Fury Unleashed II - Premium [PvE Warrior Routine]

by nomnomnom


As of 01-05-2015 the previous trial's have been reset. You can restart your trial period if you did not purchase this routine yet.

Fury Unleashed II - Premium is a PvE optimized Combat Routine for the Warrior class. It supports all warrior specializations and is simply the best out there for all your warrior PvE combat rotation needs! It's a true helper which allows you to handle in-game mechanics better while the routine handles the actual combat.

Features of Fury Unleashed II.
* Rotations focused on PvE raiding.
* Support for all PvE specializations (Arms, Fury, Gladiator & Protection).
* Support for all major bot-bases (HB Botbases and Enyo).
* Full movement for questing, grinding and dungeons (Appropriate bot-base required).
* Graphical User Interface for easy settings management.
* High efficiency and full framelock support.
* In-game overlay used for quickly noticing paused and unpaused functions in the routine.

What makes Fury Unleashed II unique.
* Advanced logic's to determine whether Shield Block or Shield Barrier offer the most mitigation per rage (Protection - Excluding situational triggers).
* Extended rage management - The ability to let the Routine take care of emergency rage dumping to prevent rage capping (All)!
* Latest theory-craft logic's implemented.
* Automated (Mass) Spell Reflect, Vigilance (On tanks, raid members or focus) and other defensive abilities (All)!
* Cast your talents based on a buff - You decide which buff (Example: Bloodbath on Trinket proc buff).
* Gladiator Stance is fully supported!

And these are just a few examples!

What should we use this routine for?
* It's optimized for manual-movement raiding (Enyo). This means the routine does your combat and cool-downs and you do the rest! It gives you a edge in battle, as this routine performs perfect combat for you and you have time to focus on other matters ... Like the puddle you're standing in!
* You can also use this routine with questing, grinding, archaeology and many more functions as it has movement and resting support!
* Finally be able to tank a instance or raid (Enyo). If you enable the Smart Taunting functionality, it will properly taunt the bosses when needed!

And these are just a few examples of a unending list of possibilities!

Can you show me some screenshots of the overlay and user interface?
Of course!

The overlay in its current state:

The user interface for adjusting settings:

Terms of service.
There are a few terms which count when buying this routine. If you do not agree with these, do not buy it.
* Support will be handled via the Honorbuddy forums until further notice. I will try to respond within 72 hours (Usually faster), but no guarantee here. There will be no support during my holidays.
* I will only support issues directly regarding this routine. Any other support issue will not be answered and should be addressed at the proper support topics.
* Updates of this routine come as is. I will not support functionality which I'm uncomfortable with. If you request a function, and I say no ... It's not going to happen.
* You agree that the terms of service might change without your consent, as they are still in development! The new terms will be valid from the moment of edit.

(Last edited on: Friday 22 August 2014)

This routine is work in progress and will receive updates regularly! Report bugs in the forum thread.
This work uses these third-party components from other authors:
* Google Chrome Theme by Daedun && Mavamaarten~ && Ecco, released without license.
* OutlinedTextBlock by Ken Boogaart, released without license.
* ThemeBases 
by Aeonhack, released without license.
* All used Icons by IconsDB, Unlicensed, Icons can be used freely in both personal and commercial projects with no attribution required.
* Singular code snippets by Bossland GmbH, released under a CC CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.
* CombatlogHandler.cs by Apoc && Wulf && Mirabis, released under a CC CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.
* EventsTracker.cs by Wulf && Stormchasing, released under a CC CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.
* PerformanceLogger.cs by UnifiedTrinity && Wulf, released under a CC CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.
* DpsMeter.cs by Handnavi && Apoc, released under a CC CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

More information is available in the Legal.txt file that ships with the product, and will be provided free, on request.


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Changelog History

Version: (4/25/2015 2:36:37 AM)
* Overlay: Created proper disposal method for the Overlay.
* Overlay: Fixed "Rendering the overlay (FupMultiTarget)" logspam.
* Overlay: Created partial save and load method for Overlay's location - work in progress.
* Overlay: Improved the sizing methods on the Overlay.
* Core: Removed Semi-Hotkey mode as it's become obsolete.
Version: (4/19/2015 3:08:01 AM)
* See B3 & B2 & B1 changelogs.
Version: (3/30/2015 1:43:11 PM)
Version & B9
* Core: Working on further performance updates.
* Core: Added Overlays for the removed chatwindow and raidwarnings messages.
* Core: Removed ability to disable script errors from the routine (DisableScriptErrors).
* Core: Removed printing to chatwindow and raidwarnings.

