Sushi - Balls Deep (PvE Rogue)

by The Future


Sushi is a PvE optimized Combat Routine for the Rogue class. It supports all specialization and is simply the best out there for all your PvE combat rotation needs!

Features of Sushi.
  • Rotations focused on PvE raiding. The best possible DPS output!
  • Support for Enyo.
  • Graphical User Interface for easy settings management.
  • High efficiency and full framelock support.
  • Optimized for Warlords of Draenor.
What should we use this routine for?
  • It's optimized for manual-movement raiding (Enyo). This means the routine does your combat and cool-downs and you do the rest! It gives you a edge in battle, as this routine performs perfect combat for you and you have time to focus on other matters ... Like the puddle you're standing in!
And these are just a few examples of a unending list of possibilities!

Terms of service.

There are a few terms which count when buying this routine. If you do not agree with these, do not buy it.
  • Support will be handled via the Honorbuddy forums until further notice. I will try to respond within 72 hours (Usually faster), but no guarantee here. There will be no support during my holidays.
  • I will only support issues directly regarding this routine. Any other support issue will not be answered and should be addressed at the proper support topics.
  • Updates of this routine come as is. I will not support functionality which I'm uncomfortable with. If you request a function, and I say no ... It's not going to happen.
  • You agree that the terms of service might change without your consent, as they are still in development! The new terms will be valid from the moment of edit.
Copyright & Credits

Item: Several minor Singular code snippets.
Original Author: Bossland GmbH
Date Obtained: 2013 +/-
Obtained from: HB Distribution folder
License: Creative Commons CC CC-BY-SA 4.0
Item: CombatLogHandler.cs
Original Author: Apoc && Wulf && Mirabis
Date Obtained: 2013 +/-
Obtained from: Skype
License: Creative Commons CC CC-BY-SA 4.0
Item: EventsTracker.cs
Original Author: Wulf && Stormchasing
Date Obtained: 2013 +/-
Obtained from: Skype
License: Creative Commons CC CC-BY-SA 4.0
Item: PerformanceLogger.cs
Original Author: UnifiedTrinity && Wulf
Date Obtained: 2013 +/-
Obtained from: Skype
License: Creative Commons CC CC-BY-SA 4.0
Item: DpsMeter.cs
Original Author: Handnavi
Date Obtained: 2014 +/-
Consent: Given for use in this routine and upcoming products.
Obtained from: Skype
License: Creative Commons CC CC-BY-SA 4.0


