by Phelon


GatherMate - The Ultimate Harvest Helper
GatherMate is the ultimate solution to Gatherbuddy's deficiencies. GatherMate also works well with Grindbuddy if you prefer to harvest that was. GatherMate will increase your node per hour while giving you the tools to keep you safe from player reports.

  • Mobile Repair - Repairs on the go. No reason to go back to town to repair if you have a Mammoth or Yak.
  • Mobile Guild Banking - No reason to have to manually go to Town. You can now bank on the go to increase uptime and decrease the time you need to spend messing with your character.
  • Node Blacklisting Management - Unblacklist Nodes and force Gatherbuddy to go get them.
  • Combat Disabling - Faster Harvesting by ignoring mobs and Turning off Combat.
  • Pet Management - Use your pet to tank mobs while you gather without actually fighting.
  • Movement Assistance - Use Class Spells to help you travel faster while gathering.
  • Waterwalking Assistance - Will use Class Abilities and Pet Abilities to give you water walking. No more having water slow you down!
  • Mount Management - Force Mounting in case Gatherbuddy Fails to.
  • Stuck Management - Hearth or Use Flight Whistle when stuck.
  • Blackspot Management - Automatically Blackspots places where you get stuck.
  • Profile Management - Set a schedule for farming. The best way to keep your character safe by moving around.
  • Time Management - Auto Log Off Randomization and Timer.
  • Special Mob Management - Will loot and gather from mobs spawned by gathering.


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Bought, didn't even have time to use, the plugin stopped working

Changelog History

Version: (2/3/2017 3:37:23 AM)
*Tweaked - Bank Interactions.  It should do a bit better at switching tabs now.
*Added - Mount check to stuck usage to make sure we are not thinking we are stuck while mounted.  This should give HB a bit more time to try to unstuck itself.
*Fixed - An issue with Linking an Item that has already been sold or deposited.
Version: (1/30/2017 9:35:22 PM)
*Fixed - Combat Timer.  It should not automatically try to log you out now.
*Fixed - Max Gather Range to work with Questing Bot.
*Added - a yield to guild banking.  It should now properly return the correct slot information
*Added - Checks for Water Walking Buffs to prevent constant casting.  Also added combat check to ensure it is not cast in combat.
Version: (1/28/2017 8:23:55 AM)
*Added - Loot Special Mobs only. You can now turn off GB Looting and it will only loot special mobs.
*Fixed - You should no longer get beat on while trying to harvest nodes.
*Added - Use Pet for offtanking mobs so you can harvest while in combat with out getting hit.
*Added - A Check for combat before trying to mount.*Added - Check for lootable | Harvestable object under harvest range before mounting.
*Added - New Routine Manager Feature to ensure we do not get into combat when we do not want to.
Version: (1/24/2017 11:21:12 PM)
Fixed Settings.cs
Version: v1.0.0.5 (1/24/2017 6:20:19 AM)
Added [Obfuscation(Exclude = true)] to Settings.  It should now load properly.
Version: v1.0.0.4 (1/24/2017 3:26:01 AM)
Hopeful fix for HB Compile Issues.
Added Check for Root in stuck check.
Will now also try to repair normally just in case you do not have guild bank funds enabled.
Version: v1.0.0.3 (1/23/2017 6:27:55 AM)
Legal.txt Added