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The biggest problem with profiles is that you can't really customize them. My RaidStudio profiles are being used by very different people.
Some players want to farm rare drops like mounts and just want to sell the rest of the items, other players want to disenchant only epic items,
but keep the rare ones, some want to farm cloth and yet others are looking to get transmog gear. Every player has an own agenda.
Profiles by themselves are just not customizable enough to fulfill all those different wishes.
But since I always want to make my customers happy, I have created a plugin that solves this item issue and in the future is going to expand my products even more.
And since I want you all to use it, I'll just put it on the store for free so you can experience those features.

  • Comes with a startup loot configuration depending on your class and professions
  • Allows you to chain-run raids in your desired configuration
  • Lets you decide for each individual item what you want to do with it
  • Lets you define multiple mail recipients
  • Automatically disenchants items if you want it to
  • Lets you put items on a watch list and notifies you when it drops
  • Displays item tooltips and offers Wowhead links
  • Enables custom options for raids

Studio Planner

The "Studio Planner" enables you to chain run raids. I hope it is a solid foundation for even more awesome things to come. You just configure the raids you want to run.
Then you can start the run through the "Start Run" button as seen on the screen or through a profile which will be generated by the Studio Companion.
Its location is displayed on the HBRelog tab. You can easily stop the run at any time. The plugin will figure out which raids it should still go to when you continue.

Upcoming Features
  • Lets you use special items like Repair-Bots, Moll-E and even the Argent Gruntling/Argent Squire for selling, mailing and repairing
  • More? What do you want to see in the plugin?

Refunding a product results in the inability to purchase this product ever again. This is store policy at the time of this writing.
The following non-original work is part of this product:

Item: Robot Dog Image (Part of the Product Image)
Original Author: Unknown
Date Obtained: 2015-18-02
Obtained from:
The author explicitly made the image available as Public Domain Dedication:

Item: Robot Image (Studio Helper Icon)
Original Author: Unknown
Date Obtained: 2015-22-02
Obtained from:
License: Custom Common Use License (

Item: Dog Barbell Image (Pet Battle Studio Icon)
Original Author: Iconka
Date Obtained: 2015-06-15
Obtained from:
(Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International [CC BY 4.0])

Item: Skull Image (In Plugin Window)
Original Author: Unknown
Date Obtained: 2015-20-04
Obtained from:
The author explicitly made the image available as Public Domain Dedication:

Item: Fanfare Sound Effect File
Original Author: Arthur Michael Safarov
Date Obtained: 2015-18-04
Obtained from:
The SFX (Multi-Use) License grants the purchaser an ongoing, non-exclusive, commercial,
worldwide license to make use of the sound effect.

Item: Net Seal Theme
Original Author: Nimoru Software
Date Obtained: 2015-04-01
Obtained from:
(Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License)

Item: MetroDark WPF Theme
Original Author: Infragistics
Date Obtained: 2016-02-02
Obtained from:
(The MIT License)

Item: SQLite.Net-PCL
Original Author: Øystein Krog
Date Obtained: 2016-04-15
Obtained From:
(The MIT License)

Item: SQLite-Net Extensions
Original Author: TwinCoders S.L.
Date Obtained: 2016-04-15
Obtained From:
(The MIT License)

Item: Lidgren Networking Library
Original Author: Lidgren
Date Obtained: 2017-08-09
Obtained From:
(The MIT License)

Other Items:
- Studio60 Logo Image
- All Pet Battle Type Icons
- Product Background Image
- Promotional Image Elements (Arrows etc.)
- Graphical Text
- Socket Icon Images (In item tooltips)
- Heart Icon (In Options Window)
Original Author: Studio60
Date Obtained: 2015-04-15
License: All rights reserved

All other parts of this product including, but not limited to, code, other images (logos, product images, parts of the software) and customizations of the
aforementioned images are original work by Studio60. More information is available in the Legal.txt file that ships with the product, and will be provided free, on request.


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Changelog History

Version: 2.0.171022.2 (10/22/2017 1:49:24 PM)
- Fixed an issue caused by the latest HB security updates
Version: 2.0.171017.1 (10/20/2017 10:53:54 PM)
- Added quest lockout capabilities

Travel Studio
- Added a quest requirement for the Vindicar on Mac'Aree
Version: 2.0.171012.3 (10/13/2017 11:07:26 PM)
World Quests
- Assault on Thunder Totem is no longer a priority quest

Travel Studio
- Added new Argus travel options
Version: 2.0.171010.1 (10/11/2017 10:20:25 PM)
World Quests
- Added support for Argus emissary quests
Version: 2.0.171008.2 (10/9/2017 3:38:10 PM)
World Quests
- Fixed faction settings for Kirin Tor emissary quest
- Fixed incorrect main profile for world quests
Version: 2.0.171007.3 (10/8/2017 3:48:06 AM)
- Added Argus travel capabilities

World Quests
- Added first set of configuration options for Argus world quests
Version: 2.0.170814.2 (8/15/2017 8:02:05 PM)
- Added a custom anti-stuck behavior
- Added Lidgren networking to the framework

World Quests
- Bot will no longer create raidgroups for non-raid quests
- Fixed a display error in the remaining time in the log and the world quest window
- Reenabled epic elite quests
Version: 2.0.170808.4 (8/9/2017 2:29:10 AM)
- Added lua exception handling

Daily Studio
- Reintroduced Withered Army Training configuration
Version: 2.0.170807.2 (8/7/2017 9:04:46 PM)
Daily Studio
- Fixed a rare item reward error

