Chaos - An Advanced Demon Hunter Routine

by Millz

48 ratings


Chaos is the most advanced Demon Hunter combat routine available for Honorbuddy.

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  • Supports all Bot Bases
  • Supports Questing
  • End Game PvE focused, and PvP capable (further PvP support will be added later)
  • Highly configurable GUI
  • Vast amounts of updates and super fast support
  • Frame lock support
  • All specializations supported
  • Hotkey support
  • Pre-set settings for quick start usage
  • Movement / Targeting / Facing support
Example PvE Features:
  • Optimized routine for max DPS
  • Encounter specific logic for complex fights
Example PvP Features:
  • Diminishing Returns Tracker

Item: CombatLogHandler.cs
Original Author: Bossland GmbH/Apoc/Wulf/Mirabis
Date Obtained: +/- 2013
Obtained from: PureRotation V2
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: CacheManager.cs
Original Author: Wulf
Date Obtained: +/- 2013
Obtained from: PureRotation V2
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

Item: Death.cs TalentManager.cs
Original Author: Bossland GmbH
Date Obtained: +/- 2013
Obtained from: Singular
License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

Item: Net Seal Theme
Original Author: Nimoru Software
Date Obtained: +/- 2014
Obtained from: Site:
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Item: Product Icon Image
Original Author: Millz
Date Obtained: Mar-2015
Obtained from: Original Artwork
License: Original artwork requires no explicit license for use in my own products.

Item: accepted.png 
Original Author: 
Date Obtained: +/- 2015
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Item: warning.png 
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Date Obtained: +/- 2015
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Date Obtained: +/- 2015
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Item: up.png 
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Date Obtained: +/- 2015
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Item: ExpressionDark.xaml (Customized)
Original Author: Microsoft
Date Obtained: Aug 2016
Obtained from: Microsoft
License: Ms-PL:

Item: MahApps Metro
Original Author: Paul Jenkins
Date Obtained: Sep 2016
Obtained from:
License: Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL);


48 total

Perfect Routine, No comparation with Singular
Quite good, missing a few tweak options (granted, xpac hasn't been out that long) but it's probably one of the best routines for handling crazy AoE situations I've seen in any routine. More than a few times I said to myself, "oh, demon hunter is dead this time-- just pulled 5 mobs," only to watch the routine work its way through every mob with health to spare. EDIT: One note, for questing-- it helps to set the "Allow collecting of soul fragments" to something like 75% hp. Routine handles the mobility and 'Fel Rush' logic back-and-forth quite well.
10/10 love it
Very significant improvement over the default rotation an all accounts, custumization, raw DPS and cooldownmanagement for tanking. I very much recommend it.
Is very perfect!!
Another amazing product by Millz.
I'm almost afraid to use it because it makes me dominate :)

