Superbad Premium

by handnavi

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Druid Routine for Ferals and Guardians

Superbad Premium v4.3.1.420
by Handnavi, for use with Honorbuddy

[ About ]
This is a Druid Custom Class (aka CC) for HonorBuddy. This provides support for all
HonorBuddy features with your Druid character.

The routine is meant to be used for high end raiding with your Feral or Guardian Druid.
Other stuff can be used, but espacially low level questing has never been tested!

[Recommended Botbase]
o Superbad is working best with Enyo: click
For optimal performance open up the Enyo setting and enable Hardlock and set the TPS to 15.

[ Differences to other Feral / Guardian routines]
o We support Feral and Guardian spec
o Our rotations are not based on Noxxic or Icy Veins. We use "good" rotations instead.
o We have a cat in the GUI (!)

[ Feature Overview ]
o Zero-configuration. No setup needed; no knowledge of Druid play required
o User Interface for extensive customization of Druid play
o Auto-Detection of overall talent build
o Complete Feral-Guardian build support
o Raiding, Grinding, PVP and Questing Combat Assist support
o Dot cycling - intelligent spreading of dots (Rake / Rip / Moonfire / Lacerate) to targets within range
o Dynamic fight recognition - adapts to varying number of attackers in combat
o Choice of play style - aggressive or survival oriented

[ User Support ]
I have countless hours invested in the development, testing, and support
of this source code. There continue to be a high percentage of new
member posts that do not include log files. If you experience issues
and need support, I will expect you to spend a few minutes providing
the necessary detail and attaching a log file.

[ Communication ]
All communication is handled through forum posts, Private Messages and Skype.

[ Notices ]
1. Read my posts and documentation on the forum before posting a question.

2. I will try to respond to your posts quickly, but I do this in my spare time. If you don?t get a response, see #1 above.

3. Simulationcraft was used as a general coding guide line.

4. General. I play end game raiding Druid in Feral spec and switch to Guardian when needed.

This work uses these third-party components from other authors:
* Google Chrome Theme by Daedun && Mavamaarten~ && Ecco, released without license.
 * ThemeBases by Aeonhack, released without license.
*bear-4-20.png, settings-4-20.png, x-mark-3-13.png, by IconsDB, CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication, Icons can be used freely in both  personal and commercial projects with no attribution required.
* book-stack-20.png, cat-20.png, keyboard-20.png, by IconsDB, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported
 * Logo by pixabay, CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication, Icons can be used freely in both personal and commercial projects with no attribution  required.
 * Singular code snippets by Bossland GmbH, released under a CC CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

More information is available in the Legal.txt file that ships with the product, and will be provided free, on request.


10 total
awesome rountine!
This routine Works great, the only bother thing is in the last update, when your Druid (Guardian spec) turn in CatForm and goes stealth, the toon stuck and dont attack the mobs.
Great product, used it during many high-end tiers. If you're looking for a druid routine seriously give this one a shot.
super !
Fuckin' A+
Very good :)
Класс рутина
very good CR, 9/13 MM ATM,
among the best dd

Changelog History

Version: (2/7/2016 2:36:46 PM)
- General: Fix for Cast/Movement ping/pong in rest behaviour
- General: Choosing the right Form while pulling should now work better
- Feral: When using Enyo it now uses the proper spell as an opener
Version: (12/28/2015 4:22:35 PM)
Just a reupload.
Version: (11/28/2015 4:36:42 AM)
Fixed Stealth pull
Rewrite of targeting system
Version: (11/14/2015 3:20:35 AM)
- Guardian: Added some Settings for Savage Defense and Frenzied Regeneration
Version: (10/20/2015 3:06:33 AM)
- Guardian: Faerie Fire (Guardian) will now check for cooldown.
- General: Cache some heavy data to speed up the shit out of it.
- General: Added missing Capability Flags
Version: (10/3/2015 5:24:57 AM)
- General: Toogle Rest Behaviour when we are casting a healing spell!
- General: Updated legal.txt
Version: (10/2/2015 2:27:38 PM)
General: Improved Time_to_die calculations: targets that are 15+ lvls lower might die within 1 second -> prefer Swipe over dots.
Version: (10/2/2015 4:30:01 AM)
- General: Better support for capability flags
- Feral: Better Shadowmeld logic
- Feral: Moonfire Cycle will check for facing
Version: (9/13/2015 1:53:05 AM)
Readded support for C# 6.0
Version: (8/13/2015 3:35:34 AM)
Readded support for some Botbases like Dungeonbuddy.
Version: (8/12/2015 3:38:16 AM)
    - General: Added option to deactivate Overlay