Studio Planner
- Fixed a status error that could lead to a creash
Version: 2.0.170804.2 (8/6/2017 11:57:58 PM)
Travel Studio
- Changed quest requirement for Hyjal, Uldum and Twilight Highlands portals to a level requirement
- Added Twilight Highlands Portal for the Horde
- Added a missing portal id to the Isle of Thunder Horde travel path
Version: 2.0.170802.1 (8/3/2017 6:47:56 AM)
- Fixed a bug in the ranged attack framework
- Added the first parts of the new Studio60 framework

Raid Studio
- Added Blackrock Foundry, Hellfire Citadel and Highmaul configuration menu

Travel Studio
- Fixed a travel configuration issue with the Throne of Thunder exit
- Added Blackrock Foundry, Hellfire Citadel and Highmaul travel capabilities
Version: 2.0.170723.3 (7/24/2017 3:24:28 AM)
World Quests
- Invasion quests will now always be the first quests to be completed within their priority (Low, Default or High)
- Fixed Kirin Tor emissary quest reputation token selection by acommodating for unannounced Blizzard changes

Raid Studio
- Fixed a display issue with raid option tooltips

Travel Studio
- Bot will now take the short cut portal in the center of the Isle of Thunder to reach the Throne of Thunder raid
- Bot can now leave the Isle of Thunder even when the main base vor the Alliance/Horde has not been unlocked yet
Version: 2.0.170721.1 (7/21/2017 6:09:58 AM)
- Fixed an issue where profile lockouts would always last until the next daily reset and not for the specified time

World Quests
- Bot will no longer do Suramar City quests, when the Masquerade buff is not available
- Legionfall War Supplies will only be considered for turnin when the prequest has been completed.

Travel Studio
- Added a missing id to the alliance portal leading to the Isle of Thunder
Version: 2.0.170717.4 (7/17/2017 10:47:56 PM)
- LFR difficulty is no longer viable in the StudioPlanner due to a WoW bug

World Quests
- Added zone options to allow for the use of the Legionfall Command Table on the Broken Shore
- Bot will no longer queue for random groups when the user manually opens the group finder tool
Version: 2.0.170715.5 (7/15/2017 9:21:26 PM)
- Added a makeshift ranged combat coroutine
- Fixed an issue where plugin events would be evaluated on botbases other than questbot

World Quests
- Fixed an issue when determining if the right items are available for a profession quest
- Bot will no longer try to endlessly use artifact power items when they are at maximum level
Version: 2.0.170712.4 (7/12/2017 9:23:40 PM)
World Quests
- Added an option to enable/disable completion of invasion scenarios
- Invasion world quests can now be completed by characters starting at level 100 (so get your heirlooms ready for some easy leveling)
- The world quest window now unlocks as soon as players unlock the Broken Shore by completing the first quest "In the Blink of an Eye"
- Regrouped world quest options to make them more logical
- Bot now detects the final invasion quests and completes them provided the profile has been created
- Added a new end condition for "Emissary and Broken Shore"
- Quest status and quest list now also considers the end condition
- Fixed an issue where the bot would not close the group confirmation window
- The emissary priority is now factored in when calculating world quest priorities.

- Bot now avoids Nalak when entering/leaving the Throne of Thunder raid
Version: 2.0.170707.1 (7/9/2017 2:11:18 PM)
World Quests
- Bot will no longer try to turn in the Nightfallen emissary quest if Shal'aran has not been unlocked
- Added a reward priority for unknown items

Travel Studio
- Bot now unlocks Isle of Thunder the first time a character travels there

Raid Studio
- Fixed a sorting error with quest based boss detection
Version: 2.0.170704.1 (7/4/2017 4:56:04 PM)
Raid Studio
- Added support for world boss and LFR boss status detection
- Added Pandaria loot and raid configuration windows

Travel Studio
- Added travel capabilities for Pandaria raids

World Quests
- Quests can now be restricted to characters with flight capabilities
Version: 2.0.170621.1 (6/22/2017 8:35:30 PM)
Travel Studio
- Readded the use of the portal between Ghostlands and Eastern Plaguelands

World Quests
- Bot will now create own WQGF groups if necessary and relist them as leader after players left
Version: 2.0.170619.2 (6/20/2017 4:34:18 AM)
Studio Planner
- Fixed a bug that caused HB to hang up when certain raids where

World Quests
- Bags from Legion shoulder enchants will now automatically be opened after quests and during vendor runs (if there is room in the inventory)
Version: 2.0.170619.1 (6/19/2017 3:06:04 PM)
World Quests
- Adapted WQGF support for patch 7.2.5 lua changes
Version: 2.0.170527.3 (5/28/2017 3:14:43 AM)
Travel Studio
- Fixed an issue with coordinates for the Orgrimmar portal in Dalaran (Broken Isles)
- Dagna Flintlocke is now being accessed via ground mount
Version: 2.0.170511.1 (5/12/2017 4:14:17 PM)
Raid Studio
- The bot should no longer abandon the group when switching between raid profiles

World Quests
- World Quest Group Finder support is back in working condition
- The (ingame) Studio60 overlay icon now has a context menu entry to run world quests directly
Version: 2.0.170422.1 (4/23/2017 8:43:56 PM)
- Legion flying status is now evaluated correctly

World Quests
- Flight Master's Whistle is not used anymore when the character knows flying on the Broken Isles
- Resolved a calculation issue regarding the remaining world quest time
Version: 2.0.170417.2 (4/19/2017 5:20:05 PM)
- Added an (experimental) lua fallback for tradeskill checks

