[SynTacTix] Draenor Reputation Grind - Excluding Tanaan Factions

by SynTacTix


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This profile will farm reputation with the standard Draenor factions, excluding Tanaan Factions.
Start the profile from your Garrison, using Questing Bot.

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Changelog History

Version: 2.1 (9/6/2016 11:55:07 PM)
Change release type from: Beta -> Release
Beta version contains all required changes for HB3
Version: 1.3 (11/12/2015 4:46:56 AM)
Additional Faction Reputation farming (Still Excludes Tanaan Factions)
Fixed a few minor bugs in terms of detecting player faction.
Version: 1.1 (10/14/2015 6:42:54 AM)
Initial Release