Myriad - Power Leveling Pack

by Maatuska122

18 ratings


I've temporarily disabled this from being bought. Will be back with my botbase (no need to rebuy for previous users)

What Does It Do?

  • Fully automatizes your character leveling experience 1-90 by dungeon boosting.
  • Works for both Alliance and Horde
  • Fully automated and 1-click, extremely easy to use
  • Best option for anyone who wants to level new characters fast and reliably f.e. Suicide Botters
  • 1 - 90 in up to ~12 hours with raf (without Heirlooms & before legion prepatch / dungeon xp nerfs)

  • 2 Honorbuddy Keys  (pref. 3 for optimal team)
  • ProfessionBuddy & Questing botbases
  • One level +90 as a Booster (lvl 100 required for 85-90 part)
  • 1-4 characters you want to level up.  (pref. 2 with raf)

For more Details / How To, please visitSupport Thread

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Great product!
Very good product and happen to use it
keep up the good work, bro!
makes levelling alts easy to do well worth the cost
stucks alot
the best of all level variants. full afk

Changelog History

Version: 2.2.4 (4/27/2017 2:47:54 PM)
 - Small cleanup for old methods
Version: 2.2.3 (1/12/2017 2:34:39 AM)
 - Fixed HearthstoneAreaId in Orgrimmar after 7.1.5 changes
Version: 2.2.2 (1/8/2017 1:43:05 AM)
 - Couple minor changes to low level grind and The Stockade
Version: 2.2.1 (12/9/2016 4:58:51 AM)
 - Druids cancels shapeshift form when learning flying skill now.
 - Razorfen Down
   * Changed pull spot for boss "Mordresh Fire Eye" so outlaw rogues will be in range to pull him
 - Temple of the Jade Serpent
   * Bot forces itself into combat with "Wise Mari" now
Version: 2.1.8 (11/21/2016 11:16:46 PM)
 - Couple small fixes
Version: 2.1.7 (11/8/2016 8:28:12 PM)
 - Razorfen Down
   * Trying to solve issue where Nubs might suicide when booster leaves dungeon
 - The Nexus
   * Fixed error where nubs might fall off the cliff and get stuck when moving to dungeon
 - Bloodmaul Slag Mines / Auchindoun 
   * Updates to WOD prequests
Version: 2.1.6 (11/1/2016 6:45:14 PM)
 - The Stockade
   * Nubs shouldn't get stuck anymore
 - Temple of the Jade Serpent
   * Booster should engage last boss always now
Version: 2.1.4 (10/29/2016 2:38:32 AM)
 - new setting "Stay_In_Stealth" added for nubs
   * Causes your druids & rogues to stay in stealth all the time in dungeon profiles.
   * Doesn't disable flying, but disables ground mounting
 - Rogues & Druids uses stealth always when resetting dungeons now
 - Sunken Temple
   * Fixed correct SubZoneId for Sunken Temple (blizz changed it in 7.1)
   * Bots should be able to navigate to entrance while dead now. No more waiting in graveyard
Version: 2.1.3 (10/24/2016 5:34:12 AM)
 - RFD
   * Small specific stuckhandler added when moving to last bosses
 - Auchindoun
   * Potential fix for booster getting stuck at "fountains" while resetting dungeon
 - Mail behavior terminates faster if there are problems now
Version: 2.1.2 (10/18/2016 8:23:38 PM)
 - "Noobs_Has_Raf" setting works correct way for low level alliance dungeons again
Version: 2.1.1 (10/17/2016 10:07:21 PM)
 - Fixed error where Booster doesnt move to Temple of Jade Serpent from floating ship
 - Fixed error where Booster might land on the wrong side of entrance in Temple of Jade Serpent and get in stuck loop
   * And profile detects now in ~15sec if they are stuck on wrong side and then moves them to correct side
 - Added custom death handler when moving to dungeon for first time
   * If your booster / nubs were killed before they entered dungeon -> most likely stuck behind that gate
 - Minor changes to Alliance Draenor PreQuests in Tanaan Jungle
 - Druids should be buying bags from AH again
 - Some more small changes to Deeprun Tram
 - Increased Demon Hunter speed ability tolerances a little bit
 - Booster profile starts correctly again if nubs level is higher than 90
 - Disabled Jumper and Speed Buffs if there's any transport (elevator,ship,zeppelin etc..) close to us
   * Trying to resolve issue where booster is having problem with transports
Version: 2.0.7 (10/15/2016 2:24:33 PM)
 - First HB3 version
 - Nubs helps each other if they pull mobs inside the dungeons now
 - Booster uses spells to pull mobs inside the dungeon now, instead of only "body pulling" them
 - Updated majority of speed buffs / gap closers for booster