* Prot: Updated Shield Barrier logics with recent buff and changed formula to take Versatility into account.
* Prot: Increased priority of Revenge above Shield Slam unless Sword and Board is active (Single TGT).
* Prot: Added Execute as a emergency ragedump when required (Single TGT - Setting added).
* Prot: Slightly rearranged AoE to optimize AoE threat and DPS.
Version: (3/27/2015 3:23:58 AM)
* Core: Fix for broken AoE detection.

A special thanks to Apoc for this push.
* Core: Decreased the amount of heap allocations drastically - Should improve overall performance.
* Core: Decreased the load which filling Units list had drastically - Should improve AoE performance.
* Core: Added better detection on counting units for units with weird large hitboxes.
* Core: Code refactoring on Sticky Manager - Improved performance and added more variables.
* Core: Properly forcefully framelocked some LUA code which wasn't framelocked.
* Core: In the process of giving code in constructors a different place.
* Core: Removed all aura caching functions cause they were unused.

* Core: Fixed an issue with logging of casts without a target - Like Whirlwind.
Version: (2/27/2015 3:03:30 PM)
All notes from till
Settings have been reset.

* General: Added Legal.txt

* Core: Further performance optimization.
* Core: Prevent tree execution during Bladestorm.
* Core: Rearranged variables.
* Core: Removed InvokeShutdown() on Overlays.
* Core: Fixed store compiler issue.

* Arms: Prioritizing Mortal Strike in AoE situations if your target is the actual boss.
* Arms: Added detection for Tier 17 P2 setbonus - Dynamically changing rotation if present.

* Prot: Prioritize Shield Barrier while active mitigation is enabled during Acid Torrent on Oregorger.
Version: (2/18/2015 11:19:15 PM)
* Core: Implemented a fix for those Kromog hands.
* Core: Preventing the routine to constantly interrupt http://www.wowhead.com/npc=88821/bellows-operator#abilities
* Core: Added performance optimizer - Can be disabled under general settings.
* Arms: Minor tweak on Mortal Strike in combination with cooldown timeleft on Colossus Smash (T17 tweak).
* Glad: Fixed a settings issue for bloodbath in gladiator's development rotation.
* Prot: Fixed a settings issue for Bloodbath.
Version: (2/4/2015 2:48:31 AM)
Settings have been reset.
* Core: Fixed an issue with major frameloss during AoE situations.
* Core: Fixed a typo - Strenght to Strength.
* Arms: Improved cooldown manager - Update on everything - Using trinkets as well from now on.
* Fury: Improved cooldown manager - Update on everything - Using trinkets as well from now on.
Version: (1/30/2015 2:42:36 AM)
Version & B5 & B6
* Core: Vastly improved Unit detection within our range.
* Core: Improved MultiDoT method and its logging.
* Arms: Completely revamped the Arms rotation.
* Arms: Added rage threshold for Cooldown Manager.
* Arms: Fixed a major issue with Arms Cooldown Manager.
* Fury: Repaired Dragon Roars early pop.
* Fury: Slightly improved Fury cooldown manager.
* Fury: Added rage threshold for Cooldown Manager.
* Prot: Added option to disable rage dumping via Heroic Strike and Shield Barrier.