World Quests
- WQGF now works with invasion and elite invasion quests (oops...)
Version: 2.0.170415.2 (4/15/2017 2:31:52 PM)
World Quests
- Added Armies of Legionfall as Kirin Tor emissary quest reward faction
- Faction priority for Armies of Legionfall will now be returned correctly
Version: 2.0.170408.1 (4/8/2017 2:11:56 PM)
World Quests
- Added support for: Invasions, Broken Shore zone, Armies of Legionfall faction, Nethershard and Nethershard and Legionfall War Supplies currencies
!!! This does NOT include new quest profiles yet. It just means that the existing stuff works again !!!
Version: 2.0.170307.1 (3/7/2017 9:38:12 PM)
World Quests
- Bot will now leave raid groups when assigned to them through the group finder on non-raid world quests
- Fixed a bug in the battle pet interaction quest behavior
Version: 2.0.170215.2 (2/15/2017 5:17:01 PM)
Pet Battles
- Updated the pet interaction behavior
- Quests on lockout will not be listed in the run report anymore

Travel Studio
- Fixed several Caverns of Time related travel issue caused by the HB core

World Quests
- Added an option to have the bot only do Warden Tower Assault PvP quests when they are activated in the priorities
Version: 2.0.170208.1 (2/10/2017 3:04:29 PM)
World Quests
- Epic Elite quests (weekly) will no longer be considered
Version: 2.0.170131.2 (2/3/2017 3:42:03 AM)
- Fixed a mailing issue

- Added opt-in options for Suramar and Suramar City (soon to be released)
Version: 2.0.170120.1 (1/22/2017 6:04:50 AM)
- Experimental improvements to "travel home" mechanic

World Quests
- Optimized "World Quest Group Finder" support
- Fixed a display issue regarding pet battle world quests
- One type of Duskwatch Executors (in Suramar - Sanctum of Order) is no longer avoided while camouflaged and traveling to prevent stuck issues
Version: 2.0.161221.1 (12/22/2016 12:22:24 AM)
- The Cancel Button in the External Website dialog is functional again
- Added a requirement for the stormforged Grapple Launcher

World Quests
- Bot now requeues in the world quest group finder if a previously existing group gets disbanded
- World Quests can now be blacklisted from WQGF use by their quest id on the database level

- Bot will now stop a treasure run if it runs out of bag space according to the world quest inventory settings
- Treasures can now be faction exclusive

Pet Battles
- Bot should no longer longer lock up when swapping from one profile to the next
- Fixed a logic issue when starting profiles individually
Version: 2.0.161206.3 (12/9/2016 4:54:40 AM)
World Quests
- Added native "World Quest Group Finder" addon support (needs to be activated by the user in the options)
Version: 2.0.161121.1 (11/22/2016 4:23:13 AM)
- Database updates are now downloaded through HTTPS

Pet Battles
- Fixed an issue with the undead type ability

World Quests & Treasures
- World Quests can now be permanently deactivated (by character and/or globally)
- Treasures can now have a required prequest
- Elite enemies on Wanted quests with standard difficulty will now always be engaged at 100% health
- Bot will no longer do a vendor run after every single treasure/rare
Version: 2.0.161103.1 (11/7/2016 4:36:40 AM)
- Selling items is now about 25% faster

World Quests
- Wait time for Danger/Wanted/Deadly quests is now restricted to 5-30 minutes
- Artifact power items are now used faster
- Artifact power items for the current spec can now be used immediately after a world quest/rare/treasure profile is complete

Pet Battle Studio
- Pet Battle Quest Runs will no longer falsely consider pet battle world quests

Travel Studio
- Hearthstones on other continents can no longer be used to travel from one location to another on the Broken Isles
- Tried once more to resolve the double hearthstone issue

Raid Studio
- Fixed a bug where override settings would not work for mailing
Version: 2.0.161101.3 (11/1/2016 6:52:53 PM)
- Adapted PreInteractMountStrategy to newer syntax
- Fixed hearthstone logic
- Improved initialization logic on profile load
- Adapted mail function to different Honorbuddy logic

World Quests
- Added a new option to determine at what health to engage elite mobs (Wanted/Danger/Deadly)
- Added a new option to determine how long to wait for success on an elite mob (Wanted/Danger/Deadly)
- Added a new option to enable/disable the Flight Master's Whistle
- Added new options for free bag slots thresholds regarding selling and stopping the bot (requires profile updates too)
- End condition setting has been moved to the priority options
- Pet Battle framework now works with world quests (tactics will be added over time)
- Activated Pet Battle profiles display the required pets in the (!) tooltip
- Quests can now be started from the UI when they are only unavailable because of weak gear, missing options or a lockout

Pet Battle Studio
- Improved initialization/update speed
- Captures profiles determine their status correctly again
- Fixed a status update issue
- Added framework functions so that pet profile auto runs can be used with HBRelog and/or the planner after a profile update
Version: 2.0.161027.6 (10/29/2016 2:47:27 AM)
World Quests
- Automatic death tracker timeout will now also work for treasures/rares
- Treasure/Rare profiles on lockout will no longer be used in an automatic run
- Bot now recognizes the new 7.1 alternative world quest unlock quest
- Improved artifact item use (dismount and spec verification)
- Disabled "The Waning Crescent" Suramar portal until the logic can be adapted for 7.1 content changes
- Disabled "Ruins of Elune'eth" Suramar portal, because of distance calculation issues
- Bot will now display the number of ignored quests, when a world quest run is finished
- Quests that are not run due to user options are now displayed in white instead of grey
- Bot will no longer use the hearthstone to get from world quest to world quest
Version: 2.0.161027.1 (10/27/2016 10:58:28 AM)
World Quests
- Players can now configure at what remaining time world quests should be prioritized
- Bot now travels back to Dalaran after a treasure/world quest run
- Players can no select a target spec on which to use artifact power items
- Adapted to WoW 7.1 changes
Version: 2.0.161025.1 (10/26/2016 4:10:14 AM)
- Major startup performance improvement