 - Fixed small occasional issue where booster might afk ~3min at RFK 3rd boss
 - Added support for druid talent "Displacer Beast"
 - Nubs doesn't let bags get full while grinding 1 - 10 anymore
 - First version of 90 - 100 support has been added (Requires +108 lvl booster)
 - Minor changes to Deeprun Tram
 - Fixed error that caused Lua Error when going to withdraw gold from guild bank
 - Fixed error that would cause booster to start moving before nubs are inside the dungeon
 - Temple of the Jade Serpent
   * Fixed issue with deaths while resetting dungeon
   * Fixed issue with second boss causing booster to not engage boss
   * Potential fix on first boss with bugged elementals
Version: 1.8.0 (9/15/2016 4:21:29 AM)
 - Alliance goes to "Stockades" at lvl 15 instead of lvl 21 now
Version: 1.7.9 (8/30/2016 9:33:45 PM)
 - Noobs doesn't suicide anymore if booster isn't moving in Sunken Temple after ~5min of waiting
Version: 1.7.8 (8/28/2016 4:10:47 AM)
 - 'Coldarra' name added for German and Chinese wow clients
Version: 1.7.6 (8/21/2016 12:57:31 AM)
 - The Deadmines
   * Improved recovery of booster if he fell to water
Version: 1.7.5 (8/17/2016 9:32:38 AM)
 - More changes to Sunken Temple death behavior. Forced to use spirit healer if ressing takes too long.
 - Razorfen Kraul
   * Possible fix to booster getting stuck at 3rd boss.
 - Demon Hunters should now use ranged abilities when required
Version: 1.7.4 (8/4/2016 1:30:45 AM)
 - Sunken Temple
   * Improved death behavior when resetting dungeon
Version: 1.7.3 (8/4/2016 1:22:41 AM)
 - Vendoring items works for shareable dungeon loots now
 - Profile helps AutoEquip to equip items that needs confirmation
 - Improved dungeon detection method when checking if booster/noobs are inside the dungeon
 - First changes to legion spells
 - Noobs will fight back if they pull mobs in dungeon now
 - Noobs rolls greed for loots if they cant need them
 - Sunken Temple
   * Fixed problem in navigation to dungeon
 - The Nexus
   * Fixed error that caused noobs to afk when they shouldnt
 - Blackrock Caverns
   * Fixed problem in navigation to dungeon
   * Potential fix to stop HB trying to pull dead mobs
 - Temple of the Jade Serpent 2nd boss improvement
 - Improved ranged ability usage
Version: 1.6.8 (6/30/2016 6:42:56 PM)
 - Ragefire Chasm
     * Removed quest "Animal Control" (No longer available)
 - Rogues wont use stealth in Stormwind/Orgrimmar anymore
Version: 1.6.7 (6/20/2016 8:57:09 PM)
 - Bag Check should be working now for characters that are not in guild
Version: 1.6.6 (6/15/2016 6:42:27 PM)
 - Temple of the Jade Serpent
    * Potential pandaria prequest fix for Horde
 - Blood Furnace
    * Death check for nubs before last boss is skipped if any noob is dead when we start dungeon
 - Low level grind
    * No more jumping if we are in combat and not moving
Version: 1.6.5 (5/27/2016 5:37:25 AM)
 - Ranged pull improvements in Blackrock Caverns at "Karsh Steelbender"
Version: 1.6.4 (5/19/2016 4:07:23 AM)
 - Faster recovery of bad ranged spell usage in RFD and Sunken Temple (on very rare conditions)
 - New options has been added, you can set your team to keep running Temple of the Jade Serpent for extra gold now instead of stopping
 - Boosters repair check has been improved
    * Will check for weapon durability alone + overall durability instead of just overall durability
    * Goes repair during Temple of the Jade Serpent if weapons or overall durability goes too low
Version: 1.6.3 (5/2/2016 3:33:27 PM)
 - Razorfen Down
     * Improved traveling to dungeon for booster
Version: 1.6.2 (4/29/2016 6:50:08 PM)
 - Temple of the Jade Serpent
     * Booster makes sure "Minion of Doubts" are dead now at 3rd boss 
Version: 1.6.1 (4/29/2016 11:33:56 AM)
 - Booster has better logic to decide whether he should visit vendor or not
 - "Stop_At_Level" setting has been added. If you want to stop your group going 1-90 on one go you can do it with this
Version: 1.6.0 (4/26/2016 3:02:05 PM)
 - The Nexus 
     * Bots wont fly off the zeppelin if they are inside Warsong Hold. Trying to avoid unnecessary delays
 - Temple of the Jade Serpent
     * Nubs should no longer start reset behaviors too early. Caused major issues
     * Nubs should have better fighting logic when booster is at last boss
     * Changed death behavior / logic for nubs during the dungeon. If they die, they'll wait for dangerous bosses to die before ressing
