\/\ Core Updates \/\/

  • Major update towards TalentManager and LuaEventHandlers
  • Fixed a bug where Talents were not registered at start
/\/\ Class Updates \/\/

/\/\ Hunter \/\/

  • Fixed SV Hunter Dps
  • Fixed SV Hunter cooldowns (Talents were not registered in the core when starting)
Version: V43 (8/27/2014 3:26:31 PM)
Fixed following Shaman Elemental Issues :

Not casting Chain Lightning on the move if not Spiritwalker's Grace is up. (AoE)
No longer randomly casting Chain Lightning if there's 1 target anymore.
Version: V41 (8/26/2014 6:46:51 PM)
Added Alt key to Voice Key (Manual Cast)

Fixed Lightning Bolt while moving (properly spamming now while moving)
Fixed up some settings.
Fixed up Spinning Crane Kick if we don't have RJW Selected as a talent. There is now a Spinning Crane Kick Count for this, it will not use Spinning Crane Kick if Rising Sun Kick is coming off cooldown! 
It will auto cancel Spinning Crane Kick if Rising Sun Kick is coming off cooldown!
Version: V40 (8/25/2014 5:05:39 PM)
Fixed Shaman Elemental following issues

  • Lighting bolt while moving
  • Lava Burst (Lava Surge Procs) while moving
  • Lava Burst while having Spiritwalker's up and moving
  • Added StopCast for Thok's Scream if we don't have Devotion Aura up

Re-did how the settings are saved. It is now saved per class instead of every class
Version: V39 (8/25/2014 2:14:29 PM)
Elemental Shaman Lightning Bolt and Lava Burst Surge procs while moving has been fixed. 

Elemental Shaman casting spells while moving with Lava Burst + Lava Burst Surge procs + Lightning Bolt has also been fixed.
Version: V38 (8/25/2014 12:05:33 AM)
Fixed up Hunter AoE on large amount of units / Re-did FocusFire

Fixed up Lua Values

Fixed up WW Monks
Version: V35 (8/24/2014 3:30:40 PM)
Fixed up A LOT of settings that was unused.

Renamed and fixed up many settings.

Fixed Protection / Retribution's Divine Purpose Proc ID

Fixed up Druid Guardian (Should be ready for Raiding now)

Druid Guardian Changes ::

Added Berserk as Offensive Cooldown with a custom number of units before using.
Added Incarnation as Offensive Cooldown.
Added Engineering Hands,Trinket #1 and Trinket #2 usage for Guardian Druid.
Fixed up Guardian Druid's Setting File
Version: V33-R (8/23/2014 7:16:47 PM)
Added Boomkin DoNotDot to MultiDot and Single-Target
Added OnTrinket usage to Windwalker Offensive Abilities.
Fixed DW DK CanCast Issue (Frost Strike) -- Thanks Storm
Added Lifeblood to all classes. You can choose to use it either Offensive or Defensive. 
Fixed an small issue with Divine Purpose Talent
Version: V32 (8/23/2014 12:02:20 PM)
Added if we have Divine Purpose talented we use Guardian first then we wait until Guardian BuffTimer is around 20 before we use Avenging Wrath.
Version: V27 (8/22/2014 11:29:43 PM)
Fixed Self-Healing for Elemental,Enhancement,Retribution and Protection.
Version: V25 (8/22/2014 7:08:17 PM)
Added AoE Setting for SoTR
Version: V23 (8/21/2014 1:27:19 PM)
Fixed precombat
Version: V27-B (8/21/2014 12:12:51 AM)
Fixed up Hunter BM some
Version: V22 (8/19/2014 10:05:59 AM)
Version: V21 (8/18/2014 12:50:25 PM)
Added Help Tab for extra helping.
Version: V16-SR (8/17/2014 9:51:36 PM)
Ready for Monday