Gladiator Suite Warrior - WoD Edition

by cokx

22 ratings


Gladiator Suite Warrior
A Honorbuddy PvP Combat Routine

Created by
Cokx (Multi-Gladiator)
Toizi (Game Engineer)

Insane Damage // Snare // CC // CC Avoidance // Intelligent Interrupts // Executes Nearby Low Enemies // Totemstomp // Dot Spreading // Selfheal // Team Support
and many more

This combat routine allows you to play competitive at any level
for casuals and professionals

this CR is Gladiator, HotA and even Rank 1 proven from several customers
highest published S15 rating at the Gladiator Suite League: 2.8k+

GS-Warrior supports all 3 specs.
(Arms, Prot, Fury)

Gladiator Suite
(Warrior, Mage, Priest, Hunter, Death Knight, Warlock, Druid, Shaman, Paladin)

Disclaimer: Anonymous usage statistics will be collected and sent to to better serve
customer on Combat Routine start

Honorbuddy and Arenas


22 total
Rip off.
It is one of the best products I have used, ever!!
Hope I can continue with them in Legion as well!
5 Star suckle nuckle!
Just hit 2k in 3v3 using this CR. Fury enters beastmode easily, but i must say, arms doesnt hit as hard as fury (using the routine)
Only one down side is overall damage is low other than its pretty good.
very nice cr)

Changelog History

Version: 2.36 (6/15/2016 6:46:18 PM)
- Changed InterruptNextX interrupt value
- Reduced Heroic Leap facing angle for InterruptNextX to ~230° instead of inhuman 360°
Version: 2.35 (5/18/2016 8:18:48 PM)
- Fixed InterruptNextHeal/CC only charging/leaping but not using pummel

- The CR is now paused when a BG/arena has ended
- Increased Shield Barrier min Rage from 20 to 40 (to avoid spamming Shield Barrier)
- Added check to not use Shield Barrier if we are about to execute our target
Version: 2.34 (3/24/2016 4:35:43 PM)
- Added "Burst on Trinket Proc" target hp value box
- Added "Burst on Ally CDs" target hp value box
- Added "Safeguard/Vigilance DPS" 
- Added "Safeguard/Vigilance DPS" on enemy burst option
- Auto "Stormbolt Healer" scans for low hp players now instead of only your targets hp
- Added "Stormbolt DPS" ally hp value box
- Added "Fear" (Intimidating Shout) options
- auto Fear is now considering the Crowd Control Options
- Interrupt Healer scans for low hp players now instead of only your targets hp
- Seperated Shockwave/DragonsRoar/Bladestorm options
- Added Shockwave/D-Roar/Stormbolt hotkey on target
- Added Don't Dot Healer hotkey
- Removed PvE/PvP Mode
- Added Ignore Units to not automatically attack nearby units unless tagged or targeted
- Fixed Avatar spellid for mini burst
- Fixed TimeCachedValues
- Fixed SpellReady bug that occasionally reported the spell as ready while it's still on CD
- Replaced CachedValue with generic version
- Improved ActuallyDead check
- Added buff/debuff check to aura lists
Version: 2.33 (1/15/2016 4:24:22 PM)
- Added rotation angle caching for friendly units
- Removed some unused combat log events creating exceptions
- Removed unnecessary code
- Fixed a bunch of warnings
Version: 2.32 (1/6/2016 7:39:46 PM)
- fixed Warlock SpellLock cooldowns (this should fix any smart interrupt and fake casting issues)
- fixed CombatReach zone
- added the correct Penance spellid to the default healing interrupt list
- interrupted players now count as CC'd if they have been interrupted on the classspecific school
- added "Field of View unit casting" (under the general tab), if this option is enabled the combat routine only sees units that are visible on your screen.
- added "can CC" and DR check to Stormbolt Target Hotkey
- improved performance by caching rotation angles to units
- casting Execute on your current target now has the highest priority if there are more than one units who can be executed
Version: 2.31.0 (12/16/2015 5:26:48 PM)
- Updated interrupt DMG list 
- Updated interrupt CC list
- Updated interrupt Heal list
- Updated defensive Buffs list
- Updated Snares list
- Updated Roots list
- Updated Stuns list
- Added several lists for different mechanics and dispel types
- Fixed LoS issues on Shado Pan Arena
Version: 2.29 (12/2/2015 7:33:47 PM)
- Some small minor fixes to increase overall performance
- NPCs will now be ignored in Ashran unless they are attacking you (this should also increase the performance)
Version: 2.28 (12/1/2015 3:23:23 AM)
- Improved Performance
- Added Pets to Hamstring
- Thunderclap wont be used anymore while Charge
- Improved Colossus Smash behaviour when using the class trinket
- Fixed and improved vigilance/safeguard behaviour
- Fixed PvpZoneIDs