    - Feral: Fixed Incarnation @ BurstMode (really!)
    - Feral: Added a .IsFacing check to Moonfire (Cat)
    - Feral: Fixed Berserk settings
Version: (7/27/2015 8:21:57 PM)
    - General: Using new C#6 features
    - General: Added Overlay Toasts to print warnings / messages instead of chat window.
    - General: Added a new Overlay! We can now setup some important settings within the wow window!
    - Feral: Added support for legendary ring.
Version: (7/25/2015 4:57:20 PM)
    - Feral: Fixed T18 bonus detection
    - Feral: Crucial fix for add cleave: Was always checking for current target health percent when checking for health percent of add.
    - Feral: Crucial fix for Rip cleave: Dmg multiplier werent stored correctly.
    - Feral: We will now pool for Thrash if we need to spread the dot on adds.
    - Feral: Rewrite of rotations.
    - Feral: Rewrite of add detection.
Version: (7/14/2015 11:02:53 AM)
General: Fix for new store compiler.
Version: (7/14/2015 11:02:23 AM)
 * - General: Fixed some == 0 checks. This should fix some bugs regarding Trinkets, Incarnation and Rip usage.
 * - Feral: Added support for T18 class trinket
 * - Feral: Added support for T18 2p and 4p bonus
Version: (4/25/2015 2:41:45 AM)
 * - General: Fixed Trinket Usage with Burst Hotkey
 * - Guardian: Added support for T17 set bonuses
Version: (3/31/2015 11:29:13 PM)
Fixed another exception
Version: (Beta) (3/31/2015 11:29:09 PM)
Fixed an exception
Version: (3/31/2015 11:28:58 PM)
- General: Dont use Feral Charge @ Kromog
Version: (3/27/2015 3:21:07 AM)
Fix for bosses
Version: (3/6/2015 3:30:46 AM)
Updated copyright informations.
Added legal.txt
Version: (2/18/2015 11:16:25 PM)
Fixed another debug message...
Version: (1/26/2015 12:29:18 AM)
Added a small check for Glyph of Savage Roar
Version: (1/26/2015 12:29:05 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - Feral: Fixed opener: it will no longer autoattack if stealthed
 * - Feral: Fixed burst: Never ever use Savage Roar, when Incarnation is up!
Version: (1/26/2015 12:28:57 AM)
 * - Feral: Bloodtalons proc will be cast on us, if we cant find another valid unit around us.
 * - Feral: Updated Feral rotation.
Version: (1/25/2015 1:33:31 AM)
 * - Feral: Fixed Thrash usage.
Version: (Beta) (1/23/2015 5:15:26 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Rebirth now checks for cooldown (doh!)
 * - General: Fixed typo @ GUI
Version: (1/23/2015 5:15:20 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Rebirth now checks for cooldown (doh!)
 * - General: Fixed typo @ GUI
Version: (1/22/2015 4:24:19 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - Feral: corrected an error with thrash_targets
Version: (1/22/2015 4:24:13 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - Feral: Updated to reflect newest cat rotation
 * - Feral: Added RipHP setting: will only use Rip when target > x health
 * - Feral: Added ThrashHP setting: will only use Thrash when target > x health
Version: (1/19/2015 5:11:01 AM)
Removed caching of cooldowns
Version: (1/14/2015 6:53:21 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Hotkey printing supports now the following modes: DontPrint | RaidWarning | RaidWarningInGuildColor | ChatWindow
Version: (1/14/2015 6:20:26 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Healing tonic will now be used properly.
 * - General: Eventhandler: We try now to attack a evading target 4 times
 * - General: Eventhandler: We no filter the combatlog to only parse our events. Should result in performance improvements
 * - General: Eventhandler: On shapeshifting errors, we will now cancel our shapeshift form when using Questbot.
 * - General: IsAboveTheGround now works properly in instances.
 * - General: ValidUnit now takes care of evading units
 * - Feral: Added setting for Thrash: Setup minimum number of worthy thrash targets to reuse it.
 * - Feral: Added setting for Thrash: Setup a time in seconds, in which thrash will only be cast one.
 * - Feral: Energy regeneration rate was calculated wrong. Fixed it.
Version: (1/12/2015 5:36:02 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: New try to fix incarnation.
 * - General: Added a CooldownsHotkey. Supports Incarnation, Berserk and Tiger's Fury
 * - General: Removed the Tiger's Fury Hotkey. Now included in CooldownsHotkey.
 * - General: We wont untarget evading mobs when using a manual mode Botbase.
 * - General: Burst key should now work with Tolvir Potion
 * - General: Fixed Potion Usage: wont use potions on cooldown if Bosses or BossesAndPlayer is selected.
 * - General: Settings will now be properly saved when you load a config file.
 * - Feral: Dont dot Targets with
 * - Feral: Changed default Thrash Usage: will try to dot all worthy AOE targets
 * - Feral: Exclude tank dummies from thrash target list. So dummy testing @ Garrison is showing real single target dps.
Version: (Beta) (1/8/2015 5:24:46 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Some hotkey settings are properly reset on restart.
 * - Feral: Use Shred instead of Swipe, if all aoe spells are deactivaed.
Version: (1/8/2015 5:24:41 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Some hotkey settings are properly reset on restart.
 * - Feral: Use Shred instead of Swipe, if all aoe spells are deactivaed.