World Quests
- Added final fixes to the treasures/rare framework

Travel Studio
- Fixed Suramar portal quest id prerequisites
Version: 2.0.161022.3 (10/24/2016 5:38:49 AM)
- Fixed an error that occurred when HB couldn't not read disenchanting info from an item
- Vendor behavior will now be aborted if the character dies underway
- Bot will now stop when there is not enough bag space available after a vendor run

World Quests
- Fixed an issue in objective evaluation
- Treasure/Rare Framework added
- Bot will now correctly go for world quests that offer progress on emissary quests
- Bot will now correctly and a run if it should end after world quests and it can't progress on them anymore
- Fixed a cleanup issue in automatic runs
Version: 2.0.161019.2 (10/20/2016 3:02:57 AM)
Travel Studio
- Bot no longer tries to buy a Goblin Glider Kit from Ricket when using the portal to the Dalaran Crater

World Quests
- Fixed a display issue with the "Eye of Azshara" zone
Version: 2.0.161018.1 (10/18/2016 9:27:03 PM)
World Quests
- Dungeon Quests are no longer displayed in the list of active quests
- Auto Run log now shows information about ignored quests
- The world quest window now displays a warning when world quests are not unlocked or the product is not streaming
Version: 2.0.161017.1 (10/17/2016 11:56:46 PM)
- Supplier Barleyfoot is now flagged as alliance-only vendor

Travel Studio
- Improved travel within Suramar
- Added a missing subzone id to the Paladin order hall
Version: 2.0.161015.2 (10/15/2016 4:00:59 PM)
- Order Hotfix
Version: 2.0.161014.4 (10/15/2016 2:00:18 PM)
- The companion window should no longer bug out with "Still processing request"

Travel Studio
- Characters will no longer take unnecessary detours through the Garrison when they start on the Broken Isles
- Characters will no longer use hearthstones to Dalaran (Broken Isles) from within the Order Halls
- Characters will no longer take a detour through their Order Hall in order to leave Dalaran
- Characters will no longer consider using the hearthstone to the Pandaria Shrines when they are in Dalaran (Broken Isles)
- Demon Hunters should no longer be stuck on Illidari Redoubt when travelling to world quest locations close to Dalaran
- Druids will no longer be stuck in the Dreamwalk
- Fixed the end location of the Stormwind portal from Dalaran (Broken Isles)
- Suramar portals have been added (requires profile updates too to take full effect)

World Quests
- Quest Order algorithm has been redesigned
- The end of a world quest run can now be configured
- Suramar City quests now have a configurable item level requirement
- Fixed an issue where world quest timer would be offset by 15 minutes
- Fixed a display error in the quest list, when a quest had no associated faction
- Removed the "Upcoming Changes" list since they are displayed for individual quests already
Version: 2.0.161012.2 (10/12/2016 2:48:10 PM)
World Quests
- Added an additional initialization timer
- Bonus Event detection for World Quests now has an Aura fallback
Version: 2.0.161011.3 (10/11/2016 5:01:36 PM)
- Hotfix
Version: 2.0.161010.1 (10/10/2016 11:02:38 AM)
- All travel profiles now have the Suramar avoidance behavior baked into them
- Fixed an exception that happened when loading profiles from a non-questing botbase
- Bot will now check for database validity on startup and redownload if necessary

World Quests
- Added an option to only do profession quests when the player already has the items in the inventory
- Added an option for the "Withered Army Training" world quest
- World quests will now also be updated after a stop/start event
- Bonus Event quest status is no longer cut off in the world quest window
- Fixed a bug where the bonus event world quest status could not be determined
- Turning in emissary quests is now independent of the wow localization
- Tooltips will stay active until the mouse is moved off the icon
- New priority system has been added
- Auto Run report is now more verbose
- World Bonus event quest status is no longer displayed after the quest has been turned in
Version: 2.0.161005.8 (10/5/2016 9:49:32 PM)
- Fixed a world quest condition
Version: 2.0.161005.7 (10/5/2016 8:18:34 PM)
- Bot will now longer crash when items are unknown (because WoW hasn't loaded the tooltip yet)
- Profile usability updates will now be performed differently to avoid inter-plugin event lockups

World Quests
- Fixed a display error regarding the bonus event objectives
- Assault on Thunder Totem will now always be done first, regardless of selected options
- Quests that are run are now displayed in the log in a report
- Functionality for world quest bonus event has been added
- Fixed a bug where the bot would incorrectly determine the status of yet unrevealed quest objectives
- Added verbosity to emissary quest turnin
- Profiles with issues can now be locked on the database level
- Profiles can now display issues and upcoming updates
Version: 2.0.161004.1 (10/4/2016 1:36:22 AM)
World Quests
- Bot will now longer prioritize emissary relevant quests when the option is deactivated
- Bot will now always do "Assault on Thundertotem" regardless of options as the first quest in Highmountain to avoid navigational problems
Version: 2.0.161003.1 (10/3/2016 3:50:27 PM)
- Companion window can now be minimized
- HB can now be minimized while the companion window is open
- Fixed a data request issue caused by using IsInGame instead of IsInWorld

World Quests
- The World quest manager should no longer lock up Honorbuddy
Version: 2.0.161002.1 (10/2/2016 4:35:51 AM)
World Quests
- Added a lua-based quest activation check for dynamic world quests
- Fixed a vendoring exception
- World quests will no longer update when the companion window is closed and a non-questbot is running