Changelog History

Version: [23/Jul/2017] (7/24/2017 5:06:16 PM)
- Updated boss list to include Tomb of Sargeras bosses.
Version: [18/Jun/2017] (6/19/2017 5:03:12 AM)
- Changes to support 7.2.5:
    - [Havoc] Fel Barrage is no longer expecting spell charges.
    - [Vengeance] Empower Wards is now looking for spell charges.
Version: [30/May/2017] (5/31/2017 5:11:09 AM)
- Updated the potion logic to use Potion of the Old War.
Version: [20/May/2017] (5/21/2017 11:24:17 PM)
- [Havoc] Added debugging behind why the CR is collecting Soul Fragments - i.e. low HP or talent choices.
- [Havoc] Will no longer cast Eye Beam when moving. Causes too many wasted casts.
- [Havoc] Tuning to Eye Beam with Demonic talent.
- [Havoc] Added a time to death check to Fury of the Illidari and Eye Beam.
- Improved targeting logic - will now accept units that aren't in melee range if we don't have any units already in melee range. Will now also select the closest unit first.
Version: [21/Apr/2017] (4/21/2017 7:11:14 PM)
- [Havoc] Tuning to Eye Beam usage. No longer used in Single Target rotation unless triggering Demonic talent.
- [Havoc] Tuning to Chaos Strike usage.
- [Havoc] Tuning to Throw Glaive.
Version: [16/Feb/2017] (2/17/2017 5:48:32 AM)
- [Havoc] Eye Beam has been changed to be controlled by both the Cooldowns and AoE hotkeys. If either are disabled, Eye Beam won't cast.
Version: [09/Feb/2017] (2/10/2017 3:17:18 PM)
- [Havoc] Felblade is now force cast on cooldown when in range of target to generate Fury. Will only cast when fury deficit >= 30.
- Experimental change to improve FPS by only scanning for new units up to 5 times per second, instead of every frame change in game (30 FPS = 30 scans per second).
- Fixed attempting to face units when stunned, causing the toon to stutter turn - which is impossible to do by a player.
Version: [11/Jan/2017] (1/12/2017 2:34:22 AM)
- [Havoc] 7.1.5 Changes:
    - Removed Blur for Demon Speed artifact trait. No longer generates 2 charges of Fel Rush.
- [Vengeance] 7.1.5 Changes:
    - Removed Nether Bond
    - Added Demonic Infusion support (on 0 charges of demon spikes and deficit of 60 pain) - setting to disable. Under cooldown hotkey control.
- Updated TalentManager to support talent changes.
Version: [28/Dec/2016] (1/1/2017 5:45:11 AM)
- Fixed boss detection.
- When bot is started, if using Questing bot base, will now forcefully enable movement, targeting, and facing to improve usage with HBRelog.
- Tuning to TimeToDeath manager to improve FPS loss performance.
- Reduced the unit scanning range from 120 yards to 80 (for FPS improvements).
Version: [06/Dec/2016] (12/9/2016 4:55:09 AM)
- [Havoc] Blade Dance/Death Sweep is now checking for unit count near me, rather than target.
- [Havoc] Added a fury check to prevent spamming Annihilation.
- [Vengeance] Changed logic behind Fracture usage to cast much more frequent.
- [Vengeance] Increased priority of Spirit Bomb, and made changes to improve the uptime of Frailty.
- [Vengeance] Added option to pool 20 Pain for manual usage of Demon Spikes.
- Removed low mana/burst option from trinket usage.
- Added 'On Metamorphosis Active' option to trinket usage.
- Auto targeting will now switch to a unit in melee range if our current target is not in melee range.
- Interrupting against non-players is now faster.
- Added a missing Soul Fragment ID.
Version: [27/Oct/2016] (10/29/2016 2:44:25 AM)
- [Vengeance] Distance from which Soul Fragments can be used for Soul Cleave, Soul Barrier, and Spirit Bomb has been increased to 25 yards (was 20 yards).
- [Havoc] Added tuning to Annihilation.
Version: [23/Oct/2016 - Alpha] (10/24/2016 5:52:43 AM)
- Changed boss detection method.
- [Havoc] Vengeful Retreat auto cast is now only used if there's a wall behind us (or something to stop the jump back). 
- [Havoc] Updated the conditions around Nemesis to sync with Metamorphosis.
- [Havoc] Further changes to Fel Rush to improve Momentum uptime.
- [Havoc] Eye Beam, Death Sweep, Blade Dance, and Fury of the Illidari can be toggled off with the AoE hotkey now.
- [Havoc] Added setting to use Vengeful Retreat forwards to close gap (only works when right mouse button isn't held down).
- [Havoc] Reduced range check on Eye Beam so that we're closer before casting.
- [Havoc] Eye Beam now has a TTD check.
- [Havoc] Will no longer cast FotI while moving.
- Every man for Himself is now only looking for stun effects, instead of all crowd control effects.
Version: [11/Oct/2016 - Alpha] (10/12/2016 3:11:28 PM)
- [Havoc] Will now always cancel Fel Rush when setting enabled and in melee range of target - including if manually cast.
- [Havoc] Added a stop moving check before casting Eye Beam/Fel Rush.
- [Havoc] Improved Fel Rush logic to cast more frequent for Momentum / Fel Mastery talents.
- [Havoc] Added a Momentum check to FotI and Eye Beam.
- [Havoc] Blur (offensively) will now be saved for Metamorphosis, or for when Metamorphosis is on cooldown.