* New Arms rotation is on "Development".
* New Fury rotation is on "Normal".
Version: (1/16/2015 6:22:14 PM)
* Core: Implemented a new method on detecting RaidBoss-Encounters.
* Core: Revamped talent and glyphmanager.
* Core: Cleaned up Initialization and re-initialization process.
* Core: Added Healing Tonic to be used.
* Core: Fixed an issue where talents selected after opening honorbuddy but before starting wern't detected.
* Core: Renamed OnBuff to OnAura
* All Specs: Improved Ravager slightly in all specs.
* All Specs: Added setting for MINIMUM amount of units within range before using bladestorm according to the predefined rotation rules.
* Arms: Added Cooldownmanager to the Arms rotations.
* Arms: Added OnAura option for Recklessness - You can enter a custom ID or Name of an aura when to trigger Recklessness.
* Fury: Added OnAura option for Recklessness - You can enter a custom ID or Name of an aura when to trigger Recklessness.
* Fury: Added ring-proc to the cooldown manager.
* Fury: Cooldown-Manager - Fixed several ID's of trinket procs.
* Fury: Improved Berserker Rage slightly to be used for RB procs as well.
* Fury: Berserker Rage should now work properly when specced Unquenchable Thirst.
* Prot: Added option to disable Demoralizing Shout
* Prot: OnLossOfControl is now standard setting for berserker Rage.
* Prot: Added setting to control the amount of adds within Shockwave's cone range before popping Shockwave.
* Prot: Added Mocking Banner hotkey.
Version: (1/3/2015 5:40:40 AM)
* Core: Urgent bugfix in MultiDoT method - Checking range on unit now before multidotting.
This fixes Arms Rend and all other multidotted spells like Execute in Fury and Devastate in Gladiator.
Version: (1/2/2015 3:23:18 PM)
Version & B14 & B15
* Core: Bugfix for non-working rotations.
Version: (1/1/2015 11:50:12 PM)
* Core: Smart Taunt list updated with Highmaul tanking tactics.
* Core: Taking account for high latency on hotkey queue system now.
* Core: Slighty updated the Highmaul bosslist.
* Core: Added a bandaid fix for Brackenspore and Twin Ogrons range for Rend (MultiDoT).
* Fury: Revamp: Fury Rotation has been completely redone - Still work in progress.
* Fury: Revamp: Optimized Execute for Ko'ragh's extra Execute phases.
* Fury: Revamp: Implemented cooldown management functionality - USE IN RAID ENVIRONMENTS - Only works in Fury Development rotation!
Version: (12/26/2014 7:35:36 PM)
* Core: Fixed a bug where the Tier 4, 6 and 7 OnBuff setting didn't work when aura effect on Target was selected instead of Self.
* Fury: Fixed the bug where Fury's rotation would simply not work - Related with Siegebreaker. You can use siegebreaker again!
Version: (12/23/2014 5:01:46 AM)
* Core: Fixed an issue where Hotkeys got triggered out of combat when having precombat hotkeys disabled.
* Core: Added IsTyping() method for various functionality (Tnx Millz).
* Core: Added DPS Tracker so we can calculate time to die on units (Tnx Handnavi).
* Core: Improved universal talent tracker.
* Core: Some experimental changes to the talentmanager to become more reliable.
* All Specs: Changed Hamstring so it will put Hamstring on player targets.
* All Specs: Added range check to DragonRoar and Shockwave.
* Arms: Added Time to Die conditions to several attacks and cooldowns.
* Arms: Limited Rend Spreading in AoE situations so we will not spam rend till the units die ...
* Fury: Added Time to Die conditions to several attacks and cooldowns.
* Fury: Changed default AoE setting from 3 to 2.
* Fury: Hopefully fixed the rotation for not working for some users. As I cannot reproduce this issue ... Yada yada.
* Gladiator: Added Time to Die conditions to several attacks and cooldowns.
* Started on rework to CoRoutines - This will be a free upgrade for everyone who bought FUP2.
Coroutines will bring better performance, new technology and a new core on which we exterminate all current
build-in core bugs which are hard to squish.
Version: (12/12/2014 7:16:57 AM)
* Core: Applied a fix so Arena and Battleground combat should function.
* Core: Improved reset-timers for the Hotkey system (Casting Queue) - Uses GCD now instead of fixed time.
* All Specs: Vastly improved Ravager Hotkey - Should now properly place Ravager on the Mouse location or Unit mouseover.
* Fury: Added WildStrike as fallback ability when Furious Strikes specced.
* Fury: Adjusted Berserker Rage usage to account for lower crit in WoD and lower Enrage uptimes.
* Prot: Fixed issue where "No stance is detected" would trigger when it shouldn't.
Version: (12/10/2014 2:37:48 AM)
Version & B7 & B8
* Core: Major issue - A issue has been resolved where settings made wouldn't work after talent, spec or even stance change. This caused weird behavior on abilities simply not working.
* Core: Healthstones and Potions should no longer cause the rotation to halt. It should also not drop the FPS ingame anymore.
* Core: TalentManager should no longer trigger rebuilds in mid-combat - This might solve the random DPS stop and starts.
* Core: Talentmanager should now properly react to talent and specialization changes - No need to restart HB anymore.
* Core: Logging has been reverted to the single-color per line logging - The multicolor method was only cosmetic and seems to cause some performance issues.
* Core: BossList has been updated with proper ID's of all new raid and dungeon bosses. This should fix many issues with OnBoss settings.
* Core: Fixed an issue where Manual Cast logic prevented other hotkeys to function.
* Core: Implemented a bandaid for the range issues - Should ease the pain. No permanent fix yet though!
* All Specs: Revamped the Ravager hotkey system - Is still work in progress!
* All Specs: Heroic Throw temporarily removed from Raiding rotations - Causes nothing but trouble.
* Arms: Fixed Execute in the Questing rotations.
Work in Progress:
* Prot/Gladiator: After switching talents and no stance is detected - The routine will put you in the preferred stance in Gladiator Settings.
Version: (12/4/2014 4:19:52 AM)
Version & B5
* All Specs: Added automated selection of our Shouts - Chooses based on available raidbuffs.
* Core: Added Glue functionality - Stick to targets like flies (Hotkey enable and disable!).
* Core: Applied fix for Ragewind the Untamed.
* Hotkeys: Fixed Tier7 hotkeyspam for Protection (Siegebreaker which we dont have).
* Arms: Fixed an issue so Rend spreads to maximum of 4 units at the same time.
* Prot: Added Shield Barrier to prevent ragecapping.
* Prot: Added Sudden Death execute with same priority as Shield Slam.
Version: (12/4/2014 1:02:07 AM)
* Core: Added proper StackCount method.
* Core: Improved methods used for filling ComboBoxes - Alot less code now.
* Hotkeys: Added Z, X and C as extra Hotkey options.
* Hotkeys: Added manual-casting functionality - Disabled by default.
* Hotkeys: Added setting under general to blacklist certain keys for the manual-casting functionality.
* Questing: Added default setting for Ranged Attack usage when in Questing/Grinding rotations.
* Questing: Fixed a bug where Charge and Heroic Leap were unable to find a proper path to the target.
* Questing: Added a setting in which users can disable the usage of Heroic leap and Charge for the Questing rotations.
* Gladiator: Fixed detection of Unyielding Strikes stacks.
* Gladiator: Adjusted Heroic Strike and Devastate usage for Unyielding Strikes.
* Prot: Added a setting to Prioritize Shield Barrier when target is casting a spell on you.
* Prot: Fixed detection of Unyielding Strikes stacks.
Version: (11/25/2014 11:03:50 PM)
* Core: Redesigned MultiDoT methods - Need refinement.
* All Specs: Updated to new MultiDoT methods.
* Arms: Fixed Rend spam in AoE situations.
* Arms: Vastly improved Rend spreading - Should have 100% uptime on 4 or less targets - Above 4 is untested.
* Protection: Improved logics for Thunder Clap.
Version: (11/25/2014 2:55:01 AM)
* Core: Simplified MultiDoT and made it more reliable.
* Gladiator: Fixed a major mistake in Thunderclap DeepWounds spread mechanic.
* Gladiator: Added support for Wind and Thunder and Resonating Power glyphs.
* Gladiator: Added a development rotation (Selectable via GUI) with Execute completely disabled.
Version: (11/24/2014 2:55:05 AM)
Version & R
* All Specs: Added AutoAttack() back in the regular rotations.
* Core: Added a few catches to catch errors.
* Core: MeleeRange calculations should be more accurate now and also account for moving unit's adjusted range.
* Core: Reverted some changes to the multidot system.
* Core: Updated multidot system to be more reliable.
* All Specs: Fixed detection of aura's when other warriors are present in the group.
* Gladiator: Improved Thunderclap logic to spread DeepWounds more realistic and reliable.
Version: (11/17/2014 9:29:42 PM)
* All Specs: Fixed questing/grinding rotations when above lvl 90.

