[BPR] Pet Menagerie Dailies

by Inrego

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This is a plugin for the botbaseBattlePet Royale, which will add new tasks (capabilities) to the botbase.

All the daily quests at the menagerie are included. All except Tyri has been nerfed so their exp reward is too low to be worth redoing apart from completing the daily quest. Tyri still provides good exp, and therefore, this bot will repeat it when that one is the daily.

It will automatically swap in the required pets to your team, and set their abilities. It will also pick up the quest and deliver it after it's done, and heal your pets as needed. So all you need to do, is stand in your garrison and press start.

The daily quest rewards a Big Bag of Pet Suppliesthat can contain one of the following battle-pets:

Each of the daily quests require a specific set of pets in order to be able to do them Also, you need the pet menagerie level 2 or higher. Requirements for each daily quest are listed below:

Blingtron 4999bProtectron 022481 and Protectron011803:
Brutus and Rukus
JahanSamm and Archimedes
ManosHanos and Fatos
Quintessence of Light

Stitches Jr.

The Beakinator

RockbiterStonechewer and Acidtooth

DeebsTyri and Puzzle
Or.. it can also be done with the following, but the above is recommended, as it's faster and there's a chance of losing with the ones below:

Mr. Terrible, Carroteye and Sloppus

Tirs and Fiero

Queen Floret and King Floret
Kromli and Gromli

GrubblesScrags and Stings

I've placed this under Plugins > Questing, as it is technically a plugin. It's only because the "profiles" for BattlePet Royale are so advanced with logic etc, that regular xml-profiles aren't really feasible.

Once streaming is enabled for this product, it will automatically show up in the BattlePet Royale botbase config window.


2 total
works flawlessly. needs the pets named in the description (had all of them). levels one pet 1-25 each day in ~30mins
works very well

Changelog History

Version: 1.0.5 (10/12/2015 4:59:12 AM)
Will no longer bug out if there are no more pets to level.
Version: 1.0.1 (9/30/2015 3:13:36 PM)
First release upload out of beta.