- Bot will now dismount from vendor mount after selling/repairing to avoid navigational issues brought on by huge mounts
Version: 2.0.161001.1 (10/1/2016 3:33:23 AM)
- Added a log warning when people use plugins from TheBrodieMan together with the Studio Companion
- Vendor Mounts now work on the Broken Isles

Raid Studio:
- Fixed an (exception) issue in raid item checks

World Quests
- Added options for Kirin Tor emissary reward selection
- Added logic for Kirin Tor reward selection
- Bot will now redetermine the unlock status of world quests when a world quest profile is loaded
- Bot will now redetermine the unlock status of world quests when the world quest window is opened

Travel Studio
- Replaced obsoleted API calls with updated version
Version: 0.9.160929.2 (9/29/2016 2:11:53 PM)
- Added a death manager to watch death timers within world quest profiles
- Added 22 more vendors to the Broken Isles vendoring routine
- Bot will now always sell grey items regardless of where they are from

World Quests
- Plugin now correctly disposes timers and only uses one to update all world quest times.
- Added faction display to world quest list
- If a character's resurrection timer reaches 40 seconds during an auto run, the profile will go on lockout for 2 hours and the bot will move to the next quest
Version: 0.9.160928.1 (9/29/2016 5:04:13 AM)
- The Companion can no longer be opened through the HB plugin window before the initialization is complete
- Reworked Autorun functionality for Planner, Pet Battles and World Quests
- The status overlay dialog should no longer show up when the options window is closed
- Options window now closes when a planner or world quest run is started
- Profile lockouts are now handled per HB installation and not per character

World Quests
- Full world quest framework has been added

Studio Planner
- A default run is now automatically created, when no runs can be found
- Legion World quests now have an entry in Studio Planner
- Fixed a display error in the Run Configuration window
- Fixed a display error in the Start Run window
- Studio Planner should no longer incorrectly determine status of a raid
- Planner should now continue correctly from one raid to the next
- Fixed a crash issue in the Planner in the start window

Pet Battle Studio
- Updated legacy code regarding battle pet interactions

Travel Studio
- Added a secondary id for the Shattrath portal in the Chamber of Guardians
Version: 2.0.160918.1 (9/20/2016 4:16:55 AM)
- Fixed an issue in the "travel home" behavior
- Added a required delay to the opening of vendors
- Added currency, faction and world quest framework

Travel Studio
- Fixed a few instance where interaction behaviors were broken

Pet Battle Studio
- Fixed an initialization order issue regarding the pet battle GUI

Raid Studio
- Ulduar Mount Run will now be flagged as complete, when Yogg-Saron has been defeated
- Ulduar will now be flagged as complete when only Elders (Freya adds) are alive
Version: 2.0.160911.2 (9/11/2016 4:38:05 PM)
Studio Planner
- Fixed an exception in the Run window
Version: 2.0.160910.1 (9/11/2016 6:21:10 AM)
- Implemented a spell watcher to listen for spells being cast successfully
- Vendoring/Mailing now can also use flying mounts to get to the destination
- The default action for usable BoP items dropped in raids is now Sell/Destroy
  (BoP item appareances are automatically learned when you play solo and loot them.
  Since they are worthless statwise it just makes sense to sell them by default.)
- Redesigned threading structure to accomodate for HB3 changes
- Mesh Download Manager has been removed

Studio Planner
- Run Configuration is back in working condition
- Run Configuration has undergon a minor layout revamp

Raid Studio
- No longer crashes HB when opened for the second time in one session

Pet Battle Studio
- Tactic Editor is back in working condition
- Fixed a quality assignment bug in the Pet configuration
Version: 2.0.160907.2 (9/8/2016 2:24:58 AM)
- Vendor behavior is working again
- Mail behavior is working again
  (ATTENTION: HB has no object database for Legion yet. 
  One vendor and one mailbox in Dalaran have been hardcoded. Others on the Broken Isles won't be used.)
- Fixed an issue where the companion tried to mail soulbound items
- Bot will no longer try to disenchant items it does not have the skill for
- Bot now knows about the gear preferences of Demon Hunters

Travel Studio
- Fixed Black Temple entrance navigation
- Updated travel behaviors in Dalaran to accomodate for improved HB3 capabilities
- Travelling home from a raid is now handled by the plugin instead of a profile (requires profile updates as well)
Version: 2.0.160905.1 (9/5/2016 11:39:11 PM)
Travel Studio
- Travel profiles now use the correct template
- Improved all interaction behaviors
- Improved travel calculation time
- Fixed a bug in the Dalaran (Northrend) hearthstone travel snippet
- Monks now wait for Zen Pilgrimage cooldown to expire before trying to cast it
- New Shaman travel options:
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> The Maelstrom
- New Warrior travel options:
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Skyhold
- New Monk travel options:
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> The Wandering Isle
- New Death Knight travel options:
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Acherus (Broken Isles)
- New Druid travel options:
  Druid Teleport          -> Emerald Dreamway (Broken Isles)
  Emerald Dreamway       <-> Dreamgrove
  Emerald Dreamway        -> Moonglade (Kalimdor)
  Emerald Dreamway        -> Duskwood (Eastern Kingdoms)
  Emerald Dreamway        -> Hinterlands (Eastern Kingdoms)
  Emerald Dreamway        -> Mount Hyjal (Kalimdor)
  Emerald Dreamway        -> Grizzly Hills (Northrend)
  Emerald Dreamway        -> Feralas (Kalimdor)
- New Hunter travel options:
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Trueshot Lodge (Broken Isles)
- New Demon Hunter travel options:
  Dalaran (Broken Isles)  -> Illidari Redoubt (Broken Isles)
  Illidari Redoubt        -> The Fel Hammer
  The Fel Hammer          -> Dalaran
- New Priest travel options:
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Netherlight Temple
- New Warlock travel options:
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Dreadscar Rift
- New Paladin travel options:
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Light's Hope Sanctum
Version: 2.0.160904.1.2 (9/4/2016 9:28:55 PM)
Pet Battle Studio
- Fixed an error in the InteractWithBattlePet behavior introduced by an API change

