[SynTacTix] Legion - Gatherer

by SynTacTix

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** Please log all support requests on my website for proper tracking & assistance <link> .  Purchases of this product remain on the Buddy Store, and no alternative means are possible
** Please report any mesh / navigation related issues directly on the following thread:  Navigation / Mesh Thread **
** Mesh / Navigation issues can be recognized in the log files by:  "Path cannot be generated" **

** GatherBuddy2 & QuestingBot profiles are now included in this product.

These profiles will Skin, Herb & Mine across the whole Legion continent.

The profiles are individually split per zone and profession:

Skinning Profile
Mining Profile
Herbalism Profile ** Supports Frenzied Fox in Highmountain on [QUEST] profiles **
Mining + Herbalism Profile (For those gather'aholics) ** Supports Frenzied Fox in Highmountain on [QUEST] profiles **

Treasure sets are also included now - They are not fully developed but can be used.
Some treasures are still missing from the available profiles, and Suramar is not developed yet.
Treasure profiles will be receiving priority soon.

This product contains 2 sets of each profile.
  • Use Artifact Power Items that are looted automatically
  • Save Artifact Power Items that are looted for secondary spec
This product also includes Continent Wide farming profiles, those are not fully optimized yet but they are working.
Development for this continues.

Technical Information regarding the Profession profiles:

The mining profile will enable Mining in HB Settings as long as you have the profession on the current character.
The herbalism profile will enable Herbing in HB Settings as long as you have the profession on the current character.
The mining & herbalism combined profile will enable Mining & Herbing in HB Settings as long as you have both professions on the current character.
The skinning profile will enable Skinning & Ninja Skin in HB Settings
as long as you have the profession on the current character.
All profiles have auto loot enabled. 
Vendor Mounts support included.

Materials Gathered:
Leathers:  Stormscale, Stonehide Leather, Felhide (If you have butchery enchantment)
Metal & Stone:  Leystone Ore, Felslate, Infernal Brimstone (Brimstone Destroyers)
Herbs:  Aethril, Dreamleaf, Foxflower, Fjarnskaggl, Starlight Rose, Felwort (Including all the seeds for the listed herbs)
Blood of Sargeras will also be farmed once you reach rank 2 on above listed mats

All gathered materials (Leathers, Stone & Metal, Herbs) are manually listed under ProtectedItems so the bot should not sell them to a vendor.

Profiles can be used on characters level 100 and above.
It is best to start the profiles from Dalaran to ensure the correct pathing is chosen each time.

These profiles are marked with either [QUEST] or [GB2].
[QUEST] profiles require to be loaded with the Questing Bot.
[GB2] profiles require to be loaded with the GatherBuddy2 botbase.
This is for Alliance & Horde.

** Before requesting a refund, please report your issue on the support thread and include a full unedited log file, so that I can try and resolve your problem first.
** I will always do my best to try and accommodate all my customers requests.
** Once you request a refund, you can never obtain the product again as per the store policy.


29 total
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positive: the profiles that are good, are also very stable (no stucks, good n&h/hour)
negative: Half the profiles arent even tested it seems. got stuck alot of places, and some of the profiles are badly optimized (low nodes&herbs/hour)
норм продукт
there are a few 'can't get there from here' bugs in one or two of the profiles. but there are many profiles that work fine. ive tried a couple of the quest profiles and they seem very random and less bot-like than a normal gatherbuddy2 profile. worth every penny!
I think this product is not good
I had never been normal use
Don't know how to used in version 7.0
great product!
This product works exactly as described. It's a huge gold maker, for the little time I got to run it. Normally, I'd give this a four star rating, as there are a few issues which can be expected. I've been using HonorBuddy for years and have never had an issue. I ran this profile for four hours after purchase, supervised. The next day I am banned. There were no known updates or mass-bans. I just started playing WoW again two weeks before I bought this profile, with nothing but manually leveling and a test run on this profile. I don't believe this to be a coincidence.
Excellent product, lots of varieties of routes!