Version: 2.27 (11/18/2015 5:24:41 PM)
- Improved Rend on current target,
- Improved Whirlwind behaviour,
- Improved Mortal Strike behaviour,
- Improved Colossus Smash behaviour
- Heroic Leap and Ravager Hotkeys when used without the right mouse buttons, will now display the green circle until you release the HL/R Hotkey

- Updated Spell Reflect Dmg list
- Updated Spell Reflect CC list

- Renamed Spell Reflect CC Enabled to Spell Reflect (option)

- Added Custom Spell ID list for SpellReflect (Damage / CC)
- Added option to always Colossus Smash on 3+ sec stuns
- Added option to disable the autousage of Colossus Smash
- Added Hotkey for Colossus Smash (Held Down Key)
- Added Intelligent Interrupt for CC casts
- Added Intelligent Pummel Target Hotkey
- Added Smart Interrupt
- Added Overlap CC option to set the overlap value for Automated and Manual CCs in ms
- Removed "always prioritize last CC'd unit" 
- Added "Extend CC Chain on Focus" for DPS and "Extend CC Chain" for healer
- Added option to disable Execute/HS while playing as Prot in Defstance


Intelligent Pummel (Target) Hotkey: 
- This is Hotkey is active while held down + your hotkeys active time
- It will interrupt your target asap (it doesnt instant kick but its VERY FAST) <  the intention behind it is that it should feel like a manual kick without getting juked
- It checks for auramastery and other immunities
- It will only interrupt if your target is actually casting/channeling

Smart Interrupt:
- Smart Interrupt checks if a friendly unit could interrupt
- If the friendly unit hasn't interrupted the enemy unit until his cast has finished 90% our bot will intervene and interrupt the cast
- Remember only casts, not channelingcasts
- It's only considering Ally DPS units as viable 
- In its current form it doesnt check for facing (I might change this based on your feedback)

Intelligent CC Interrupt:
- This one checks if the incoming CC can be dispeled by a friendly unit
- example #1: You are playing a Mage, the enemy Shaman is casting Hex on your Priest.
The Mage wont interrupt the Hex when he has Remove Curse ready.
- example #2: You are still playing a Mage, the enemy Shaman is now casting Hex on you.
The Mage will interrupt the Hex since he cant dispel himself.

Colossus Smash Hotkey:
- If Auto Colossus Smash is ticked, this Hotkey will work as a Colossus Smash delay Hotkey.
- If Auto Colossus Smash is unticked, this Hotkey will cast Colossus Smash based on your Rage Dump settings
- if your Rage Dump value is 10 it will instantly cast Colossus Smash when you hold down the key and Mortal Strike is ready
- If your Rage Dump value is 40 it will wait for 40 Rage and then cast Colossus Smash  when you hold down the key and Mortal Strike is ready
- The normal Colossus Smash is always bound to your Mortal Strike and Rage Dump value
- The Colossus Smash on 3+ sec stuns will cast it immediately regardless on any further conditions
Version: 2.26 (11/6/2015 5:06:40 PM)
- Improved Heroic Strike logic
- Fixed Execute for Prot 
Version: 2.25 (11/6/2015 6:25:53 AM)
- Added overlay icon notifier system
(Sheep) - if there is an enemy in range that can CC us with instant casts
(crossed out speech bubble) - if we can be interrupted by an enemy
(leaf/crossed out leaf)i f an ally healer is in range+los and a different one if one is in range+los but CCed. As a healer it shows a leaf if the primary friendly target is in range and los.
(crosshair) if there are units that are attacking us

- Added overlay text notifier for toggles
- Added talent check to our CDTracker
- Added Safeguard/Vigilance on Burst option
- Added Safeguard/Intervene on Freezing Trap
- Added Shieldbarrier Toggle
- Added 360° facing while in combatreach zone