Travel Studio
- Added navigational wrapper functions to travel profiles
- Now supports subzone id checks (required for Dalaran subzones)
- New general travel options: 
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Chamber of Guardians
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Stormwind
  Dalaran (Broken Isles)  -> Darnassus
  Dalaran (Broken Isles)  -> Exodar
  Dalaran (Broken Isles)  -> Vale of Eternal Blossoms
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Orgrimmar
  Dalaran (Broken Isles)  -> Undercity
  Dalaran (Broken Isles)  -> Thunder Bluff
  Dalaran (Broken Isles)  -> Silvermoon
  Chamber of Guardians    -> Tanaris
  Chamber of Guardians    -> Shattrath
  Chamber of Guardians    -> Dragonblight
  Chamber of Guardians    -> Hillsbrad Foothills
  Chamber of Guardians    -> Deadwind Pass 
- New rogue travel options:
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Hall of Shadows
  Hall of Shadows        <-> Chamber of Shadows
- New mage travel options:
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Hall of the Guardian
  Mage Teleport           -> Dalaran (Broken Isles)
Version: 2.0.160904.1 (9/4/2016 7:59:18 PM)
Pet Battle Studio
- Fixed an error in the InteractWithBattlePet behavior introduced by an API change

Travel Studio
- Added navigational wrapper functions to travel profiles
- Now supports subzone id checks (required for Dalaran subzones)
- New general travel options: 
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Chamber of Guardians
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Stormwind
  Dalaran (Broken Isles)  -> Darnassus
  Dalaran (Broken Isles)  -> Exodar
  Dalaran (Broken Isles)  -> Vale of Eternal Blossoms
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Orgrimmar
  Dalaran (Broken Isles)  -> Undercity
  Dalaran (Broken Isles)  -> Thunder Bluff
  Dalaran (Broken Isles)  -> Silvermoon
  Chamber of Guardians    -> Tanaris
  Chamber of Guardians    -> Shattrath
  Chamber of Guardians    -> Dragonblight
  Chamber of Guardians    -> Hillsbrad Foothills
  Chamber of Guardians    -> Deadwind Pass 
- New rogue travel options:
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Hall of Shadows
  Hall of Shadows        <-> Chamber of Shadows
- New mage travel options:
  Dalaran (Broken Isles) <-> Hall of the Guardian
  Mage Teleport           -> Dalaran (Broken Isles)
Version: 2.0.160901.1 (9/1/2016 10:59:17 AM)
- Added navigability wrapper functions
Version: 2.0.160831.2 (8/31/2016 9:03:10 PM)

- Major code adaptation to accomodate for the new HB3 API
- Replaced the deprecated compression algorithm with a new one
- (Experimental) Combat routines from Millz are now also viable choices for Raid Studio products
- Vendor functionality is currently broken

Travel Studio
- Garrison Portal Towers no longer rely on click-to-move
- Added a failsafe for the interaction with the Blackwing Lair Teleport
- Added Hearthstone use for Dalaran in the Broken Isles
- Deactivated a few travel options that need a rewrite

Raid Studio
- FAQ have been temporarily disabled
Version: 2.0.160819.1 (8/20/2016 4:09:48 PM)
- Studio Companion will no longer crash when you open the settings while the plugin is disabled.
- Studio Companion will no longer crash when you reopen a raid options window
Version: 2.0.160815.1.2 (8/17/2016 2:12:29 PM)
- Fixed an overlay issue in the Planner
Version: 2.0.160815.1 (8/17/2016 9:34:12 AM)
- The Profile usability check will now skip over profiles the user is not streaming

Pet Battle Studio
- Fixed an issue with tactic detection on quests that require characters to interact with challenge poles in the menagerie
- Bot will now select variable pets in quest tactics from the level pet list instead of the booster pet list
- Strength calculation for battle pets now also considers pet quality in addition to level difference and type advantages
- The Pet Battle menu will be hidden if the user is not streaming any pet battle products
- The Pet Battle framework will only be initialized if the user is streaming at least one pet battle product
- The profile "Quest - Battle Pet Tamers Eastern Kingdoms [Horde]" is no longer used in automatic quest mode
- The profile "Quest - Battle Pet Tamers Kalimdor [Alliance]" is no longer used in automatic quest mode

Raid Studio
- Demon Hunters: Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat are automatically disabled in raid profiles to avoid navigational issues
- Hunters: Disengage is automatically disabled in raid profiles to avoid navigational issues

Travel Studio
- Bot will now reload the last profile if stopped while running a travel profile
- Fixed ship travel between Darnassus and Stormwind
- Fixed ship travel between Theramore and Menethil
- Fixed ship travel between Menethil and Theramore
Version: 2.0.160809.1 (8/9/2016 9:50:24 AM)
- Quest Bot selection will no longer break in HB localizations other than english
- Wintergrasp avoidance works correctly again (required a workaround for the broken Blizzard GetWorldPVPAreaInfo API)
- Bot will now continue correctly from one raid to the next on a Studio Planner run (requires profile updates as well)

