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by @alisha


Public release version: 1.4.2

Free Routine for Feral Cat Druid Specialization
- Tested and developed for 90-100 lvl characters
- Created for using with manual moving BotBase (Enyo, RaidBot)

For users:
If you need help or support, providing you question in Thread, attach full log and GUI screenshot.

Bug Reportion:
- Make sure you use clean HB install without any updates and files overwrites.
- u shouldnt cope any other plugins\routines to HB install to do test
- in BuddyStore disable streaming of all other products (My products -> disable streaming)
- Set LogLevel in Settings to Diagnostic
- run bot again and log the problem
- Attach full HB log
- Inform which Bot base u user.

-> Support FrameLock
-> Auto change form to Cat form in Combat
-> Auto buff Mark of Wild
-> Support Healing from Healing Touch (when Procs Predatory Swiftness)
-> Support Interrupt
-> Support Safe facing, behind target move
-> Support Single target rotation
-> Support AOE target rotation
-> Support fast movement using Dash and Wild Charge
-> Priority based spell use, no fixed rotation
-> GUI with Settings for Abilities use and priorities them in rotation
-> Support "Glyph of the Ninth Life"
-> Support "Glyph of Savagery"
-> Support Talent "Force of Nature" Auto Cast + GUI Option Autocats On / Off
-> Support Talent "Incarnation: King of The Jungle" GUI Option Autocats On / Off
-> Support Use "Moonfire" in Rotation when have "Lunar Inspiration" Talent
-> Support Cast "Healing Touch" for "Blood Talons" Activation

GUI Screenshot

Preferred Talents:

Incarnation: King of the Jungle , BloodTalons - directly affects on DPS, recomended. Other You can choose what you like.

Base Dps rotation used in CC:
Feral Druid DPS Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities (WoD 6.1.2) - Icy Veins
DPS Rotation & Cooldowns for Feral Druid in PvE | Latest Patch 6.1.2

How to install:
- Obtain for free from HBStore, set in "Streaming" to Enable in "My Purchases" (HBStore)
- start HB
- Select Feral DPS Suite routine in Routine menu.

Known Issues:
None for now

Average DPS
For ilvl 559 on 7.5 min fight with Dummy 90 lvl

i got by CC (not using any potions, food. only selfbuff): 10.1 k DPS

When Simcraft for my character got (with same settings): 8.8 k DPS

If anyone can test it for them iLvl it will be nice (CC + Simcraft for character) when u start simulate u character on simcraft add this setting after
importing character data (after line "spec=feral"). Global settings:
only (Enemy: 1, TargetLevel=MaxPlayerLevel, TargetRace=Humanoid,
TargetType=TankDummy, TankDummy=Raid, PlayerSkill=Elite)


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