Version: (1/8/2015 5:24:31 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Fixed version number
 * - Feral: Fixed spamming HB log
Version: (1/7/2015 4:24:46 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Fixed an issue, where some spells werent used correctly when our latency was < 200ms.
 * - General: Cooldown detection was broken. Fixed. (This fixes Incarnation! :D)
 * - General: All hotkeys should now properly print stuff @ HB window / logfile.
Version: (1/7/2015 4:24:19 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Fixed an issue, where some spells (especially Incarnation) werent used correctly when our latency was < 200ms.
 * - General: All hotkeys should now properly print stuff @ HB window / logfile.
Version: (1/5/2015 1:49:27 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Aquatic and Travel Form are now used when playing with a Manual Mode Botbase (Enyo, Tyrael, Lazyraider....)
 * - General: Aquatic and Trabel Form should now work again with all afk Botbases (Questing, ...)
 * - General: Dont use Travel Form when Prowl is up
Version: (1/5/2015 1:49:22 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Version number is back! :D
 * - General: Settings are now properly printed to the HB logfile.
 * - General: We will inform the user now @ HB output if we succesfully loaded / saved a settings file.
 * - General: Hotkeys will now properly be cleaned when deselected @ GUI.
 * - General: Removed one unused AoE Hotkey. Use "Disable AoE" hotkey! ;)
 * - Feral: Replaced Tolvir Potion with Draenic Agility Potion in Burst method
 * - Feral: Added some settings for normal Draenic Agiliy usage (Cooldown, BossesOnly, BossesAndPlayersOnly)
Version: (1/3/2015 5:24:46 AM)
Lots of fixes
Version: (12/21/2014 5:15:13 AM)
 * - General: Fixed errors caused by newest HB update.
 * - General: Will no longer buff MotW when we are in Travelform
 * - General: Known spells were initialized twice at startup. Fixed.
 * - General: Removed some additional Thrash debug code.
 * - General: All known talents are now printed correctly.
 * - General: Cooldown of Berserk is now calculated correctly.
 * - General: Cooldowns now take lag into calculations.
 * - Feral: Incarnation will now be used correctly.
Version: (12/19/2014 1:54:48 AM)
 * - Feral: Berserk can now be used when Heroism / Bloodlust is active
 * - Feral: One Rake line missed a time_to_die check. Fixed.
 * - Feral: We will only cast Thrash, if the target_time_to_die is > 9seconds
 * - Feral: Removed some Thrash debug code
 * - Feral: Changed FB code a little, so that we wont use it if SR needs to be refreshed shortly
Version: (12/18/2014 5:31:22 AM)
 * - General: Fixed a bug that caused the routine to stop when below Healt Stone % or Healing Tonic % and one of these was on cooldown.
 * - Feral: PvP Feral 2P Bonus will be recognized and Tiger's Fury cooldown will be set properly.
 * - Feral: Rejuvenation now works @ Arenas / Battlegrounds
 * - Feral: Rejuvenation targets are now sorted by health percent (in PVE and PVP)
 * - Feral: Will now priorize Moonfire higher then FFF when target is flying
Version: (12/13/2014 3:42:52 AM)
 * - Feral: spam Thrash when in Bear Form and Mangle is on CD.
Version: (12/11/2014 5:13:30 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Fixed constant shapeshift spam @ Arenas. Forgot the actual .isRooted check. Doh!
 * - General: We will now attack players of the same faction in Arenas / Battlegrounds.
 * - General: Revive now takes into account every player and not only the tanks.
Version: (12/10/2014 2:53:38 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Added settings from Bamse to resources
 * - General: Shapeshiftkey + Manual Form works now.
 * - General: Ysera's Gift is now correctly logged @ initialisation
 * - Feral: Lowered priority of Rejuvenation
 * - Feral: Berserk will now be cast before TF
 * - Feral: Added option to completely disable Rip
Version: (12/7/2014 3:16:41 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Fixed lag when selected a new target
 * - General: Added Healing Tonic
 * - General: Fixed a bug, that caused the routine to stop when below Health Stone %
 * - Guardian: Unit_counter fixed. Will no longer Thrash / Swipe is no units around
 * - Guardian: Priorize Maul a little higher
 * - Feral: Draenic Agility potions will be used now.
Version: (12/4/2014 4:26:50 AM)
Dirty fix for Highmaul
Version: (12/4/2014 1:02:56 AM)
 * Changes version
 * - General: Disable "focus" spam
 * - General: Trinkets are working, again
 * - Feral: Dont use Rejuvenation group heal when below 35% mana
 * - Feral: Instant rebirth is now working, again
 * - Feral: Non instant rebirth is also working, again :)
Version: (11/27/2014 5:37:23 AM)
A fix quick fixes
Version: (11/27/2014 5:37:19 AM)
 *  - General: Added Revive spell
 *  - General: Fixed instant interrupt of "short casts" (Casttime < 1 seconds).
 *  - General: Channeled spells are no longer interrupted with <1 sec left.
 *             We now interupt them when 70% of the spellcast is done (or instant when we allow instant interrupts)
 *  - General: Performance improvements: Trinket cooldowns are now cached
 *  - General: Performance improvements: Rewrote some "heavy" checkss
 *  - Guardian: Pulverize is now affected by pandemic behaviour
 *  - Guardian: Added a setting to activate Pulverize / Lacerate in AOE situations
