Gladiator Suite Priest - Legion Edition

by cokx

4 ratings


Gladiator Suite
A Honorbuddy PvP Combat Routine

Created by
Cokx (Multi-Gladiator)
Toizi (Game Engineer)

This combat routine allows you to play competitive at any level

Supported Gladiator Suite specializations:

Warrior: Arms, Protection, Fury
Death Knight: Blood, Frost, Unholy
Shaman: Elemental, Enhancement, Restoration
Druid: Feral, Balance, Restoration
Priest: Discipline, Holy, Shadow
Hunter: Survival, Marksmanship, Beast Mastery
Paladin: Holy, Retribution, Protection
Mage: Fire, Arcane, Frost
Warlock: Affliction, Demonology, Destruction
Rogue: Assassination, Outlaw, Subtlety
Monk: Windwalker, Mistweaver
Demon Hunter: Havoc, Vengeance

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Honorbuddy and Arenas


4 total
10/10 Love this one
Очень хороший продукт. Работает идеально, много настроек
10/10 very pleased

Changelog History

Version: 3.7 (6/22/2017 8:34:32 PM)
Updates for 7.2.5 
Version: 3.5 (2/3/2017 3:59:50 AM)
- Trinity
- UA/VT Dispel
- Penance
- Offensive Penance
- Mindbender
Version: 3.4 (1/22/2017 8:33:07 AM)
7.1.5 Updates

- Fixed Ultimate Radiance
- Fixed several issues within the shadow rotation
- Improved Atonement
- Added Nether Ward to immunity lists
- Added Ultimate Radiance option

Version: 3.3 (11/6/2016 4:17:57 AM)
- Fixed a Bug where the shadow cr wasn't casting in void form
- Added Void Shift for Shadows
- Added options for Voidshift
Version: 3.2 (10/29/2016 3:03:49 AM)
Fixed the usage and spam of Shadow Word: Pain and Purge the Wicked
=>added an option to adjust a mana value for Shadow Word:Pain on off targets
- Fixed Power Word:Solace
- Changed Shadowmend slightly to run more mana efficient
- Fixed max Plea stacks option
- changed default settings for Dispel Magic(for more mana efficiency)
- Fixed Power Word: Barrier
- Fixed Clarity of Will
- Fixed Power Word:Fortitude
- Added Shadowform
Version: 3.1 (10/24/2016 7:17:09 PM)
- Initial release