Explore Draenor

by Aion


  • This BuddyStore Product is included in the of Bundle product: Draenor Flying , aiding to the progress completing the Draenor Pathfinder Meta Achievement, Unlocking Draenor Flying within the whole Battle.net account!

Brief Features:


  • [QB] Explore Draenor - Single profile to explore all Draenor, in verbose mode! Already explored zones/subzones are detected and skipped.
  • This Meta Achievement can be completed in less than 2 hours.
  • Alliance or Horde 100 level Character!

  • Tanaan Jungle Unlocked! (But if not, the Unlock Tanaan Quests are included too!)

  • Character with gear ilvl 640+ is recommended for smooth 100% AFK run.

  • Questing botbase. (Sorry, German HB users)
Start point:
  • Within Garrison for best results! But anywhere should be fine across Draenor.

  • Just load & start the single profile provided.
DISCLAIMER #2: FAQ, Do's and Don'ts:
  • The product is 100% AFK, as long as the toon's gear and CR can handle the mobs. 

    Keep in mind #1: Some of the zones are in level 100 zones, overcrowded with lvl 100 normal mobs, Rares and lvl 101 elites are on the way too, so the toon should be capable of handling them.
    Keep in mind #2: You are crossing Competitive zones, so on PvP Realms, moderate monitoring is recommended, to prevent gamping or other PvP related griefing.

  • While 640+ilvl is recommended, it is doable by certain specs/classes with lower ilvl, but monitored!

  • Do not forget to drop the raid group, if have any! The quests are intended for solo/party only and not tested in Raid!
Known Issues:
  • To be determinated

Profiles code: Made by me, Intro Image, Store Icon: Modified by me
    Author: Freevectors.me
    URL: http://www.freevectors.me/glow-abstract-vector-background-2.html
    Licence: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
    Obtained: 2015


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Changelog History

Version: 1.2 (8/6/2017 11:58:20 PM)
HB 3.0 Compliance
Version: 1.1 (4/16/2016 12:02:44 PM)
Fix: Explore Draenor: Isle of Shadow (Explore Shadowmoon) navigation issue.
Version: 1.0 (9/4/2015 2:34:55 AM)
Initial Release.