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by Aion

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The ~Followers Pack~ let you recruit the followers below:
Obtainable on 90 lvl after completing a corresponding faction quest in your starting Draenor zones: Shadowmoon Valley or Frostfire Ridge.

  • Blook uncommon 92 level follower with Combat Experience Trait
Obtainable on 90 lvl after defeating him in a short trial in Gorgrond zone.

  • Tormmokrare 93 level follower with Bodyguard Trait
Obtainable on 92 lvl after completing a short event A Centurion Without a Cause in Gorgrond zone, just next to the Graveyard near Tarlna the Ageless outdoor boss.

Obtainable on 94 lvl after completing New Owner - Quest in the middle of Talador zone by both factions.

  • Leorajh rare 97 level Follower with Bodyguard Trait
Obtainable on 96 lvl after discover him in a cave far away in the mountains of The Spires of Arak zone..

Obtainable on 99 lvl after killing his cell-keeper Bolkar the Cruel on top of a tower in south west Nagrand and unlocking a cell.

!!! NEW from Patch 6.1 !!! 
  • Fen Tao - uncommon 90 level Follower
Obtainable on 90 lvl after short gossip with him just outside the Inn in your faction Ashran capital - Stormshield/Warspear.

  • Any Alliance or Horde Character 90+ level. Some followers require higher character level.
  • Garrison unlocked. Tier 3 recommended.
  • Questing botbase. (Sorry german residents)

Start point:
  • Anywhere within Draenor should work. Recommended within Garrison.
  • Just load & start [QB][Follower]Auto Loader.xml

Known issues:
  • None I am aware of.

For support questions, please do provide log. Thanks.


Profiles code: Made by me

Intro Image, Store Icon: Modified by me
    Obtained: 2015


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