Accessary Routines - Hunter

by Dommy

17 ratings


What is different in Accessary Routines - Hunter?
  • Next generation framework design. Purely written by using the new awesome Coroutines framework provided by Honorbuddy.
  • Super human reflexes. Works as good as a simulation craft machine.
  • Fully responsive. No delays on logic whatsoever, no fps drops, no lag.
  • Optimized for raiding. You will get the best DPS on every boss encounter.
  • Movement and Targeting support to be used with Dungeonbuddy or Questing.
  • Advanced power management implementation. Never waste any focus.
  • No double casts, no backing off for spells.
  • All specs and talents are supported.
  • Easy to use. You don't need to setup anything to get going.
  • In-game User Interface. You won't ever need to look at Honorbuddy window.
  • Fully customizable hotkeys for every option.
  • Full support for CapabilityFlags API to provide a smooth experience with all botbases.

This work uses these third-party components from other authors:

"Singular" by Bossland GmbH, released under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license


17 total
Not good. work how to work
Doesnt seem to be updated anymore as it doesnt use many of the hunters abilities, Disabled it until hopefully they update it.
Thief ! update your product !
In the survival of talent can not be placed when the bomb trap
In the beast talent and shooting talent can not face the monster
Hoping to improve or money on the waste
Works great! DPS is good. Hope for more features in updates. Thank you!!
Working good. Nice DPS, nice performance. Would like some more options (-1) - best price in relation to others and to features received (+1)
Not bad at all. Probably one of Dommys best routines.

Changelog History

Version: (9/28/2016 8:52:30 PM)
  • [Beast Mastery] Rotation improvements.
  • [Marksmanship] Fixed a bug with Vulnerable buff detection which was causing issues with Aimed Shot usage.
Version: (9/28/2016 1:18:10 AM)
  • Overall performance improvements.
  • Cast on ground spells should be cast more accurately now.
  • [Beast Mastery] Rotation improvements.
Version: (9/26/2016 7:32:57 AM)
  • Initial Legion release.
Version: (5/18/2016 8:42:47 PM)
  • The routine will suppress movement and facing when a manual intervention is detected from the user. With the addition of this feature, the movement controls are more aggressive and issues with movement not being stopped should not be happening anymore.
Version: (5/7/2016 2:46:38 PM)
  • Fixed a null reference exception being thrown during the new interrupt logic.
Version: (5/5/2016 12:13:57 PM)
  • Interrupt usage options has been added. Options are Off, Current Target, Focus Target and All Units.
Version: (4/29/2016 11:39:20 AM)
  • Rotations will be halted while targeting a friendly target when Targeting is disabled.
Version: (4/17/2016 9:55:49 AM)
  • Garrison Training Dummies are now recognized as bosses.
  • Fixed a calculation error which was causing Glaive Toss and Powershot spells to be not used when units are close to each other.
Version: (4/15/2016 12:40:54 PM)
  • Fixed a bug where Oralius' Whispering Crystal being recognized as a potion and stops rotations from being executed.
Version: (4/12/2016 3:08:05 PM)
  • Fps drops have been fixed. Now uses less resources then Honorbuddy itself even in heavy AoE encounters.
Version: (2/28/2016 9:59:54 AM)
  • Trinket, ring and potion usages are implemented.
  • In-game UI can now be scaled up and down.
Version: (2/9/2016 9:33:19 PM)
  • Will no longer try to cast spells on targets that we are not facing when Facing Enabled option is disabled
  • No longer tries to interrupt friendly targets
Version: (2/9/2016 5:22:58 AM)
  • Cooldown Usage Enabled option is changed to allow Never, EliteOrBoss and Auto as selections
Version: (2/3/2016 10:43:20 PM)
  • Crucial fix for aggro unit detection. Number of aggro units was being calculated incorrectly which was causing AoE rotations to not trigger
Version: (2/3/2016 2:51:41 PM)
  • Performance improvements
  • Combat reach of the target is now taken into account for spell ranges. Npcs with big hit boxes used to reduce the DPS due to incorrect range calculation
Version: (2/1/2016 9:12:53 AM)
  • Garrison Abilities are now supported
  • Will assist pet when there are no other eligible targets to attack
Version: (1/31/2016 7:32:50 AM)
  • Ground casted spells will be placed exactly on ground instead of a bit in air
Version: (1/27/2016 11:28:42 PM)
  • AoE Enabled setting toggles AoE rotations instead of toggling every spell that does AoE damage now. This was causing single target rotations which use AoE spells to under perform
Version: (1/27/2016 10:10:06 PM)
  • Misdirection is now used on pet in solo context
  • Beast Mastery: Frenzy fix
Version: (1/19/2016 4:40:18 PM)
  • Movement improvements for PvP
Version: (1/18/2016 2:44:43 PM)
  • Movement improvements for PvP
Version: (1/18/2016 6:52:53 AM)
  • Will no longer chase units forever to cast a spell
  • Raid buffs detection fix
Version: (1/16/2016 4:56:33 PM)
  • Talent detection fix
Version: (1/16/2016 8:07:33 AM)
  • Glyph detection fix
  • Fixed an issue with pve and pvp rotations being mixed
Version: (1/15/2016 2:48:50 PM)
  • Aspect of the Cheetah is now used while questing.
Version: (1/15/2016 7:57:05 AM)
  • Pet will be assisting us in all conditions now
Version: (1/13/2016 12:27:02 PM)
  • Performance improvements
Version: (1/3/2016 1:40:38 PM)
  • Fixed cast on location spells not being working properly due to some line of sight checks.
Version: (1/2/2016 9:36:39 PM)
  • Fixed an exception being thrown in some cases.
Version: (1/2/2016 3:26:12 PM)
  • Will no longer try to crowd control opposite faction players in PvE realms or when they are not attacking us.
Version: (1/2/2016 12:48:37 PM)
  • No longer fights with blacklisted/evading mobs.
  • Will not try to summon pet upon dismounting or resurrecting.
  • Will not try to revive pet in battlegrounds or arena when in combat.
Version: (12/29/2015 4:55:13 AM)
  • Lone wolf raid buffs no longer causes spam
Version: (12/16/2015 4:14:17 PM)
  • Smarter latency and lag tolerance control. More then 10% DPS improvement
  • Lone wolf buff options
  • Barrage usage option
Version: (12/15/2015 7:22:17 PM)
  • Improvements to Marksman rotation.
Version: (12/11/2015 9:05:36 PM)
  • Stampede Usage option added.
Version: (12/5/2015 8:54:06 PM)
  • Rotation improvements to Beast Mastery and Marksmanship.
Version: (11/28/2015 7:22:19 PM)
  • Should properly follow botbase targets in battlegrounds. Fixes issues with standing still doing nothing.
Version: (11/27/2015 4:51:39 PM)
  • More improvements to targeting to support both LFG and regular raids.
Version: (11/26/2015 10:31:48 AM)
  • Disallowed spells window now allows manual entry of spell names.
Version: (11/24/2015 6:19:10 PM)
  • Targeting improved for raids and arena.
  • Force barrage usage setting has been removed because of the confusions its causing and little to no use.
Version: (10/29/2015 10:00:14 AM)
  • No longer tries to crowd control dead players
Version: (10/27/2015 12:18:28 AM)
  • Movement fixed
  • Targeting fixed
  • Added disallowed spells option to the UI
  • In game UI no longer requires a restart when its enabled or disabled
Version: (10/23/2015 3:12:08 AM)
Initial Release