- Improved GCD check
- Improved Hamstring behaviour

- Fixed Execute for Prot
- Fixed an issue with Sweeping Strikes
- Fixed Shieldbarrier for Arms and Fury
- Fixed exception in GetGlobalCooldown
Version: 2.24 (9/21/2015 5:30:10 AM)
- Added Stormbolt on target to the T4 Hotkey
- Fixed Dragon's Breath being counted as incap despite being a disorient DR
- Fixed an issue with the GUI for smaller resolutions
Version: 2.23 (9/15/2015 4:14:25 AM)
- Performance improvements
- Added auto attack totem kill (stand near and face totem to auto attack, no targeting required)
- Fixed sweeping strikes being used too much
- Fixed a general issue with fury/prot rotation that prevented options that are not using the current target from working correctly (e.g. interrupt)
- Execute Charge/Leap should now work as Prot/Fury too
Version: 2.22.0 (8/29/2015 10:10:32 AM)
- Replaced behaviour trees with coroutines (overall performance increase)
- Hunters with Feign Death should no longer be ignored
- Improved DR tracking
- Added interrupt mage CC if healer deeped option
- Added interrupt toggle hotkey
- Improved Siegebreaker interrupt
- Improved Arms rotation
- Added LFX tab to GUI. A new way to look for other players. Works similar to WoW's LFG tool
Version: 2.20_ (8/3/2015 8:58:23 PM)
- Updated for 6.2
- Added tremor check for fear
- Mass Spell Reflect traps should now be used earlier to avoid missing traps
- Mass Spell Reflect dmg/CC logic improved
- Fixed interrupt next heal/CC used against aura mastery casts + improved logic when specced into warbringer
- Spell Reflect CC option should now work more consistently
- Added new option Spell Reflect enemy auras that will use Spell Reflection/Mass Spell Reflection against nearby units for Blood Horror/Nature's Grasp
- Added monk sap to list of buffs that are broken with the Berserker Rage fears option
Version: 2.19 (6/3/2015 2:17:48 AM)
- Added AFK botting options for movement/facing/targeting
- Added: Honorbuddy overlay for notification
- Added: Option to disable high priority interrupts
- Added: Interrupt next CC hotkey
- Added: Option to reset toggle values on entering/leaving BG or arena
- Added: Option to delay CR execution after a loading screen
- Added: Movement prediction to heroic leap on target
- Added: Shield Barrier option for DPS attacking the player
- Added: Small wait time for MS before using Whirlwind
- Added: Def stance when attacked by x units/players 
- Added: Target Active Time option under the general tab to prevent wasting cooldowns while tabbing through the enemies

- Update: Slow immunity spell IDs
- Update: Default spell ID for trinket procs
- Update: Highest Priority interrupt now only contains Demonbolt

- Fix: Stance switching when specced in gladiator stance
- Fix: Shield block HP value being assigned by shield block attacked by option
- Fix: Piercing howl + charge interaction
- Fix: Added check to not break CC with leap when using interrupt next heal/CC
- Fix: Readded Mass Spell Reflection min range
Version: 2.18.0 (3/27/2015 3:24:02 AM)
- Fixed melee range calculation if your target is moving
- Changed Mass Spell Reflect traps to check impact location
- Fixed target HP kick
- Changed Audio Notifier
- Removed instant Spell Reflect on NS
- Fixed Sudden Death proc running out when CS is ready but not used
- If defstance is on CD we will use Taunt now to get in defstance
- Added option to always keep up the healing debuffs as Arms/Fury
- Improved the way Execute works for Arms in PvP
- Added option to cancel Sweeping Strikes near breakable CCs
- Removed UA/VT from SpellReflect
- Added support for Glyph of Resonating Power
- Added delay on MortalStrike to wait for ColossusSmash
- Thunder Clap usage to slow the current target will now be  enabled if AOEMode is disabled and there are no other enemies in range
- Replaces Unholy Frenzy with Summon Gargoyle for unholy burst spell ID
- Fixed DRTracker for 6.1
- Fixed IsPlayerBehind
- Fixed Defstance issues
Version: 2.17 (2/19/2015 3:50:43 AM)
- The CR is now HB Build 766 compatible
- Improved range check (the spellrange calculation is now ~99.9% correct)
- Improved Primary Target calculation
- Added dynamic movement key assignment to check if player is moving
- Added option to customize short pause list duration
- Added customizable totem stomp delay
- Fixed Stance Dance while targeting a dummy 
- Execute procs now wait for CS if its ready in the next 2 seconds
- Added Hamstring Totemstomp
- Added option for min range value between the Hunter and your healer for MSR Freezing Trap

