Raid Studio / Burning Crusade / Tempest Keep

by Studio60


This product is now only available to new customers as part of the "Raid Studio: Retro Bundle".
It will still be maintained through the entire Legion lifecycle for current owners.

All your Tempest Keep (The Eye) Needs fulfilled!
  • Get your chance to obtain the famed Ashes of Al'ar mount
  • Farms 3 Battle Pets for the Raiding with Leashes II achievement:
    Pocket Reaver, Lesser Voidcaller, Phoenix Hawk Hatchling
  • Earns a few hundred gold, Netherweave Cloth plus other sales profits
  • Loots Transmogrification Gear (including parts of the T5-Set)
  • Keeps only the items you need
  • Works with HBRelog (farm your heart out)
  • Can be restarted from each boss encounter in case of disconnects etc.
Custom Raid and Loot Configuration
  • Uses the free Studio Companion plugin to give you an amazing profile experience
  • Picks the shortest travel route to the raid by considering over 150 possible travel options tailored to your character
  • Comes with a startup loot configuration depending on your class and professions
  • Lets you decide for each individual item what you want to do with it
  • Lets you disenchant/destroy items while in the dungeon to save inventory space
  • Lets you put items on a watch list and notifies you with a fanfare when it drops
  • Displays item tooltips and offers Wowhead links for all raid loot
  • Provides custom options for the raid

  • Use the QuestBot, because ... well these profiles need it. :-)
  • Have enough free bag space. There is a lot of loot waiting for you.
  • Enemies might die pretty quickly. If you play a class/spec with a pet, you might want to think about disabling it in your combat routine. 
    Otherwise you might miss out on a few pieces of loot.


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The following non-original work is part of this product:
Treasure Chest Image
Source: Pixabay
License: CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1. 0) Public Domain Dedication
Obtained: 2015-18-02

All other parts of this product including, but not limited to, code, other images (logos, product images, parts of the software) and customizations of the aforementioned images are original work by Studio60. More information is available in the Legal.txt file that ships with the product, and will be provided free, on request.


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Changelog History

Version: 1.0.161029.1 (11/1/2016 6:35:00 PM)
- Fixed travel at the end of the raid
Version: 1.0.160913.1 (9/14/2016 12:16:30 AM)
- Character now leaves the raid through plugin functionality
- Rewrote Al'ar encounter
Version: 1.0.160831.1 (8/31/2016 9:06:56 PM)
- All profiles rudimentarily updated for HB3
Version: 1.0.160809.1 (8/9/2016 9:52:47 AM)
- Updated all profiles to fix progression between raids in Studio Planner runs
Version: 1.0.160803.1 (8/4/2016 1:26:05 AM)
- All raid profiles now update their completion status correctly (requires Studio Companion update)
- Rogue skills on Al'ar pull have been fixed
Version: 1.0.160726.1 (7/27/2016 5:21:54 AM)
- Updated all death behaviors to accomodate for player characters now respawning directly inside the raid
- Updated existing spells used to pull Al'ar
- Added spell for DemonHunter pull of Al'ar
Version: 1.1.151109.1 (11/9/2015 4:49:59 PM)
- Warlocks now use the correct spells to pull the boss
Version: 1.1.151030.1 (10/31/2015 7:19:08 AM)
- Hunters now longer try to get the legendary staff buff in the Kael'thas encounter
Version: 1.0.151002.1 (10/3/2015 7:55:26 PM)
- Shamans now use Lightning Bolt to pull Al'ar
- Added new raid mode: "Mount Run" 
- Moved HBRelog functionality to Studio Companion
Version: 1.1.150924.1 (9/27/2015 6:40:42 AM)
- Added Studio Companion Support
- Completes the Verdant Sphere quest
Version: 1.1.150320.1 (3/27/2015 3:24:19 AM)
- Fixed a compilation error in the Al'ar profile
- Fixed Horde Travel on Ashran
- Updated HBRelog strategy to no longer throw errors when HBRelog is not installed
Version: 1.1.150314.1 (3/15/2015 2:31:39 AM)
- Various traveling optimizations
Version: 1.1.150304.1 (3/5/2015 5:43:02 AM)
- Fixed travel in outland zones not connected to the continent itself