Version & B2
* Hotkeys: Fixed Ravager casts - On Current Target.
* All specs: Solved issue with detection of all 7th Tier abilities.
* Arms: Fixed Siegebreaker ignoring setting in AoE.
* Gladiator: Shield Charge should not be cast anymore when Bladestorm is active.
* Protection: Added high-priority shockwave when target is not a boss.
Version: (11/16/2014 9:45:24 PM)
* Hotkeys: Added Ravager as proper hotkey (Tier 7) - Casts on Current Target.
* Verified and changed lots of Spell and Aura ID's.
* Some minor fixes for entire routine.
* All Specs: Fixed Sudden Death proc.
* All Specs: Fixed a bug where Ravager wouldn't be cast.
* All Specs: Added a failsafe for syncing Bloodbath with various spells.
* Arms: Fixed Bladestorm ignoring settings in Arms MultiTarget.
* Arms: Fixed Execute - WoW decided to go with a different Spell ID for Execute in arms.
* Arms: Fixed a bug where StormBolt wouldn't be cast in Single Target.
* Arms: Fixed a bug where Bloodbath wasn't used in multi-target situations.
* Arms: Fixed a bug where it refreshes Rend too late in Single Target.
* Arms: Fixed an issue with Colossus Smash detection - Should fix several attacks being cast INSIDE colossus smash window.
* Arms: Still struggling with Rend MultiDoT - Might still be bugged.
* Fury: Fixed a bug where Meat Cleaver didn't get detected properly.
* Gladiator: Added detection on charges for Shield Charge.
* Gladiator: Should now properly do Protection Rotation when in Defensive Stance.
* Gladiator: Battle Shout is now default for Gladiator.
* Gladiator: Fixed Shield Charge Sword and Board bug.
* Gladiator: Fixed a Shield Charge issue with Shield Slam.
* Protection/Gladiator: GUI now opens on appropriate Settings tab when Gladiator talent is selected.
* Protection: Fixed Active Mitigation when Gladiator's Resolve was selected as talent while in Defensive Stance.
Version: (11/11/2014 5:03:36 PM)
* Updated the Casting-Type hotkeys to properly reset after usage (or after 2500ms).
* Revamped the Item Class.
* Prot: Fixed the settings for the Tier abilities in Single-Target.
* Gladiator: Added the basic rotations - Lots of tweaking required as not all aura's are known yet.
* Fixed a bug which prevented proper detection of Deep Wounds and Rend remaining ticking time.
* Added experimental "target next target" funtion in massive AoE sitations - Cannot be turned on via GUI yet.
* Further extended the interruptor revamp - Work in Progress!
Version: (11/8/2014 12:01:36 AM)
Version & Version
* New beta tree.
* Code Cleanup
* Disabled some core functions.