- [Havoc] Metamorphosis now casts on us rather than target once we're in melee (or low) range of target.
- [Havoc] Tuning to Chaos Blades on boss/player setting to sync with Metamorphosis.
- [Vengeance] Will no longer cast Fel Devastation whilst moving.
- [Vengeance] Infernal Strike casting on target max range setting will now take into account the targets hit box size.
- [Vengeance] Added a delay between Infernal Strike casts to prevent double-casting.
Version: [30/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (10/1/2016 3:20:04 AM)
- [Havoc] Added setting to allow toggling off the usage of Blur offensively.
- [Havoc] Fixed Felblade auto casting when not selected in settings.
- [Havoc] Added a big warning on the Havoc tab regarding Fel Rush usage to prevent the numerous daily questions about how to disable.
- [Vengeance] Tuned conditions for Sigil of Flame.
- [Vengeance] Added hotkeys for Sigil of Chains, Misery, and Silence.
- Added option to Advanced tab to allow disabling attacking other players in the open world.
- Removed melee range warning from overlay which sometimes caused Honorbuddy to lock up.
Version: [27/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/28/2016 8:47:01 PM)
- [Havoc] Minor change to Fel Barrage logic.
- [Havoc] Fel Rush will now cast when strafing again, but will cancel animation immediately rather than checking facing/distance from target.
- [Havoc] Fel Rush will now cast on AoE unit count >= setting. Forces a minimum 3 unit restriction.
- [Havoc] Changed conditions on Eye Beam. No longer tied to the High AoE unit count setting. 
- [Havoc] Fixed an issue with Netherwalk.
- Added setting to cast Felblade on cooldown.
- [Vengeance] Disabled Shadowmeld usage.
Version: [22/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/22/2016 9:17:39 PM)
- [Vengeance] Soul Carver now checks we're in range of target.
- [Vengeance] Infernal Strike should now be casting more regular. Always cast on 2 charges, when more than 1 charge and unit count over AoE value, or more than 1.7 (fractional) charges and target is a boss or player.
- [Vengeance] Added a TimeToDeath check on Fiery Brand to prevent being wasted.
- [Vengeance] Disabled Infernal Strike for the Helya encounter in Maw of Souls.
- [Havoc] Chaos Nova no longer counts pets when casting on unit count > X.
- [Havoc] Will no longer cast Eye Beam immediately after Vengeful Retreat.
- [Havoc] Major re-work to Throw Glaive usage.
- [Havoc] Vengeful Retreat is now used off the GCD. Minor tuning to conditions behind it's use.
- [Havoc] Will now attempt to turn around before casting Vengeful Retreat so we jump through the target, reducing the amount of running back to the target we need to do. Added setting to allow disabling this.
- [Havoc] Tuning to Fel Rush usage. Added detail to settings in GUI around disabling.
- [Havoc] Fixed an issue with Fel Rush cancel animation not working.
- [Havoc] Tuning to Fel Barrage.
- [Havoc] Blur will now cast offensively when Demon Speed artifact trait selected to generate Fel Rush charges.
Version: [16/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/19/2016 7:21:36 PM)
- Will no longer attack pet battle critters.
- Fixed an issue with casting on units which weren't in combat with us during an encounter.
- [Havoc] Will no longer cast Fel Rush whilst strafing (cause of us shooting off in wrong direction).
- [Havoc] Will no longer Vengeful Retreat or Fel Rush if Momentum is active.
- [Havoc] Will no longer Vengeful Retreat if Metamorphosis is active with less than 6 seconds remaining (to make better use of Demonic talent).
- [Havoc] The Toggle Fel Rush hotkey now toggles Vengeful Retreat usage also.
- [Havoc] Added range check to Eye Beam.
- [Vengeance] Fixed an issue where Felblade didn't respect the settings.
- [Vengeance] Will no longer cast Felblade immediately after Infernal Strike.
- [Vengeance] Added mouseover hotkey for Sigil of Flame.
- [Vengeance] Improved Infernal Strike usage for Flame Crash talent to keep up Sigil of Flame.
- Replaced Healing Tonic usage with Ancient Healing Potion
Version: [12/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/12/2016 3:20:56 PM)
- [Vengeance] Fixed Spirit Bomb from spam casting, and from attempting to cast when Soul Fragments were out of range.
- [Vengeance] Fixed an exception with Netherbond.
- [Havoc] Vengeful Retreat will now check whether we'll agro mobs behind us before casting.
- [Havoc] Fixed Fury of the Illidari to always cast on bosses, regardless of the number of units in range. Also added it to the Cooldowns hotkey control.
- [Havoc] Added a small delay after Vengeful Retreat to prevent blowing other abilities immediately after, thus wasting them.
- [Havoc] Chaos Nova is now under control of the Cooldowns hotkey.
- [Havoc] Added settings to Metamorphosis.
- [Havoc/Vengeance] Fixed Fel Eruption to follow settings.
Version: [04/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/4/2016 9:25:00 PM)
- Fixed not attacking Helya (boss), Destructor Tentacle (trash), Naraxas (boss).
