[G] Firelands Complete Endless Farm v1 AMAZING GOLD FARM!

by Reviir

9 ratings


Click Start & Go!!!
What does this profile do?
  • Firelands Endless farm built for lvl 90 - 100 toons
  • Earning ~ Removed due to fact that this number is based on your CR performance.
  • Choose Quest Buddy Botbase
  • Select [QB] Normal or Hardcore or Easy
  • Click start
  • Go get a 6 pack
  • Drink

Known Issues:

This work uses these third-party components from other authors:
More information is available in the Legal.txt file that ships with the product, and will be provided free, on request.


9 total
not good anymore
1200Gold per hour! Very Nice!
man super product 4500G in 3 Hours DK Blood full season3 PVP set never die
simply the best
It is decent, just sometimes support for this product can be lacking with communication from developers but overall probably the best firelands product on market paid/free

Changelog History

Version: 3.0.1 (10/4/2016 2:31:23 AM)
hb3 updates
Version: 2.96 (3/18/2016 3:34:58 AM)
Added UseMount Value="True"  to ensure mounting in case it was disabled by user
Fixed mailing of Lockboxes
Version: 2.95 (3/9/2016 7:32:15 PM)
Fixed mount issues on Easy mode
Changed dungeon entry procedure to isolate first vs subsequent entries
Version: 2.93 (1/16/2016 5:10:18 PM)
  Firelands Goldfarm
  - Fixed Death Behavior outside raid 
Version: 2.92 (1/5/2016 4:50:01 AM)
[Fix] Firelands:
Added LootHandler back 
Will now Disable Combat behavior when exiting the raid to hopefully avoid dying before getting back in
Version: 2.91 (12/31/2015 3:28:54 PM)
[Fix] Firelands
    Fixed Looting

Trials reset!!
Version: 2.9 (12/30/2015 2:04:39 PM)
[Fix] Firelands
    Fixed Death Override FINALLY! Rewrote the DeadInDungeon Hook entirely
    Not Vendoring issue Fixed
    Removed LootHandler and it's no longer needed
Version: 2.82 (12/25/2015 4:42:04 AM)
    Fixed Death Override once again
    Vendor Behavior now should only be called while inside the raid
Version: 2.81 (12/11/2015 3:45:31 AM)
Fixed Death Override once and for all! hopefully.
Version: 2.77 (11/19/2015 11:03:49 AM)
[Fix] Will now mail when we have 12 lockboxes or less than 20 freeslots after Vendoring
[Fix] Fixed Stealth for Guardian druids
[NEW] Added a variation of the profiles that will not keep lockboxes
Version: 2.75 (11/2/2015 4:19:27 AM)
[Tweak] Will properly Stealth/Prowl before exiting the instance now
[Tweak] Adjusted a couple of hotspots to address Lava issues
[Fix] Elementium lockboxes are protected once again
[Update] Will now Mail if you have a Recipient once it has 15 Elementium lockboxes
Version: 2.7 (10/27/2015 3:40:17 AM)
[Fix] Adjusted a couple of hotspots.
[Fix] Fixed DeathHook. Should now res inside instance fine.
[Update] Now will Stealth/Prowl before leaving the instance.
Version: 2.6 (8/22/2015 4:18:05 AM)
[Update] Added 25man to Firelands.
[Fix] Death Sequence in Firelands.
[Fix] Custom LootHandler in Firelands.
Version: 2.5 (8/10/2015 2:55:52 AM)
[Update] Added a new Custom LootHandler to Firelands profiles Credits to Highvoltz.
[Update] Added  a couple of critters to the AvoidMob list.
Version: 2.4.1 (6/26/2015 3:52:54 AM)
Reupload sent wrong file i think
Version: 2.3 (4/27/2015 8:49:55 PM)
[Fixed] Death sequence 100% Firelands
Version: 2.2.1 (4/26/2015 8:39:44 PM)
[UPDATE] Removed PB loader causeing loop errors
Version: 2.2 (4/26/2015 4:19:34 AM)
[UPDATE] Legal.Txt