Gladiator Suite Demon Hunter - Legion Edition

by cokx

5 ratings


Gladiator Suite
A Honorbuddy PvP Combat Routine

Created by
Cokx (Multi-Gladiator)
Toizi (Game Engineer)

This combat routine allows you to play competitive at any level

Supported Gladiator Suite specializations:

Warrior: Arms, Protection, Fury
Death Knight: Blood, Frost, Unholy
Shaman: Elemental, Enhancement, Restoration
Druid: Feral, Balance, Restoration
Priest: Discipline, Holy, Shadow
Hunter: Survival, Marksmanship, Beast Mastery
Paladin: Holy, Retribution, Protection
Mage: Fire, Arcane, Frost
Warlock: Affliction, Demonology, Destruction
Rogue: Assassination, Outlaw, Subtlety
Monk: Windwalker, Mistweaver
Demon Hunter: Havoc, Vengeance

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Honorbuddy and Arenas


5 total
This is a great product. As havoc though can get a little buggy if you disable rush and allow movement while dpsing.
Great and need to be updated
Great product , will purchase more of it's kind
Great Product
corect bug low ips lag for moment

Changelog History

Version: 3.5 (6/22/2017 8:39:54 PM)
Updates for 7.2.5 
Version: 3.4 (1/22/2017 8:37:47 AM)
71.5 Update

- Fix for ground cast resetting right mouse button camera look
- Added Mana Rift
- Added Rain From Above on stuns which last longer than 2 seconds
- Fixed Netherwalk
- Fixed Imprison
- Improved Momentum
- Improved Mana Break
Version: 3.2 (10/10/2016 1:09:57 PM)
- Improved LUA LoS check
- Fixed PvPZone bug