Apexis Dailies & Bonus Objectives - Patch 6.2

by Aion

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Brief Features:
  • 1-click Automate the Apexis Oil Daily Quests in the Tanaan Jungle, introduced with Patch 6.2.

  • The only way for farming reputation with the 6.2 Factions for "Draenor Pathfinder" Achievement (Unlocking Draenor Flying)

  • Unlock on cool items from 6.2 Faction Quartermasters
  • Draenor Flying supportedif available.

  • KillBetweenHotspots active while Flying.

  • Flying characters will use Flight Masters rarely.

  • Flying speeds up some Quests dramatically!
Released Questing Profiles:
  • Auto Loader, 1-click run, supporting all product's profiles - DONE -
Apexis Dailies/Bonus Objectives:
Side/Follow Up Daily Quests:
  • Alliance or Horde 100 level Character!

  • Tanaan Jungle faction quest hub Unlocked!

  • Character with gear ilvl 640+ is recommended for smooth 100% AFK run. 

  • Questing botbase. (Sorry, German HB users)
Start point:
  • Within Tanaan Jungle faction quest hub: Lion's RestVol'Mar, but anywhere within Draenor should be fine.

  • Just load & start "Auto Loader.xml". 
DISCLAIMER #2: FAQ, Do's and Don'ts:
  • Draenor Flying is supported! Keep in mind, Flying is tricky so unusual behaviors are expected. Please do report any issue, related to the Flying in the support thread.

  • The product is 100% AFK, as long as the toon's gear and CR can handle the mobs.
    Keep in mind #1: All the quests are in level 100 zones, overcrowded with lvl 100 normal mobs, Rares and lvl 101 elites are on the way too, so the toon should be capable of handling them.
    Keep in mind #2: All the quests are in Competitive zones, so on PvP Realms, moderate monitoring is recommended, to prevent camping or other PvP related griefing vs your characters.

  • As of 08.09.2015, Tanaan Jungle zone is almost 100% meshed, so random stuck or path issues are very unlikely, but still possible.

  • While 640+ilvl is recommended, it is doable by certain specs/classes with lower ilvl, but monitored!

  • Do not forget to drop the raid group, if have any! The quests are intended for solo/party only!

  • In "Demonslayer of Tanaan" Quest, if the area is very camped, for faster complete - Join random party in Group Finder to successfully Server hop!

  • In "Tooth and Claws" Quest, if your CR do not very well handle the water area, use the "Tooth and ClawsOld" labeled profile in the same folder.
Known Issues:
  • None, so far.
New features and Fixes, ready for the next Update:
  • To be announced.

Profiles code: Made by me, Intro Image, Store Icon: Modified by me
    Author: Freevectors.me
    URL: http://www.freevectors.me/green-abstract-vector-background-2.html
    Licence: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
    Obtained: 2015


7 total
Great work like at charme
I'm not sure, if a flying mount is allowed. But with a ground mount it works perfectly and bring a lot of apexis.
Parfait :)
For all my daily apexis needs
This profile has helped me get full 695 gear on 3 characters by sitting on my ass watching netflix, I love it!
Works well, however demon slayer of tanaan has been broken for quite sometime.
This is a great profile. Now with the Demon Slayer fixed this profile is back to be in awesome.
Great product, use it daily. Was a little rocky after flying was introduced but now works great after Aion sorted bugs. Top stuff worth the money!

Changelog History

Version: 3.6 (10/10/2016 4:34:05 AM)
Honorbuddy 3.0 compliant.
Version: 3.55 (5/1/2016 4:48:44 AM)
Several small fixes.
Version: 3.54 (4/22/2016 2:47:53 PM)
New: Bonus Event: Apexis weekly Quest "The Time to Strike" is taking from Adventure Guide
New: Verbose check if we have capped to 5000 Valor before deliver "The Time to Strike"
Version: 3.53 (4/16/2016 12:02:07 PM)
Fix: Temple of Sha'naar start location moved a bit down the slope.
Version: 3.5 (4/11/2016 5:16:34 AM)
Increase on Gear requirements for both Group Quests:
[QB][Weekly]Rumble In The Jungle
[QB][Daily]Assault on the Throne of Kil'jaeden

650ilvl - Tank and Hunter
690ilvl - WarriorPaladinDeathKnightShamanWarlockMonkDruid
715ilvl - RoguePriest, Mage

Please: Give Feedback if these gear levels are not enough for any class/spec!
Version: 3.4 (3/14/2016 2:13:13 PM)
[QB][Weekly]Rumble In The Jungle
[QB][Daily]Assault on the Throne of Kil'jaeden

For both - heavy gear filter apply:
630ilvl - Tank and Hunter
670ilvl - Warrior, Paladin, DeathKnight, Shaman, Warlock, Monk, Druid
700ilvl - Rogue, Priest, Mage

Various fixes here and there.
Version: 3.35 (11/26/2015 5:46:20 AM)
Excuse us for the delayed Fix:
Demonslayer of Tanaan was greatly improved and Fixed (Much more human now)
Version: 3.31 (9/13/2015 2:47:22 AM)
Fix: Flying suspended while doing bonus objectives.
Version: 3.2 (9/8/2015 3:23:32 AM)
New: Draenor Flying supported, if available.
New: KillBetweenHotspots active while Flying.
New: Flying characters will use Flight Masters rarely.
New: Flying speeds up some Quests dramatically!
Version: 3.14 (8/23/2015 3:00:08 AM)
Fix: The annoying Horde Auto Loader Pop up.
NewWeekend Bonus Event: Apexis quest "The Time to Strike" added.
New: Verbose check: GR cap!
Version: 3.11 (8/22/2015 4:47:27 AM)
Removed: TaxiRide temporary workaround is gone! Flight Masters in Tanaan Jungle are now naturally supported!
Fix: Harnessing Their Power should complete fast enough in The Iron Front
Fix: Rearranged priority on Interact objects and on side profiles for less travelling to the base.
Fix: Combat Routines Pull More Settings are not modified.
New: Tooth and Claw is reworked to farm Zorammarsh Mid-South in the water. The other profile is kept with an "Old" suffix, but removed off the Auto Loader rotation.
Version: 2.99 (7/27/2015 8:09:21 PM)
New: Pull is disabled, while moving between the Bonus areas to face unnecessary pulling.
New: After complete, the character is parked on one of several predefined spots within Lion's Watch / Vol'Mar 
Fix: Bloodied Blades of Zeth'gol should work once again.
Fix: Better hunting area for Tooth and Claw.
Version: 2.95 (7/21/2015 9:24:35 PM)
Fix: [QB][Daily]Unseen Influence is no longer missing.
Version: 2.94 (7/21/2015 4:04:48 PM)
New: Every Bonus area Power Ups supported.
New: Mounting Disabled for Rogue with Burst of Speed Talent, Druid with Travel Glyph and Shaman with Ghosty Speed Glyph
New: Unseen Influence should be competed on-the-fly in the most zones.
New: All the Rare bosses should be killed with priority in the Bonus areas.
Fix: The bot now will return to the Bonus area, if get away by accident, so No more partially "finished" or "skipped" Bonus Objectives.
Fix: Revamped "Tooth and Claw" quest with better logic.
Fix: No more Tagged-By-Others mobs (Gray color) are engaged in combat.
Fix: Interacting within Iron Front and Zeth'gor is working once again.
Fix: Looting is not suspended again.
Other small fixes.
Version: 2.51 (7/14/2015 11:39:30 AM)
Initial Release with DoWhen Completely Revamped, No more Red-Text-Spam.