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Changelog History

Version: v1. (3/27/2015 3:23:11 AM)
General changes
- last line of old DFA call removed
- removed Shadowmeld from Assassination and Combat
- fixed a bug with key state reset on talent change
- fixed a bug with DFATalent
- some tweaks to Death From Above
- Some tweaks to Envenom
- T17P2 Support 
Version: v1. (3/2/2015 6:29:41 AM)
legal informations added 
removed vanish sync for dfa until proper solution
some tweaks to death from above
added Checks for Encounter in Progress
added a 2 second check for no movement to shadowmeld, added movement check to Shadowmeld
fixed a bug with shadowmeld never being used
changed condition for Dance a bit, Ambush should now be forced right after Dance
should pop SD and SR on BL or Agi potion
Skipping cooldowns on more than 3 units
Hemorrhaging before Pooling
if Hemorrhage is about to drop, Pooling should now exit the generators task if succesfull, FoK shouldn't be used after Pooling anymore, to not break the Pooling logic
fixed null in interrupt handler 
fixed a misplacement of a variable
Possible fix for null exceptions in InterruptHandler,Possible fix for Interrupt delayed too much,Possible Fix for null exceptions on Cast,Fixed spamming of poisons while moving,Possible fix for vanish after dance in sub,Fixed Vendetta and Shadow Reflection in Assassination
Beta InterruptHandler merged from Test-Routine
possible fix for an error on initialisation
InterruptHandler is now based on Percentages of Casttime left instead of a random milliseconds value,InterruptHandler can now interrupt off targets too,Multidotting takes MaxHealth of a unit into account (default 500k, can be setup by user)
AoE - Handler: tweaked condition for Units in Range (with large hitboxes)
MfD checks now for Vanish / Stealth
Preparation checks now for energy
Vanish checks now for energy
FoK and Crimson in SingleTarget are only used when we are not moving, to prevent wasting a 5 CP finisher when we could be in melee range in short time
All 3 speccs do now support vanish AND shadowmeld properly
removed some more unused code
GCD - added check for Cooldown and HasSpell to method
CommonActions - uncommented unused code
Assassination - removed unused code
Subtlety - applied vanish fix to shadowmeld
Version: v1. (2/18/2015 11:18:38 PM)
  • fix for spells with cooldowns or talents that wasn't choosen - we ignore them now on our cast routine, these spells made some issues every now and then because we didn't checked if we have them or if they are on cooldown
  • Preparation fixed
  • Ambush after Vanish for some situations fixed
  • Vanish with shadow focus
  • Some pooling/energy issues fixed
  • Eviscerate fixed
  • Revealing Strike fixed
  • Slice and Dice fixed
  • Ambush fixed
  • Adrenaline Rush will be delayed for Deep Insight
  • Shadow Reflection will be delayed for Deep Insight
  • Killing Sprre will be delayed for Deep Insight
  • Death From Above will be delayed for Deep Insight
Version: v1. (1/31/2015 4:28:23 AM)
  • fixed Vanish / Preparation in Combat and Assassination
  • fixed Cleave in Assassination
  • fixed an issue with melee range
  • Crimson Tempest in cleave fixed
  • FoK / Ambush fixed in Vanish
  • Fixed AOE detection (Multidotting not affected from fix)
  • fixed a bug with shadowmeld
  • fixed a bug with pooling + cp fixed
  • Preparation fixed for all Speccs
  • a bug in Assassination should be fixed where Routine decided to stack 5 CP while vanishing
  • a bug in Assassination should be fixed where Routine decided to pool energy
  • fixed a bug in logging where CurrentTarget informations were written to the log instead of Target informations
  • changed priority in builder task for Assassination
  • changed a condition for Rupture in Subtletly which should fix the dropping of Rupture from Maintarget
  • fixed a bug in poison spreading where rupture was used on off-target
Version: v1. (1/23/2015 5:17:13 AM)
  • fix for canusestealthabilities
  • fixed a bug with vanish/stealth -> orc racials
  • fixed a bug with assassination where routine decided to wait for Envenom to fall off
  • fixed a bug with assassination where routine decided to let Rupture fall off and prefering Envenom to be casted
  • fixed a bug where routine decided to skip a spell because of GCD even when all other conditions where true
  • fixed a bug where routine decided to use a spell while it beeing on Cooldown
  • fixed range check
  • changed priorities
  • some tweaks to prevent unwanted energypooling
  • fix for stealthbreaking startattack
  • aoe fix for subtlety
  • fixed Stealth issue on Autostealth
  • fixed some melee range issues
  • fixed a bug with orc racial
  • some more tweaks to spread poison
  • some more tweaks to Subtlety (we merged some core-funtcions to met all 3 speccs, logging changed to a bit less overhead information)
  • globalized some stuff that was used in all 3 speccs, to reduce code redundancies
  • reworked the whole Assassination rotation
  • cycling deadly poison on 3 or less targets with mutilate (when envenom is up)
  • cycling rupture on exactly 3 targets (or less, if not 3 targets active)
Version: v1. (1/18/2015 2:17:23 AM)
More changes to Subtletly Tricks of the Trade on Focus target added (can be enabled in the setting) Shadowmeld added to Subtlety Death from Above tweaked Stacking optimized Anticipation
more optimizations Honor Among Thieves is now tracked and recognized Trinkets and Racials are can now be synced with cooldowns, without breaking stealth some conditions for rotation added and tweaked support for shadow focus added
Fixed some possible empty results updated dummylist fixed the usage of not learned talents
Some fixes to Subtlety
Version: v1.0.1.36 (1/8/2015 5:28:14 AM)
  • fixed an issue with synthesizer (Speech output)
  • ambush raised in priority for subtlety (stealth/vanish)
  • assassination uses rupture now @ 5 combopoints
Version: v1.0.1.35 (1/6/2015 5:19:20 AM)
All Speccs
  • Multidotting for all Speccs fixed
  • Deadly Poison for all Speccs fixed
  • cooldowns not properly used on bosses, when it was set to bosses only
  • removed some obsolete code
  • removed some redundant code
  • added Sanguary Veins for tracking bleeds
  • added / modified FoK for Venum Rush fixed for subtlety and assassination
  • AOE-Detection and Multidot detection fixed for Sub and Assassination where FoK was casted even when we had poisons up and conditions didn't match
  • Cooldown-Usage modified for all modes
  • error in logging solved (chinese version)
  • FoK in ST rotation when needed
  • SR added
  • Shadow Reflection added for Assassination
  • Death from Above added for Assassination

  • tweaked Hemorrhage
  • energy capped + combopoints capped -> routine waits for something -> we are investigating the issue
  • DfA in Subtlety
  • energy capping in subtlety
  • shadow reflection in subtlety
  • spreading poison with venomrush in subtlety

