[BPR] Erris/Kura All Dailies

by Inrego


This is a plugin for the botbaseBattlePet Royale, which will add new tasks (capabilities) to the botbase.

All the daily quests that Erris / Kura can provide are included. They are all created, so they allow boosting of a low level pet, and the exp is quite decent.

It will automatically swap in the required pets to your team, and set their abilities. It will also pick up the quest and deliver it after it's done, and heal your pets as needed. So all you need to do, is stand in your garrison and press start.

The daily quest rewards aTraveler's Pet Suppliesbag, that can contain one of the following battle-pets:

Each of the daily quests require a specific set of pets in order to be able to do them. Note that the quest-giver is part of the garrison NPC rotations. So you might need to visit someone else's garrison and pick up the quest. Once you have the quest, she will appear in your own garrison, and then you can let the botbase do its thing. Requirements for each daily quest are listed below:

SporesDusty and Salad

Brisby and Jenner

, Prince Charming and Runts

, Mouthy and Carl

Enbi'see, Mal and Bones

I've placed this under Plugins > Questing, as it is technically a plugin. It's only because the "profiles" for BattlePet Royale are so advanced with logic etc, that regular xml-profiles aren't really feasible.

Once streaming is enabled for this product, it will automatically show up in the BattlePet Royale botbase config window.


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Changelog History

Version: 1.0.7 (10/21/2015 4:07:15 AM)
  • Will no longer bug out when there are no more pets to level.
  • Fixed an issue with Sprouts fight where it would get stuck if own pet died at an unanticipated time.
Version: 1.0.4 (9/30/2015 3:13:34 PM)
First release upload out of beta.