Version: 2.16 (2/18/2015 11:19:20 PM)
- Honorbuddy will now reload itself if you change spec
- Honorbuddy will now open the Custom Class Window when you switch your class while HB is running
- Added Toggle to switch Interrupts between Any unit or Focus+Target
- Added functionality to clear hard focus by focusing the player
- Added Ice Nova to the DRTracker
- Berserker Rage for Enrage will now only be used if Bloodthirst is on cooldown and you havent specced into T3-3
- Force Defstance will no longer try to spam Defensive Stance when you are in Gladiator Stand and in Combat
- Fixed Prepare Burst and Auto Burst for Prot
- Improved Heroic Strike behaviour when playing with Gladiators Resolve and sitting in Defensive Stance
- Fixed GUI scaling > you will now see the Auto Escape option
Version: 2.15.0 (1/15/2015 5:57:10 AM)
- Heroic Strike will now be used if
--  ... your HP is above Shieldblock/Shieldbarrier value if ticked
 -- ... you have Shieldblock/Shieldbarrier up
 -- ... you have choosen the HR Talent and ShieldBlock is on cooldown

- added Thunderclap for target slow if your enemy is further than 5 yards away 
Version: 2.14 (1/12/2015 5:27:54 AM)
- Improved DR Tracker
- Improved prepare Burst
- Ring of Frost will now be correctly interrupted if DR-Interrupt is ticked
- Added Intervene/Safeguard for possible incoming Sap/KidneyShots/Wyvern Sting on our healer
Version: 2.13.0 (1/6/2015 5:12:33 AM)
- fixed Berserker Rage beeing used for Enrage when you are not in melee range
- fixed interrupt next heal hotkey
Version: 2.12.0 (1/4/2015 12:20:26 AM)
- added Berserker Rage delay value option
- improved piercing howl as fury warrior
- fixed rage dump
- added prepare burst hotkey
- improved Berserker Rage for Enrage option if unticked (it will use Berserker Rage if there is no player in range who could incap you)
- improved interrupt ( it will no longer interrupt hybrid heals if a healer is in range )
- improved interrupt (it will no longer interrupt polymorph spells if the possible target is a druid and could shapeshift the poly)
- minor bugfixes
Version: 2.11 (12/10/2014 4:32:19 AM)
Fixed los on uneven ground
Version: 2.10.0 (12/6/2014 4:45:45 AM)
- added Demo Shout option
- added Spell Reflect Trap option
- improved Arms rotation
- fixed execute for prot pve
- fixed shieldbarrier
- fixed shield block for pvp
- added troll/orc racial on burst
- fixed def abilities bugs
- added correct default spellid for trinket proc
- added delay for berserker rage (500ms)
- fixed reflecting traps
Version: 2.9.0 (12/4/2014 1:07:43 AM)
- fixed the synergie between Heroic Strike and Execute
Version: 2.8.0 (11/24/2014 8:12:25 PM)
- added Berserker Rage Fear option
- added Heroic Throw on range /Rogue option
- improved rotations
Version: 2.7.0 (11/19/2014 12:30:16 AM)
fixed inti shout (hotkey/automated)
fixed shield charge without the Heavy Repercussions talent
Version: 2.6.0 (11/17/2014 9:45:18 PM)
- Added 100 Talent support
- Added 92-98 Perk support
- Added first version of Audio Notifier
- Improved Prot rotation for Gladiator Warrior
Version: 2.5.0 (11/3/2014 6:06:08 PM)
- fixed Execute as Prot
- fixed Rend not beeing used when Multi "Dot" AoE mode where off
- added support for Aspect of the Fox
- several bug fixes
Version: 2.3 (10/27/2014 1:26:50 AM)
- Prot Thunderclap now considers your "Do Not Dot" blacklist
- Rend now considers your "Do Not Dot" blacklist
- added Rend for current target when AoE Mode is disabled
- improved the overall Rend logic
- improved Fury and Arms rotation (this results in more damage)
- Colossus Smash is now used before Execute to gain from the armor pen
- Added automated Stormbolt outside of PvP
- Whirlwind has now a higher priority when surrounded by 6+ units
- Added options for Shield Block and Shield Barrier
- Fixed bugs with the DR Tracker
- Die by the Sword is now used against any kind of enemy not only melees
- Added Last Stand
- Added Demo Shout (this will be used automatically (since it has only a 1min CD) against Enemy Burst or if your HP drops below 60%)
Version: 2.01 (10/20/2014 6:21:12 PM)
- Fixed stuff for 6.0.2
- New Design