Continuous CavaProfiles (1-20)

by Cava

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Continuous CavaProfiles (1-20) - Quest Leveling Profiles from level 1 to 20
From: Cava

This pack its a part of Continuous Cava Profiles, and contains the current and future profiles related with levels 1 to 20.
Continuous Cava Profiles don´t have trial time, this pack was released to allow you to test then.
All (low levels) professions are also included in this pack

with this pack you can test the leveling system, there are some things to know or configure:
  • you can play with loot or just loot mobs that drop quest itens.
  • do all quests in profile or just whats bot need´s to level up fast
  • you can sell itens in Action House/ Mail itens to an Alt character / drop then in Bank / sell to an vendor
  • you can configure to bot from time to time go farm (mining/herbalism) or just grind or do all of the 
  • you can configure to bot raise your mining/herbalism professions while leveling
  • bot will buy bags while leveling
  • bot will buy mounts and train riding skill while leveling
  • you can start anywhere, Continuous Cava Profiles always moves your character to right map
  • there are some options like refuse invites, accept guild invites etc
  • you can select if you want bot save at Inn
  • Continuous Cava Profiles have an anti-stuck system

~ ~ ~ IMPORTANT ~ ~ ~
You need Continuous CavaPlugin to work with Continuous CavaProfiles (1-20)

  • Continuous CavaProfiles (1-20) (This pack)
  • Continuous CavaProfiles (20-85)
  • Continuous CavaProfiles Herbalism
  • Continuous CavaProfiles Mining
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    Had the original 1-100 beautiful, but it's been changed and this crap isn't working.

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    Version: 282R (10/6/2017 1:46:37 PM)
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    Version: 191R (11/28/2016 10:08:14 PM)
    Version: 187R (11/19/2016 1:40:43 AM)
    fixed Horde 1->20 for HB3
    Version: 186R (11/7/2016 4:33:49 AM)
    fix PreInteractMountStrategy="DismountOrCancelShapeshift" --> PreInteractMountStrategy="Dismount"
    Version: 185R (11/1/2016 6:43:37 PM)
    fix alliance 10->20 for HB3
    Version: 184R (10/24/2016 5:34:55 AM)
    fix buy ground mount at level 20
    Version: 183R (10/17/2016 10:03:55 PM)
    renamed profiles/folder
    Version: 182R (10/15/2016 3:32:50 PM)
    180b+ 181b + 182b
    Version: 178R (10/4/2016 1:36:43 AM)
    Version: 174R (10/1/2016 2:06:48 AM)
    fix LandAndDismount
    Version: 173R (9/29/2016 5:31:44 AM)
    Rename 20-80 project to 20-85
    Version: 172R (9/26/2016 6:09:02 PM)
    max level 85
    added (80-82)MountHyjal[Cava]
    added (82-83)Deepholm[Cava]
    added (83-84)Uldum[Cava]
    Added (84-85)TwilightHighlands[Cava]
    Version: 171R (9/22/2016 4:28:03 AM)
    Fix grind/farm
    Version: 169R (9/20/2016 6:22:29 AM)
    fix move continualy to Maincity to buy bags
    fix quest 780
    fix quest 788
    Version: 165R (9/14/2016 12:18:15 AM)
    163b+ 164+ 165b
    Version: 162r (9/11/2016 5:45:42 AM)
    fix move to Action house city
    Version: 161R (9/8/2016 2:51:29 PM)
    Removed QB Taxidrive
    157b +158b + 159b
    Fixed Worgen started zone
    Version: 156R (9/2/2016 1:00:34 PM)
    HB3 version
    Version: 148 (8/20/2016 1:38:51 AM)