Ultimate Mining Farmer

by Inrego

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This profile is the ultimate profile for miners. It can either be used to level mining 1-600 afk, or to farm any ores without the trouble having to figure out where to get them, or how to get there. As a small example, you could set it to farm 100 tin, 100 fel iron and 100 ghost iron and press start. It will farm it all by switching continents by itself and training by itself if your skill is too low. You can start it anywhere in the world, and it will find it’s way to where it needs to farm the ores you tell it to!
There are many uses for such a profile, and to name a few:
  • Levelling mining 1-600 fully automated.
  • Farming the shopping list to level another profession instead of buying it all on AH.
  • Gathering any kind of ores that is currently of high value on AH.
When it’s done farming, it has the options of one of the following:
  • Deposit in Personal Bank
  • Deposit in Guild Bank
  • Mail to alt (or other char)
  • Put on AH and undercut others
I added a few extra things, for a little extra awesomeness:
  • Can use your HS to navigate around the world, but can also do it without!
  • Mobile Banking if your guild have it and you have enough guild rep.
  • MOLL-E (Portable Mailbox) if you are engineer and own one.
  • Traveler’s Tundra Mount, Jeeves, Guild Page and Guild Herald for vendoring if that’s enabled.
  • Will detect your Scryer/Aldor reputation so it knows where to train in Shattrath.
  • Dynamic goto-profiles will allow you to easily use your own farming profiles instead of the ones I provide.
  • If you think of anything else – let me know!
This profile also features Inrego’s Smart Navigation system, which will always be able to get you to the right continent, no matter where in the world you are. You don’t have to think about being on the right continent when you start it – the profile will get to its farming spot either way!
Here’s a screenshot of the settings, so you get an idea of the capabilities with this profile:


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omg I love this product so much. you are my all time favorite when it comes to gathering profiles. it was everything I ever wanted! will you please do an update very soon for legion because I really miss using this profile I paid for it not too long ago and it makes me sad that I cant use it right now. I will do anything and everything I can to help out if needed just let me know. I don't have much money but id would be happy to donate to help out with an update.
Does exactly what it says, only got stuck on 1 node so far, i believe it's worth it

Changelog History

Version: 14 (9/19/2016 10:53:45 PM)
Tested with HB3
Version: 13 (3/27/2015 3:24:07 AM)
Fixed Outlands portal.
Added Draenor farming for alliance.
Version: 11 (12/4/2014 1:08:47 AM)
Fixed a typo and added a missing await keyword
Version: 10 (11/1/2014 5:14:35 PM)
Replaced Thread.Sleep with Coroutine alternatives. Also changed all lua variables to be local, and some bug fixes after some lua functions were removed in 6.0