Mount Farmer: Raid Edition

by Zakanator

10 ratings


Profile features:

  • ​Farms all viable raid mounts.
  • Profile auto loader to automatically start the next profile after completion.
  • Start from anywhere and the world navigation will automatically navigate to the correct area via portals/zeppelins/boats/items.
  • Automatically detects if you've already completed the raidfor that lockout or have the mount.
  • Automatically detects if you've already killed any bosses in the raid and continues where you left off.
  • HBRelog support.

Currently supported mounts:

Planned mounts to be added:

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10 total
they re steal my 25€ !
cant even download and lost 25 eu
no more update we get steal 25€
No support
Perfect good job !!!
not looting the alysrazor in Fireland and there is no update after the purchase.
not working ;-( no update
Meh no support really
Hasn't been updated in a long time.
Not been updated in a very long time. Also, the pureblood fire hawk is NOT supported, as the bot runs the instance on NORMAL, not HEROIC (the case for about 8 months now). Very often does not loot alysrazor. Other than that, it works.

Changelog History

Version: 0.5.3 (10/3/2015 8:44:11 PM)
- Fixed movement issue Flame Leviathan.
- Taking resurrection sickness should be less often.
- Now able to loot all mobs or just bosses that drop mounts with the "Loot Mobs" checkbox in honorbuddy settings.
- Added 2 day trial.
Version: 0.5.1 (6/2/2015 3:24:08 AM)
- No longer attacks Unstable Magma in Firelands when it is invulnerable.
- No longer ignores turtles in Firelands if pulled.
- Increased magma trap avoid radius
- Fixed bug with not terminating kill trash to summon Shannox behavior on rare occasions.
- Excluded mobs near Baleroc when killing trash to summon Shannox.
- Disabled mounting when moving to Lord Rhyolith.
- Will travel in clockwise direction when searching for Shannox.
- Added custom vendor behavior.
- Will now loot all bosses.
Version: 0.4.7 (5/12/2015 10:04:15 PM)
Initial release.