Changelog History

Version: 2.8 (10/24/2016 6:15:27 AM)
Added Premium profiles for Highmountain, Stormheim & Suramar.
Premium profile sets for Questing Bot & GB2.
Added several blackspots for Azsuna, Stormheim, Highmountain & Suramar.
Version: 2.7 (10/14/2016 2:37:56 AM)
Fixed code mismatch for Vendor / Repair usage which caused the bot to not execute the IW Behavior properly and immediately terminate it.
Added folder with previous sets of Profiles for convenience of customers who want to farm using the old logic.
The sets contained within the "Unsupported" folder, will not be maintained as their logic has already been rewritten in the new profiles, but some customers prefer the old way and some the new.
Applied hotfixes for Dismount issue to ALL profiles relating to [QUEST] bot.
Applied hotfixes for Skinning profiles in [QUEST] bot, the bot will now correctly target, kill, loot & skin.  It won't get stuck on "dead" mobs which spawned into the game.
Removed "BugFixTest" profiles, as those are now completed.
Removed "Loot" and "AutoLoot" from all non-skinning profiles, to speed up the NPH gathering rate.
Version: 2.6 (10/12/2016 3:10:01 PM)
Completely re-developed all profiles:

Folder structures adjusted to reflect level requirements.
Removed all old content from product to give a more simple navigation between folders

Profiles include several hotfixes, adjustments and additional routes for farming.
Frenzied Fox is also now 100% supported throughout all my Highmountain profiles.
Version: 2.5 (10/10/2016 4:23:37 AM)
Fixed code for Frenzied Fox in "Testing" profiles
Version: 2.3c.alphatest (10/7/2016 5:21:57 PM)
GB2 Profiles for public test.
Located under "Development + Testing" folder.
Will allow users to use GB2 while I sort out some bugs with the questing bot profiles.
Version: 2.3c (10/6/2016 6:01:18 AM)
Added a folder "Development + Testing" containing two testing profiles for Highmountain.
Most stucks / navigation failed issues were manually resolved.
Highmountain 1 is for level 100-110 characters, and it avoids the Fel Marshlands area.
Highmountain 2 is for level 110 characters only, it includes all locations from Highmountain 1 + Fel Marshlands.
Version: 2.3 (10/1/2016 2:25:32 AM)
Fixed Frenzied Fox procedure, it should not go into an endless loop anymore.
Added IW code to check for possible mobs that will aggro near Herb / Ore
nodes, and clear those mobs first so that Interacting doesn't fail.
Changed Waypoint selection in all profiles to Random again, InOrder seems to
cause issues due to Mesh problems.
Fixed hotspots in all profiles
Added seperate sets of profiles which disable the use of mounts, this is good for Rogues / Druids that can stealth / prowl.
Added Treasure profiles (Improvements still coming)
Version: 2.2 (9/29/2016 5:29:26 AM)
Redeveloped all profiles.
Recreated pathing / farming routes on all profiles.
Added support for Frenzied Fox in Highmountain.
Added archived profiles which were using random waypoint navigation to the product as well.
Version: 2.1 (9/26/2016 6:15:43 PM)
Added several changes to hotspots for all profiles.
Re-ran profiles to try and find more nodes which were being missed along the routes.
Specific changes to Stormheim 2, Highmountain 2 profiles for better gathering.
Removed continent wide profiles, too buggy and problematic.
Added profiles which will save Artifact Power items for secondary spec usage.
Completely disabled the use of Flightpaths, you need to be in the zone of the profile which you are going to start.
Version: 1.9 (9/26/2016 7:21:50 AM)
Public release update.
* Includes changes from beta 1.5 , 1.6 , 1.7 , 1.8
* Added profile sets to farm without the use of Flightpaths (You need to
be in the respective zone of the profile which you are going to use
before start)
* Added several additional routes to Stormheim profiles
* Added additional IDs for Skinning in Stormheim
* Added profiles for Val'sharah - Excludes skinning
* Added profiles for Suramar - Excludes skinning
* Fixed Highmountain profiles that got stuck at the Waterfall
* Redeveloped Azsuna profiles
* Added additional profiles for Stormheim + Highmountain
Version: 1.4a (9/24/2016 12:46:14 AM)
Product is ready for release to public.