     * Small improvements when traveling to dungeon for first time
     * Booster has some logic with last boss now, will swap targets to shadow copies if needed
 - Sunken Temple
     * Minor changes to death behaviors when close to dungeon
Version: 1.5.9 (4/22/2016 10:08:40 PM)
 - Fixed druids bugging out at transports on rare conditions
 - Temple of the Jade Serpent
    * Fixed death loop that happened if toon dies while jumping out of those flying ships in Jade Forest
    * Potential fix for dead characters not resurrecting when resetting dungeon
    * Nubs enables combat when booster is at last boss (Sha of Doubt). 
      This gives them chance to fight back those shadow copies if booster has low dps and boss gets to that phase
    * Booster waits a while if he has debuff "Nothingness" from last boss
    * Disabled AOE spells when trying to kill last boss (low geared & low sustain boosters might have dps problems here)
 - Fixed error that caused Booster "crash" if he tried to do Guild Promotes
 - Tuned movement in The Deadmines a litlebit. Booster recovers faster if he falls to water when moving to last bosses
Version: 1.5.6 (4/20/2016 4:00:07 AM)
 - Added support for Traveler's Tundra Mammoth and Grand Expedition Yak when vendoring
 - Minor adjustment for The Nexus (trying to prevent Booster falling off the map near "Anomalus" boss)
 - Added support for russian wow client on travel to the Nexus
 - Booster changes to correct Dungeon Difficulty in case its not set to "Normal"
 - Temple of the Jade Serpent dungeon support has been added (lvl 85-90). Only usable if booster is lvl 100 or higher
 - There are 2 "LOAD THIS ONE ONLY" profiles now. 1 for booster and 1 for nubs
Version: 1.5.3 (11/7/2015 4:36:44 AM)
 - Minor fixes for moving to The Blood Furnace
 - Alliance chars runs out of the Stockades when moving to new dungeon. (used to HS out of it)
Version: 1.5.2 (10/30/2015 5:33:00 AM)
 - Minor changes to RFC
 - If possible booster & nubs uses "Summon Friend" now
     Note: "summon friend" is only usable when raf linked guys are on same server
 - Deletes lowest valuable item from bags if bags are full and bot tries to turnin quest with reward
 - Detects instance lockdowns now, if you get "You've enter too many times recently" message bot will wait 1.5min before trying to re-enter
 - Possible fix to stop bots buying ground mounts when they already have any normal race mount
 - Added custom quest PickUp & TurnIn methods (HB defaults stops bot if it fails to pickup quest in ~20s, these wont)
Version: 1.4.9 (10/8/2015 5:59:47 AM)
 - Added really basic support for HBRelog, skips current task once profile considers itself finished (customer request)
Version: 1.4.8 (10/7/2015 4:21:45 AM)
 - Fixed correct Guild Bank coordinates & ids for Hordes when withdrawing gold for the Gears
Version: 1.4.6 (10/1/2015 4:15:05 AM)
 - Added 2 new ID for aura "Heroic Defense" in Scarlet Halls (found 4 different ids from WoWHead, should finally fix this problem)
Version: 1.4.5 (9/30/2015 4:35:04 AM)
- Monks uses correct pull methods in Blackrock Caverns now (tried to cast spell "Provoke" from too far away)
Version: 1.4.4 (9/28/2015 6:31:48 AM)
- When buying gears, classes/specs with Dual Wield or Shields checks for correct amount of gold now
- Fixed bot to use correct vendors in Orgrimmar
- Added second id for aura "Heroic Defense" in Scarlett Halls. Should no longer get in stuck loop while trying to pick up shield
Version: 1.4.3 (9/21/2015 5:16:21 AM)
- Changed correct transport usage for Gnomes & Dwarves when buying ground mounts 
- Fixed issue that caused non-Human races to not start farming mobs at 1->5 levels
Version: 1.4.2 (9/13/2015 2:50:15 AM)
-  Movement improvements to Duskwood for Hordes. Avoids high lvl alliance guard near the STV entrance
-  Noobs auto promotes booster to Group Leader if he isn't leader yet. (Only booster resets dungeons)
-  Toons only moves to buy Mounts & Riding Skills if they have gold for both of them. This avoids unnecessary movement in cities
-  New setting "Noobs_Has_RAF" added for Booster. Turn off if you are not using RAF between noobs, avoids unnecessary instance lockdowns
-  Fixed small possibility of infinite death loop when entering Scarlett Halls for first time
-  Small fixes/changes to avoid unnecessary deaths as a Noob in Scarlett Halls 
Version: 1.4.1 (9/8/2015 9:27:12 PM)
First Public Release