- Fixed LoS issues during encounters.
- [Vengeance] Another fix to Fel Devastation.
- [Vengeance] Spirit Bomb now checks the range of Soul Fragments.
- [Vengeance] Increased priority of Soul Carver (artifact ability). Will also now cast when soloing.
- [Vengeance] Fixed Soul Barrier talent.
- [Havoc] Fixed Death Sweep usage.
- [Havoc] Added Metamorphosis mouseover hotkey.
Version: [02/Sep/2016 - Alpha] (9/2/2016 8:30:02 PM)
- [Vengeance] Added Pain check to Fel Devastation.
- [Vengeance] Fixed Spirit Bomb to check we have Soul Fragments active.
- [Havoc] Added range & fury check to Fel Eruption.
- [Havoc] Fel Rush to close gap is now stricter with how direct our facing must be.
- [Havoc] Reduced Chaos Nova unit check by 1yd to make it more effective.
- [Havoc] Will no longer double cast Throw Glaive when Master of the Glaive talented.
- [Havoc] Fixed Fury cost of Chaos Nova when Unleased Power talented. 
- Removed debug logging for moving/stopped moving.
- GUI colors changed.
Version: [31/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/31/2016 8:58:58 PM)
- Fixed Glide when falling.
- [Havoc] Added setting for Fel Rush to stop moving when in melee range of target.
- [Havoc] Removed redundant setting - Fel Rush in AoE Rotation.
- [Havoc] Tuning to Fel Rush usage with Fel Mastery.
- [Havoc] Tuning to Fury of the Illidari ability.
- [Havoc] Added collecting fragments in combat when movement enabled.
- [Havoc] Will no longer Fel Rush when casting a spell.
- Removed redundant setting for drink %.
- If regenerating HP is enabled (i.e. eating food), will now collect any Soul Fragments nearby.
- Fixed an issue with Consume Magic incorrectly checking diminishing returns on NPC targets.
- [Vengeance] Will no longer stack Consume Magic and Sigil of Silence.
- Updated to HB3 API.
- New GUI theme.
Version: [22/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/24/2016 5:46:05 AM)
- [Havoc] Fixed Blade Dance casting out of range of target.
- Improvement to Glide casting when falling.
Version: [17/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/17/2016 2:37:14 PM)
- GUI improvement for hotkeys to prevent controls overlapping.
- Fixed a targeting issue.
- [Both] Throw Glaive now checks we're facing the unit.
- [Havoc] Fixed Blade Dance being cast when we're not near target.
- [Havoc] Eye Beam now checks it'll hit a minimum of the number of units set as full aoe rotation.
- [Havoc] Darkness has been made a Havoc only ability in game. Updated rotation to reflect this.
- [Havoc] Minor change to how the rotation is handled when multiple units are in range.
- [Havoc] Chaos Nova has been removed from AoE rotation.
- [Havoc] Added options to Chaos Nova (on cooldown, unit count in range, unit near casting, unit near healing).
- [Vengeance] Added setting to allow disabling Empower Wards auto usage.
- [Vengeance] Added setting to allow disabling Fiery Brand auto usage.
- [Vengeance] Added settings to Demon Spikes to allow saving charges.
- [Vengeance] Removed unit attacking me checks from Demon Spikes when talented for Razor Spikes.
- Fixed a bunch of settings not saving their values correctly between sessions.
- Overlay now allows saving settings (x/y/height/width) when bot is running.
Version: [12/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/12/2016 4:52:33 PM)
- Fixed saving settings as file; default file name.
- [Vengeance] Added hotkey for Infernal Strike mouseover.
- [Vengeance] Added setting for Metamorphosis on low HP.
- [Havoc] Fel Rush to close gap now works better when movement enabled, and checks LoS.
- [Havoc] Tuning to distance of Fel Rush close gap usage.
- [Havoc] Added a toggle hotkey to allow enable/disabling Fel Rush usage.
- [Havoc] Will now use Throw Glaive when target not in melee range.
- [Havoc] Metamorphosis now waits until we pool some Fury before casting.
- [Havoc] Will no longer cast Blade Dance immediately after Vengeful Retreat.
- Added overlay information to show if target is within melee range.
- Removed casting info from overlay.
- Improved pull behaviour to use Throw Glaive.
Version: [10/Aug/2016 #2 - Alpha] (8/10/2016 10:39:30 PM)
- [Havoc] Fixed Metamorphosis not obeying Cooldowns hotkey.
- [Havoc] Added setting to allow disabling Vengeful Retreat.
- [Havoc] Tuned Chaos Strike / Annihilation fury values.
- [Havoc] Improved Fel Rush -> close gap logic.
- [Havoc] Added explicit support for Fel Rush with Fel Mastery talent.
- [Havoc] Removed force face before casting Fel Rush. Instead waits to cast the ability until we've faced the target.
- [Havoc] Fixed trying to cast Blade Dance with less than 35 fury in AoE rotation.
- [Vengeance] Fixed Soul Cleave (filler).
- [Vengeance] Added option to disable Infernal Strike, and to manually set range to allow usage to close gap on target. When enabled, will always be cast if target in melee range.
- Fixed a range bug with some abilities preventing them to cast consistently.
Version: [10/Aug/2016 - Alpha] (8/10/2016 10:40:36 AM)
- Release