Raid Studio
- Completion status for Ulduar mount runs is now calculated correctly
Version: 2.0.160803.2 (8/4/2016 1:27:07 AM)
Travel Studio
- Vendor behavior in travel profiles is now disabled

Raid Studio
- The raid status will now be updated correctly whenever a raid profile is being started
Version: 2.0.160726.3 (7/27/2016 5:22:38 AM)
Studio Planner
- Fixed an issue with planner profile generation
- Fixed an issue with planner profile transition
Version: 2.0.160725.1 (7/25/2016 8:24:27 PM)
- Sammy Schrimsher has been blacklisted as a vendor
- Heirloom Color has been changed to Blizzard Blue
- Adapted code to accomodate for the updated Honorbuddy Garrison API 
- Adapted code to accomodate for the updated WoW Pet Journal API

Pet Battle Studio
- Usability check is now completed before loading the profile when started from the UI
- Added a fallback in the team manager in case the attacks of a pet are missing from the database
- Fixed an issue where the bot would not evaluate capture completion correctly
- New, alternate version of "Stunned" has been added to stun check
- "For Adventure!" has been added to lucky check
- "Buuurp!" has been added to poison check

Travel Studio
- Fixed a travel error that happens when the player knows only flying mounts
- Removed "Glyph of Pathfinding" evaluation
Version: 2.0.160711.4.2 (7/12/2016 1:48:15 AM)
- Release
Version: 1.0.160307.3 (3/7/2016 2:57:38 PM)
Studio Planner
- Start Controls for a run are now correctly deactivated while the next profile is being loaded
- Greatly improved the performance of all windows
- Reduced memory footprint of all Studio Planner Windows
- Fixed the automatic updating of the run status in the run window
Raid Studio
- Fixed the automatic updating of the encounter status in the raid window
Travel Studio
- A new quick travel menu has been added to reach various locations in Draenor (other continents to be added later).
  The quick travel menu can be accessed through the Studio Companion window or by right clicking on the ingame overlay icon.
  This feature is currently in public testing and can be considered BETA. Tell me what you think!
- Improved movement around the Shrine of Two Moons and Shrine of Seven Stars in Pandaria
- Fixed an issue with the portal from Lion's Watch in Tanaan to Stormshield on Ashran
- Fixed a travel time calculation bug when travels were started in the garrison or on Tanaan
- Bot now verifies the location after each step of the travel and recalculates if it ends up in the wrong place
- Bot now tries three times to get to the target location before it stops
- Added a dynamic ground blackspot to small podium at the side of the Hall of Mysteries in Ironforge.
  Mounts were behaving weirdly on their way to Bastion of Twilight when riding over it
- Moved the Silithus aerial blackspot from the profile to the new dynamic blackspot manager
- Optimized travel route algorithm to consider phased map switches
Version: 1.0.160229.5 (2/29/2016 5:56:13 PM)
- Fixed a crash issue introduced by untested refactoring
Travel Studio
- Fixed an issue with Draenor flight capability detection
- Fixed an issue with WoWPoint conversions
- Fixed an issue with the automatic bot starting on travel profiles
- Individual travel legs can now be deactivated in a new configuration window
Version: 1.0.160228.1 (2/29/2016 3:46:15 PM)
- Significantly reduced memory footprint of the user interface
- Greatly increased the performance of all windows containing item lists
Version: 1.0.160225.1 (2/25/2016 4:11:22 PM)
Studio Planner
- Products are now automatically activated (requires at least Honorbuddy v2.5.14855.813)
- Raid status will now reset when loading the next profile
Version: 1.0.160224.1 (2/24/2016 5:08:35 PM)
- Moved the entire user interface from WinForms to WPF
- Added legal information for new WPF theme to legal.txt and product description
- Deleting a mail recipient now returns the item to the default action
Studio Planner
- Fixed an issue with HBRelog not being called after a run is complete
Travel Studio
- Character now flies around Wintergrasp is if the battle is active or if it starts in less than 10 minutes
- World PvP status is now polled more often to check for Wintergrasp avoidance, hence caching has been added to reduce lua requests
Version: 1.0.160212.2 (2/13/2016 11:29:41 AM)
- Ingame Overlay Menu can now be disabled in the options
- Ingame Overlay Menu should no longer be displayed multiple times
- Fixed an issue with the raid options when the list of items contained gems or consumables
Studio Planner
- Planner now recognizes that Bastion of Twilight is complete at 4/5 when Sinestra has been disabled
Version: 1.0.160210.5 (2/11/2016 2:45:54 PM)
- World Drop Settings have been moved to the Raid Studio menu
- A new settings screen in the Raid Studio menu enables users to globally set item options
- Added copyright information for two new icons
Travel Manager
- Zen Pilgrimage (Monk) now requires flight capabilities in Pandaria
- Improved Orgrimmar Zeppelin Tower travel routes
- Bot no longer flies to the back of the hut when taking the Warspear portal to Orgrimmar
Mail Manager
- Fixed a bug where items did not get mailed when more than 12 items for the same recipient were found
Vendor Manager
- Character will no longer try to summon the vendor mount while moving
- Character will no longer endlessly try to summon vendor mounts in locations where it automatically gets dismounted after the cast (for example in small doorways)
Raid Studio
- Bastion of Twilight (Sinestra): Boss can now be disabled through a new option (requires profile update as well)
Version: 1.0.151129.1 (12/1/2015 2:28:16 AM)
- Added Cataclysm world drop configuration
- Extended the FAQ for most Cataclysm raids
Travel Manager
- Forced landing position for Garrison 
