Raid Studio / Classic / Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

by Studio60


This product is now only available to new customers as part of the "Raid Studio: Retro Bundle".
It will still be maintained through the entire Legion lifecycle for current owners.

All your Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Needs fulfilled in one profile!
  • Farms 3 Battle Pets for the Raiding with Leashes I achievement: Anubisath Idol, Mini Mindslayer and Viscidus Globule
  • Earns Exalted Reputation with the Brood of Nozdormu
  • Has two different raid modes: Standard Run and Boss Run
  • Has options for Viscidus attempts, scarab coffer opening and quest turn ins
  • Earns a few hundred gold plus other sales profits
  • Loots four different Qiraji mounts (which count for the mount collector achievements, but are usable only in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)
  • Earns you the [Why? Because It's Red] Feat of Strength
  • Collects quest items for the Tier 2.5 class set (sorry, nothing for Deathknights, Monks and Demon Hunters)
  • Turns in repeatable quests for reputation and completes the quest line from the "Eye of C'Thun" drop
  • Works with HBRelog (farm your heart out)
  • Can be restarted from each boss encounter in case of disconnects etc.

Custom Raid and Loot Configuration
  • Uses the free Studio Companion plugin to give you an amazing profile experience
  • Picks the shortest travel route to the raid by considering over 150 possible travel options tailored to your character
  • Comes with a startup loot configuration depending on your class and professions
  • Lets you decide for each individual item what you want to do with it
  • Lets you disenchant/destroy items while in the dungeon to save inventory space
  • Lets you put items on a watch list and notifies you with a fanfare when it drops
  • Displays item tooltips and offers Wowhead links for all raid loot
  • Provides custom options for the raid

  • Use the QuestBot, because ... well these profiles need it. :-)
  • Have enough free bag space. There is a lot of loot waiting for you.
  • Enemies might die pretty quickly. If you play a class/spec with a pet, you might want to think about disabling it in your combat routine. 
    Otherwise you might miss out on a few pieces of loot.

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The following non-original work is part of this product:
Treasure Chest Image
Source: Pixabay
License: CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1. 0) Public Domain Dedication
Obtained: 2015-18-02

All other parts of this product including, but not limited to, code, other images (logos, product images, parts of the software) and customizations of the aforementioned images are original work by Studio60. More information is available in the Legal.txt file that ships with the product, and will be provided free, on request.


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Changelog History

Version: 1.0.170703.1 (7/4/2017 4:31:50 PM)
- Updated a deprecated profile attribute
Version: 1.0.170618.1 (6/19/2017 5:01:30 AM)
- Updated a deprecated profile attribute
Version: 1.0.161029.1 (11/1/2016 6:35:12 PM)
- Fixed travel at the end of the raid
Version: 1.0.160916.1 (9/19/2016 6:38:00 PM)
- Raid options are working again
Version: 1.0.160907.1 (9/8/2016 2:22:18 AM)
- Character now leaves the raid through plugin functionality
- Character will now run straight through to the Fankriss arena
- Fixed a compiler error in Ouro encounter
- Rewrote C'Thun encounter
- Fixed a compiler error in Brood of Nozdormu profile
Version: 1.0.160902.1 (9/2/2016 8:06:36 PM)
- The Frost Damage Weapon bonus profile can now be run by characters up to level 110
Version: 1.0.160831.1 (8/31/2016 9:08:23 PM)
- All profiles rudimentarily updated for HB3
- Fixed a syntax error in scarab coffer interaction
- Removed Exotic Ammunition use against Viscidus (talent has been removed)
- Survival Hunters now use the polearm frost weapon from Storm Peaks if available
Version: 1.0.160815.1 (8/17/2016 9:34:36 AM)
- Added a boss check fallback to the Silithid Royalty encounter to avoid a Blizzard bug if the encounter despawns
Version: 1.0.160809.1 (8/9/2016 10:49:55 AM)
- Updated all profiles to fix progression between raids in Studio Planner runs
Version: 1.0.160803.1 (8/4/2016 1:26:20 AM)
- All raid profiles now update their completion status correctly (requires Studio Companion update)
Version: 1.0.160726.1 (7/27/2016 5:21:44 AM)
- Updated all death behaviors to accomodate for player characters now respawning directly inside the raid
- Improved C'thun logic & targeting
Version: 1.0.151129.1 (12/1/2015 2:26:03 AM)
- Added immunity management behavior for Anubisath NPCs to Act 01 
Version: 1.0.151108.1 (11/9/2015 4:38:05 PM)
- Added avoidance behaviors to remove stuck issues with pillars at the temple entrance
- Added behavior for affected classes/specs to deal with Anubisath Defender spell immunities 
- Optimized death behavior
- Optimized behavior logging
- Improved use of haste abilities
- Hunter characters now use Frozen Ammo, A Murder of Crows and Stampede if available
Princess Huhuran
- Improved trash route
Version: 1.0.151010.1 (10/11/2015 6:06:39 AM)
- Added a minimal delay after deleting mounts to give Honorbuddy a chance to keep up with the inventory change
Princess Huhuran
- Removed Vekniss Drone from target list to prevent bot from running back into the Fankriss gauntlet tunnel
- Fixed an exception when using Brunnhildar weapons
- Added Seraphim as active skill to the frozen phase 
Version: 1.0.151005.1 (10/6/2015 12:11:51 AM)
- Fixed a profile naming issue
- Fixed an exception when no offhand weapon was equipped during the frost weapon check
- Bot no longer expects fight to be over the moment Ouro starts tunneling
Twin Emperors
- Removed AllowedTolerance and AllowedVariance attributes in Twin Emperor profile
- Slightly altered the stomach exit procedure so the character waits on the platform for a second
Version: 1.0.151002.1 (10/3/2015 7:56:56 PM)
- Moved HBRelog functionality to Studio Companion
Version: 1.0.150926.1 (9/28/2015 6:41:29 AM)
- Release