The Bone Collector South East (Gold Making!)

by Gatherit

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This is a profile that farms SE Nagrand so you are never in the same location for long.  This is an ultimate skinning profile that will do everything listed below.
  • Automatic turn-in of the Hearty Soup Bones
  • Tons of greens
  • Chance at epic 665 drops
  • Horde and Alliance Ready
  • Neutral vendor
  • Mount vendor support
  • Skinning 1-700 can be done using this
  • Herbing
  • Mining
The amount of gold you can make with this is dependent on the amount of time you use it.  I recommend running it for 8-10 hours a day and you should have no problems making 10-20k a day selling furs and leather then vending trash and greens.  You will also get epic drops that will sell for thousands.

To maximize your gold making it is best to have the following
  • Skinning
  • Trading post in your Garrison so you can collect parts from mobs you kill

Disable herb and mining for best experience.  This profile is meant to kill mobs at a fast rate for fur, skin, meat, ah parts and epics.  If you enable gathering while you grind, you slow down the process of overall gold making.

Please visit the forum thread below if you encounter any issues or require support.  We are consistently updating my profiles for the best botting experience.

I am always happy to see good feedback on my forum topic!  Tell others about your success by clicking the link below :)


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