- Slightly changed the mage tower use in the Alliance Garrison (Level 3)
- Added Hearthstone Travel Northrend (Dalaran)
- Fixed travel with Wormhole Generator: Northrend
Version: 1.0.151122.1 (11/23/2015 6:31:29 AM)
- Raid options now return the default value if the setting for them has not been created yet
Vendor Manager
- Blacklisted Austin Feeney on Stormshield
Travel Manager
- Added travel route for Steward of Time flight path into Caverns of Time (requires quest "To The Master's Lair" to be completed)
- Improved travel snipped from Menethil to Theramore
- Fixed the use of the Argent Crusader's Tabard
- Added an override option for travel time calculations
Version: 1.0.151116.3 (11/17/2015 4:40:58 AM)
- Studio Companion no longer forces the quest bot when the player manually switches to another bot
Studio Planner
- Fixed an issue with the Baradin Hold raid check
Travel Manager
- Fixed a traveling issue to Blackwing Descent
- Added an Aerial Blackspot to Silithus (Kalimdor) to avoid issues on the way to the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
- Fixed a navigation issue with the alliance portal from Tanaan to Stormshield
Version: 1.0.151107.3 (11/8/2015 4:48:57 AM)
- Blackwing Descent product id has been updated
- The plugin now activates itself if the settings are being opened while it is deactivated
- Added FAQs to most raids
- Added a link to the support thread to all raids
- Added a one-time update notice about the new FAQ and Support page
Travel Manager
- Various delays for dismount actions added
- Added Tol Barad Portal travel
- The Portal from Tol Barad to Stormwind is now restricted to alliance characters
- Improved the flight vector to Bastion of Twilight
- All teleports to Dalaran have had their end position changed
- Fixed a druid flight form issue at the Blackwing Descent entrance
Studio Planner 
- Planner now recognizes when Lurker Below in Serpentshrine Cavern can not be killed due to missing Fishing skill
- LFR difficulties are now always marked as "complete" in Studio Planner as we can not determine the real status
- Bastion of Twilight is now marked as complete on normal runs even though Sinestra is still alive
Baradin Hold
- Added viability check
Version: 1.0.151027.1 (10/29/2015 4:51:29 AM)
- Added Profile Helper "GetRaidDifficulty"
- Studio Companion window can no longer be opened, when there character is not ingame (e.g. during load screens)
Cataclysm Bundle
- Enabled raids for Studio Planner
Travel Manager
- Fixed a timer issue with Signed of Kirin Tor rings
- Fixed switchup in Tanaan portals
Version: 1.0.151014.1 (10/15/2015 4:07:36 AM)
Travel Manager
- Updated a travel snippet leading to the Isle of Quel'Danas from Shattrath
- Added travel routes for Cataclysm raids
Item Configuration
- Added item data for Cataclysm raids
Version: 1.0.151012.1 (10/12/2015 5:18:53 AM)
- All options apart from item and raid settings are now saved per Honorbuddy installation
- World Drop Settings have moved into the Settings menu
Studio Planner
- Studio Planner received an overhaul and now supports multiple run configurations
Raid Studio Options
- Altered the Raid Settings window to make room for more options
- Added Vault of Archavon configuration
- Added Eye of Eternity configuration
- Added hard mode option for Freya and Mimiron to Ulduar options
- Raid options can now be changed while the bot is running (if they don't belong to the active profile)
Travel Manager
- Added missing versions of the Signet of the Kirin Tor
- Fixed an issue where the bot was using ground travel to get to the Battle for Mount Hyjal raid
- Deactivated Wintergrasp Portal use for the time being
- Reworked a lot of flight behaviors in Travel Manager
Item Configuration
- Item Tooltips now display the sell value
- Class-bound items now receive the correct default action
- BoE epic items that are supposed to be mailed are no longer mailed to the recipient of BoE rare items
Visual Queues
- Mesh download announcements now have a timeout of 10 seconds
- Fixed an issue where the mesh download announcement displayed other downloads
- Added a warning for wrong combat routine use in Raid Studio products
- Lots of XML refactoring and code cleanup
- The Productfinder now only evaluates ProfileNotFoundExceptions
Version: 1.0.151002.8 (10/3/2015 6:24:38 PM)
New Feature: Studio Planner
- Allows you to configure multiple raids to be run one after the next
- Has an HBRelog profile available to start the run externally

New Feature: Mesh Download Announcements
- Mesh Downloads will be announced in a small WoW overlay. This feature can be turned off in the general options

General Changes
- Studio Companion now automatically switches to the quest bot when necessary
- Added a security check for vendor activity

Travel Manager
- Garrison (Level 3) Portals to Ashran are now considered as travel option even if the character is not in the garrison
- Zen Pilgrimage (Monk) is now only a viable travel option if it is off cooldown
- Deathknights will now wait for the cooldown to end, before using Death Gate
- All item and spell travel options now lead to the character landing and dismounting first
- Slightly altered Blackrock flight navigation to overcome an issue with protodrakes
- Traveling to Magtheridon's Lair now uses flying if available

Raid Studio
- One-hand axes are now recognized as wearable by shamans and are kept by default
- Enabled Trial of the Crusader raid options for the upcoming raid addition
- Enabled Ulduar raid options for the upcoming raid addition
- Added items to Wrath of the Lich King world drops that could be gathered by salvaging certain Ulduar bosses (Engineering)
- Added Wrath of the Lich King world drops contained in Alchemist's Cache from Ulduar
- Added Super Simian Sphere to Wrath of the Lich King world drops
Version: 1.0.150923.2R (9/26/2015 5:56:26 PM)
- Release Version