Accessary Routines - Druid

by Dommy

9 ratings


What is different in Accessary Routines - Druid?
  • Next generation framework design. Purely written by using the new awesome Coroutines framework provided by Honorbuddy.
  • Super human reflexes. Works as good as a simulation craft machine.
  • Fully responsive. No delays on logic whatsoever, no fps drops, no lag.
  • Optimized for raiding. You will get the best DPS, HPS and TPS on every boss encounter.
  • Movement and Targeting support to be used with Dungeonbuddy or Questing.
  • Advanced power management implementation. You have never been this close to the moon and the sun.
  • No double casts, no backing off for spells.
  • All specs and talents are supported.
  • Easy to use. You don't need to setup anything to get going.
  • In-game User Interface. You won't ever need to look at Honorbuddy window.
  • Fully customizable hotkeys for every option.
  • Full support for CapabilityFlags API to provide a smooth experience with all botbases.

This work uses these third-party components from other authors:

"Singular" by Bossland GmbH, released under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license


9 total
Dont buy, its sucks a lot
Used it, did nothing, no instructions, no nothing. Adding to skype never replied forums has no info on how it works.
no updates, no communication...
Good healing PvE & PvP
Guardian tanks do not use artifact skills and crushing skills. Hope to update Thank you, such as the country updated I have a lot of friends will buy it.I guarantee!
Good healing with this routine
Amazing dps

Changelog History

Version: 1.0.32 (10/4/2016 9:04:39 PM)
  • [Restoration] Added 10 second wait time between Efflorescence casts.
Version: (10/4/2016 2:49:51 AM)
  • [Restoration] Added Essence of G'Hanir hots count setting.
  • [Restoration] Efflorescence calculations are more accurate now.
Version: (10/4/2016 1:39:20 AM)
  • [Feral] Fixed Thrash spam. Finishers work properly now.
Version: (10/1/2016 4:44:13 PM)
  • [Balance] Rotation improvements.
  • [Restoration] Slight adjustments to AoE Healing in 5 man groups.
Version: (9/28/2016 8:52:04 PM)
  • [Feral] Fixed a bug with energy pooling which should increase the DPS output a lot.
Version: (9/28/2016 1:17:24 AM)
  • Overall performance improvements.
  • Cast on ground spells should be cast more accurately now.
  • [Restoration] Reworked whole heal logic. It is a lot better at prioritizing heal targets and saving mana now.
Version: (9/24/2016 11:06:19 PM)
  • [Balance] AoE rotation improvements for Moonfire, Sunfire and Stellar Flare.
Version: (9/24/2016 10:46:40 AM)
  • [Guardian] Rotation should be properly executed when Movement is enabled now.
Version: (9/23/2016 7:35:23 PM)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some self only buffs like Feral Druid's Prowl to be not used.
Version: (9/22/2016 9:20:47 PM)
  • [Feral] Wild Charge range fix.
  • [Feral] Overall improvements for finishers.
Version: (9/21/2016 8:43:21 PM)
  • Initial Legion release.
Version: (5/18/2016 8:42:19 PM)
  • The routine will suppress movement and facing when a manual intervention is detected from the user. With the addition of this feature, the movement controls are more aggressive and issues with movement not being stopped should not be happening anymore.
  • [Guardian] Will pull with Faerie Fire when the target is not reachable via ground navigation.
  • [Feral, Guardian] Now makes sure we are not shapeshifted while healing in rest logic.
Version: (5/8/2016 9:33:00 PM)
  • Pre level 10 starter rotation has been added.
Version: (5/7/2016 2:46:09 PM)
  • Fixed a null reference exception being thrown during the new interrupt logic.
Version: (5/5/2016 12:13:15 PM)
  • Interrupt usage options has been added. Options are Off, Current Target, Focus Target and All Units.
Version: (4/30/2016 3:57:47 PM)
  • [Feral & Guardian] Displacer Beast and Skull Bash will no longer be used when Movement is disabled.
Version: (4/29/2016 2:29:26 PM)
  • [Balance] Fixed an eclipse calculation error that was causing Wrath and Starfire to be sometimes used in wrong eclipses.
Version: (4/29/2016 11:38:23 AM)
  • Rotations will be halted while targeting a friendly target when Targeting is disabled.
  • Melee specs will no longer cast self only spells when there are no targets within melee range.
Version: (4/26/2016 6:57:02 AM)
  • [Feral] Pull mobs with Faerie Fire when they are not reachable.
  • [Restoration] Rejuvenation usages has been tuned and made adjustable with the Healing Modifier setting.
Version: (4/25/2016 10:05:19 PM)
  • [Restoration] Should now properly use full healing rotation instead of just spamming Regrowth.
Version: (4/20/2016 8:02:11 PM)
  • Initial Release