@ProfitMaster: Exalted for All 4 MoP Factions [Realms Switch!]

by @alisha

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I Recommend:
BotBases: GoldBoss , FishingMaster
Combat Routines: KittyDru , JadyMonk
Plugins: BotterHelper [!!!NEW!!! Farm Satchel for Gold ]

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Purchases can be refunded within 7 days, However refunding a product will prevent you from being able to repurchase in future.
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[ HBRelog Supported! ]

This Profile Pack contains 29 profiles:

* Prices from EU TheUndermineJournal, Server: Kazzak EU

  • Toon: Min 90 lvl, Recommended 100 lvl with Fly in MoP
  • BotBase: GrindBot
  • Plugin Enabled: ProfitMaster: Profile Loader [ free ]
  • Start Location: Any in MoP , +For Profile Farming War-God Dokah on Ship -> Move toon Manually to Ship, as HB can't Navigate there

Profile Data:
!*! - Not 100% AFK Profile - Need to Move Toon to Start Location Manualy, also need to Watch on Toon, as HB do not provide Navigation there
Enable  Skining in HB Settings if you want also skin Dinosaurs.

  • Switch Realms: + Will Auto use Group Finder! Will Auto Join Group with Difference Realms to get Maximum Profit Output!
  • Auto Navigation: Will Auto use Taxi + Mount
  • Advanced Roll System: Will roll Need for Items if possible, including BoP! Auto Confirm loot BoP
  • Ready Check: Will Auto Confirm Ready Check if in group to be less botish!
  • Sell Gray items: On Full Bags [ free slots < 3], Will Auto Navigate to Merchant, using Taxi + Mount if needed
  • Repair: On Durability < 55, Will Auto Navigate to Repair, using Taxi + Mount if needed
  • Survival Helper:
    • Activate Heal Behavior & Rest & Precombat Buff Behavior if CR have it
    • Use Grilled Saberfish \ Saberfish Broth to Restore Health \ Mana
    • Use Felmouth Frenzy to Restore Health \ Mana
    • Use Best Food to Gain Food Buff or Restore Health / Mana
    • Buy Food from Travel Mount [Yak, Mamonth, etc]
    • WoW Overlay:
      • Display running profile name
      • Display gained Gold count
      • Display gained items, currency count
      • Print button to print full statistic
    • Humanic:
      • Start Location Randomize for less Botish Behavior and not stack other boter

How To Start
How to Start ProfitMaster Profiles

Intro Image, Store Icon: created by my husband, original picture used
Author: Mario Montagna
URL: http://xoo.me/template/details/834-treasure-chest-with-gold-coins-and-crown
Licence: Personal and Commercial Use
Obtained: 2015


2 total
Says what it does and does what it says!
It works, but not nearly in one day. In the past four hours I've received a single token for Shado-Pan, and zero for any other faction. So once every four hours results in 6,000xp per day. This is going to take far longer than one day.

Changelog History

Version: 1.0.4 (9/4/2016 9:14:11 PM)
Updated to HB3

** This build is a major revision, and will likely contain numerous bugs. Please report them in the ProfitMaster thread on the forum **
Version: 2.1 (6/24/2016 6:14:14 PM)
Popup added, to make users attention on HoWTo load profile, if they not bother reading description on Store page.
Version: 1.2 (10/8/2015 3:13:11 AM)
Public Release