 *  - Feral: "Glyph of Rake" should now be utilised.
 *  - Feral: Dont try to use Moonfire_Cat when not LI specced
Version: (11/25/2014 2:27:21 AM)
Make sure to use Inca
Version: (11/25/2014 2:27:05 AM)
Dont consume DoC proc when we are at full health!
Version: (11/25/2014 2:26:57 AM)
 * - General: Disable combat when mounted option now works again
 * - General: Hopefully fixed handling of evading mobs
 * - Guardian: Mangle will now be used on CD
 * - Guardian: Fixed a bug with DoC + HT, where it only healed friendly units and not us.
Version: (11/24/2014 3:09:08 AM)
 * - General: We now blacklist evading mobs again.
 * - General: Added a setting for Trinkets to use them only @ bosses
Version: (11/24/2014 3:09:03 AM)
Removed debug code
Version: (11/24/2014 3:08:58 AM)
Ooops, removed some unused folders
Version: (11/20/2014 5:49:13 PM)
 * - General: Added a changelog tab
 * - General: Updated Boss Ids for all 5 mans
 * - General: Added the new dummies to our internal List
 * - General: Excluded "Aqueous Globule" from our AoE List -> we want to focus them.
 * - General: Added lots of debug messages to find the "Thrash spam bug" :D
 * - General: Will no longer interrupt instant when "Randomize interrupt time" is set.
 * - General: Removed one obsolete Mighty Bash setting
 * - Feral: Fixed Tiger's Fury: it was always waiting for Incarnation. This caused wrong behaviour of all our cooldowns.
Version: (11/20/2014 12:12:46 AM)
 * Changes:
 * - General: Rewrite of Pull Behaviour. It should now get properly into range and should always choose the correct opener.
 * - General: Fixed Incarnation (was returning wrong cooldown values)
 * - General: Fixed Attack Power calculations.
 * - General: Routine will no longer try to cast Rejuvenation on dead party members
 * - General: Rewrote some facing checks (for interrupts).
 * - Guardian: Dont use Rejuvenation when in Bear Form
 * - Guardian: Fixed a GCD check -> this caused a low Pulverize uptime
 * - Feral: Dont use Shadowmeld when our current target is targeting us
Version: (11/19/2014 12:44:02 AM)
See latest changelog
Version: (11/19/2014 12:43:58 AM)
 * Changes:
 * - General: Added a Hotkey for Form Switch (Cat <-> Bear)
 * - General: Added option to disable Combat when we are in Travel Form
 * - General: Fixed a rare bug @ validate unit check
 * - General: Fixed a bug with Faerie Fire (Fae Silence) and Skull Bash
 * - General: Fix a bug, where the Routine spammed "There is something wrong. Dont know which Form to choose." when Manual Form was selected.
 * - Guardian: Will now use Rebirth when DoC proc is active
 * - Feral: Added a Setting for Rebirth, to use it only when DoC is active
 * - Feral: Will now use Draenic Agility potion instead of Virmen's Bite
 * - Feral: Added support to pull with moonfire
 * - Feral: You can now specify a range for Moonfire cycle
 * - Feral: Added settings for smart Reju Raid / Grp Healing when nothing else to do
 * - Feral: Multidot priority fixed: Will apply our dots on: 1.) Current Target ->  2.) Target with highest Time_Until_Death
Version: (11/17/2014 10:06:12 PM)
 * - Feral: Dont pool for Thrash, if we disabled Thrash Usage
 * - Feral: Use a 5 CP Ferocious Bite, if all our targets will die too soon for Rip Usage.
 * - Feral: Dont use Shadowmeld when we are moving
 * - Feral: Dont use Shadowmeld if we have got aggro from out current target
 * - Feral: Implemented dot multipliers for Rake and Rip
 * - Feral: Rake multiplier now takes Prowl / Shadowmeld into account when Rake Perk is learned.
 * - Feral: Rake and Rip multiplier now takes Bloodtalons into account
 * - Feral: Time_to_max_energy is now calculated correctly if Berserk is up and Berserk perk is active.
 * - Feral: We will no longer cast Thrash or Swipe if Prowl or Shadowmeld are up!
 * - Feral: Added lvl 100 talents
 * - General: Perks will now be detected correctly on startup
 * - General: Added all new Bosses to our Bosslist!
 * - General: We will now also interrupt channeled spellcasts.
 * - General: Skull Bash now checks facing and LoS requirements
 * - General: Faerie Fire (Fae Silence) now checks facing and LoS requirements
 * - Guardian: Dont use Skull Bash on adds when we are tanking a boss and the add does not stand next to us
 * - Guardian: Added lvl 100 talents
 * - Guardian: Rewrote single target rotation
Version: (11/12/2014 7:43:34 PM)
Fixed Thrash
Version: (11/10/2014 6:06:00 PM)
- Added time-to-die conditionals to DoTs for hectic add cleave and single target fights
- Reprioritize Thrash
- Tweak FB conditional.
Version: (11/9/2014 5:28:17 PM)
- Dont use Shadowmeld if Incarnation is up
- Fixed another nullpointer exceptio for Guardian Druids
Version: (11/8/2014 4:08:20 PM)
Fixed Guardian error
Version: (11/3/2014 7:32:08 PM)
- Fixed Shred pull
Version: (11/2/2014 8:01:32 PM)
-Updated to the newest feral rotation
Version: (11/1/2014 5:57:35 PM)
- We will try to heal a friendly unit first when DoC is enabled
- Dont use PS procs when we are on full health
Version: (10/30/2014 1:45:36 PM)
- Added lvl 100 Talents (Guardian)
Version: (10/30/2014 1:42:48 PM)
- Updated Feral Rotation
- Added Moonfire (Lunar Inspiration)
Version: (10/27/2014 1:46:31 AM)
- Fixed some energy calculations
- Updated feral rotation to the newest version
- Removed unused calls
- Replaced Lua call for rage values with HB api
- Code Cleanup