  • removed beta rotations
Version: v1.0.1.34 (1/3/2015 5:26:27 AM)
  • Dead from Above is now waiting for bleeding (Sang Veins / Rupture)
  • Removed obsolete code
  • Removed subterfuge timer, aura is now returned properly
Version: v1.0.1.33 (12/23/2014 5:34:09 AM)
  • fixed closing on Save and Close button
  • added some workarounds for Subterfuge and Ambush in Subtlety
  • added Death from Above to Subtlety
  • fixed (maybe) Subterfuge issue
  • fixed stealthing issue
  • fixed Death from Above spell id
Version: v1.0.1.32 (12/18/2014 5:35:17 AM)
- fixed a bug in poison usage
Version: (12/17/2014 5:20:17 AM)
  • subtlety reworked
Version: v1.0.1.30 (12/4/2014 1:08:38 AM)
  • [Combat] Fixed a bug,w here it wouldn't use Ambush after using Vanish.
  • [Combat] Removed Deep Insight delay for Killing Spree. (Temporarily)
  • [Combat] Fixed an issue with using Blade Flurry on 1 target.
  • [Subtlety] Lowrered TimeToEnergy required energy to 70. This is to prevent capping on energy sometimes.
  • Interrupt randomizer value highered from "300,1500" to "500,1500".
Version: v1.0.1.29 (11/24/2014 3:10:38 AM)
  • [Combat] Fixed an issue, where the routine wouldn't cast Revealing Strike.
  • Fixed a bug, where Feint would've been casted without checking if we have Feint active
  • Added Feint toggle for constant Feint refreshing. See hotkey tab.
Version: v1.0.1.28 Release (11/22/2014 7:54:48 PM)
  • Fixed Shadow Reflection to be casted before a great cooldown is used
  • Fixed a bug where we logged death knight talents instead of rogue talents
  • Added Shadow Relection queue setting. If enabled, it will cast SR, when a cooldown like Vendetta or Killing Spree or Shadow Dance is queued, before it will be casted.
  • Added Shadow Relection toggle setting. If disabled, it will not cast SR. Doesn't affect the Shadow Relection queue setting.
  • [Combat] Fixed Blade Flurry cancel when no adds are around anymore
  • [Combat] Adjusted Revealing Strike. It'll now cast it when not ticking or with 4 combopoints and below 7.2seconds or when a Deep Insight delay is requested.
  • [Assassination] Fixed Envenom usage when more than 8 adds are around to use Crimson Tempest
  • [Assassination] Added multidot with Mutilate to apply Deadly Poison debuff
  • [Subtlety] Adjusted Death From Above to accompany target cycling
  • [Subtlety] Adjusted Hemorrhage refresh time to '< 8000'
Version: v1.0.1.26 (11/16/2014 2:37:11 AM)
  • [Assassination] Fixed Slice'n Dice holding the rotation, due to getting passive.
  • Fixed a null exception in FindFirstUsableSpell for items.
Version: (11/12/2014 7:49:51 PM)
Nothing changed. Store is being buggy!
Version: v1.0.1.25 (11/12/2014 7:45:05 PM)
  • [Subtlety] Fixed pooling for Hotkey behavior. Was pooling for SD when the hotkey wasn't enabled.
  • Fixed prompt info -- Will not prompt th user for 'WoW Chat Output' anymore, if he is okay with it. Will only change when opened the GUI and accepted the 2nd prompt.
Version: v1.0.1.24 (11/11/2014 5:09:03 PM)
  • Removed Marked for Death, Vanish and Adrenalin Rush form the hotkey settings tab.
  • Added a queue system for Vendetta, Feint, Shadown Dance and Killing Spree.
Version: v1.0.1.23 (11/10/2014 8:12:28 PM)
  • Added some immune mobs to the ignore list (like Iron Juggernaut Crawler Mines)
  • Added a setting for Speech. No more talking!
  • New Vanish logic!
  • [Subtlety] Pooling for Shadow Dance will now properly pool
  • [Subtlety] Added support for 'Glyph of Hemorrhaging Veins'
  • [Subtlety] Fixed multi dotting
  • [Subtlety] Fixed typo in Find Weakness aura id
  • [Assassination] Fixed AOE rotations
  • [Combat] Added a 'delay Deep Insight' function, if KS is less than 4s and we're at our 11th SS
Version: v1.0.1.22 (11/9/2014 5:50:36 PM)
  • Fixed Assassination AOE spam
  • Fixed GUI crashing
Version: v1.0.1.20 (11/8/2014 4:14:33 PM)
  • [Combat] Killing Spree and Adrenalin Rush setting changed from OnBoss to Bandits Guile. You need to delete your settings for that.
  • [Subtlety|Assassination] It'll now cycle through targets to appply debuffs, like Rupture or Mutilate to apply the poison debuffs
  • Vanish shouldnt be used instantly in ight anymore
  • Added Feint hotkey settings
  • Added setting for auto Stealth
  • Fixed AOE key setting. Now it does proper Aoe when enabled. Remember, in Auto mode it will change by itself.
Version: (10/31/2014 6:57:14 PM)
  • put the Syntheziser into his own Task
  • [Subtlety] Added an additional check for IsSafelyBehind for Backstab and Hemorrraghe. I wanted to avoid that but it is neccessary.
Version: (10/26/2014 1:50:38 AM)
  • Fixed not loading bug
  • Fixed not switching rotations accordingly after spec change
  • quality of life changes
Version: (10/24/2014 6:15:58 PM)
  • Rewrote Assassination
  • Added specialization specific cooldown key settings
Version: (10/21/2014 6:01:23 PM)
  • Initial live release