* All updates from till

* Gladiator: Implemented Gladiator as specific specialization - Separate from Protection.
* TalentManager: Fixed the ability to change specializaton without restarting HB.

* Routine: Interrupts: Working on a revamp - Same functionality just prepared for XML list of interrupts - Work in progress!
* Core: Fixed a null exception on units checks.
* Movement: Added ranged attacks on the Questing/Grinding Rotations.
* Core: Updated CombatLogHandler to also support the new Args (Like MultiStrike).
* Core: Changed the TalentManager a bit.
* Core: Logger should now properly mention the target you cast spells upon.

* Pushed a minor range-fix for MultiDoT logics.
* Added proper targetcheck for all < 90 rotations.
* Arms: Updated Arms AoE rotation.
* Arms: Updated Arms Single target rotations.
* Fury: Increased priority of Bladestorm in Fury AoE.
* Fury: Synced Recklessness with Bladestorm when 4 or more targets in Fury AoE.
* Fury: Updated Fury AoE rotations slightly to improve DPS performance.
* Fury: Updated Fury Single target rotations slightly to optimize the Tier 3 talents.

* Beta push of
Version: (10/30/2014 1:30:18 PM)
Version &
* Fixed PreCombatHotkeys for all specs.
* Improved Rend logic for Arms.
* Fixed Meat Cleaver with UqT talent.
* Improved automated Active Mitigation (Block/barrier) slightly.
* Added OnBuff for all Tier abilities.
* Changed Berserker Rage for Fury to take Bloodthirst cooldown into account (Unless UqT specced).
* Fixed a minor nullcheck mistake on Hotkeys - Should stop spamming of messages.
* Fixed a bug which forced a StopBot when rebuilding behaviors.
Version: (10/21/2014 7:46:56 PM)
* Fixed a InvalidObjectPointerException during WriteTalentsToLog().
* Fixed the GcdSpell - It wasn't being populated with a valid spell.
* Increased priority of Execute when Sudden Death procs in Fury.
* Added all movement rotations (For questing, grinding etc).
* Changed several .Name references to .SafeName
Version: (9/13/2014 4:03:11 PM)
* Added Death Behavior. We should now properly release the body so we can walk towards our corpse.
* Added icons to clarify the type of settings on the GUI - Shield for Protection, Knife for Arms and Fury, Keyboard for hotkeys and Settings for general.
* Split the revision of Settings and actual versions - Should not reset your personal settings anymore after a new version has been pushed (Unless I want them to reset ;)).
* Updated the Talent Manager to not throw errors on start-up anymore.
* See topic for more minor bugfixes.

* Proper Charge and Heroic Leap usage now to close the gap between you and your target.
* Fixed a bug on which we might "stick like flies" to our target. Minimum range set to 2.

* Updated the Shield Block and Barrier logic's to the latest and more optimized formulas.

* Slightly changed the UseEnragedStormbolt code.

* New arms rotation - still work in progress.
Version: (8/24/2014 5:21:49 PM)
See this post.
Version: (8/22/2014 11:47:14 PM)
First release push of Fury Unleashed Premium.