Preparations for WoD:
- detect perks
- implement perks
- implement new talents
Version: (10/23/2014 6:32:08 PM)
- Fixed interrupt setting
- Updated cat rotation to the newest simc version
Version: (10/21/2014 5:56:20 PM)
Changed Default Settings
Version: (Release) (10/20/2014 7:03:50 PM)
Dont waste dots!
Version: (10/17/2014 7:38:52 PM)
Fix guardian rotation
Version: (9/18/2014 1:41:11 PM)
- Added: Guardians will no longer use Savage Defense if we dont have aggro
- Added: Hotkey for toggling targeting on / off.
Version: (9/2/2014 11:36:10 PM)
- Changed: Default setting-directory is now: \HB\Routines\Superbad\
- Added: Superbad can now embedd predefined config files
- Added: Sample Heroic-Feral-25 config file
- Fix: Sigil of Rampage was count twice, so we didnt wait for the second trinket to proc
- Removed unused options in the GUI ( -> updating)
- Added: You can now turn off combat behaviour if you are mounted or in flightform
Version: (9/1/2014 5:39:40 PM)
Applied patches from Winio.
See: Click
Version: (8/31/2014 10:15:21 PM)
- Fix: Honorbuddy was unable to read the cooldown of certain Druid abilities during runtime. I've implemented another check as a fallback,
if Honorbuddy can no longer find our Spells.
This was an issue after shape shifting, when the spell ids of the spells changed.
Version: 4.1.6 (8/30/2014 11:45:51 AM)
Updated logging system.
Version: 4.1.5 (8/30/2014 11:45:46 AM)
Hopefully uploading a release version will work now.