Withered Army Scenario

by Aion

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Brief Features:
  • Complete the "Withered Army Training" Solo scenario in SURAMAR!
  • Supports the initial Quest "Building an Army".
  • Supports the World Quest "Withered Army Training" available every 3 days.
  • Preparation:
    • Before queue: Use all mana-containing items in bags, until capped to 2000 Ancient Mana.
    • Use the most appropriate queue available: 20001300900650 or 400 Ancient Mana.
  • In Scenario:
    • Collects all friendly Withered.
    • Kill all hostile targets in attempt to reach 400 score!
    • Avoid the most Area-of-effect hazards.
    • Avoid running away of the Withered Army.
    • Return the Scared Withered.
    • Kill all Bosses and dangerous targets in Mayhem mode.
    • Unlocks and clears the secret rooms (if enough Withered are alive, usually ~10)
    • Stop at Leystalker Dro, if less than 20 Withered are alive.
    • Stop before Gauntlet, if less than 20 Withered are alive.
    • Stop before Gauntlet, if the important Withered upgrades are yet not collected: 25% HP, Scared reduce and both Berserkers.
    • Once stopped: Collect all available chests, until out of Withered, then ends Scenario's Stage 2.
  • In Stage 3: Collect all the Chests earned, then use all Reputation + Upgrade items & stop the profile!
  • Alliance or Horde level 110 character with "Building an Army" quest Unlocked.(Running as Tank or with tanking pet is heavily recommended, if available!)
Start point:
  • 1. Switch Questing botbase 2. Load Profile => From Buddy Store => Withered Army => [QB][110]Withered Army Training.xml 3. Press "Start"
  • While the product is nearly 99% AFK, full monitoring is still STRONGLY RECOMMMENDED, due to being new product, so stucks or product flaws are possible.
Known Issues:
  • The first secret room, requiring 2 Berserkers for open is not implemented.
  • The Gauntlet is slow or technically non-moving for some characters.
  • To be added.


Profiles code: Original work, made by me; 
Various Runcode snippets: Inspired by code snippets, publicly shared on thebuddyforums.com by EchoTiger, Chinajade, Thebrodieman, MaxMuster and other developers.
Intro Image, Store Icon: modified by me
    Author: Freevectors.me
    URL: http://www.freevectors.me/abstract-dots-background.html
    BackupURL: http://web.archive.org/web/20160316211559/http://www.freevectors.me/abstract-dots-background.html
    Licence: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
    Obtained: 16.03.2016
    Author: pixabay.com
    URL: https://pixabay.com/en/gold-coin-metal-money-gold-coin-1061726
    Licence: http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/deed.en / Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain, Free for commercial use, No attribution required
    Obtained: 14.04.2016


2 total
Damn good! Makes this a dream!
Works well !

Changelog History

Version: 2.5 (8/28/2017 11:46:03 AM)
Several fixes!
Version: 2.4 (5/8/2017 9:47:59 PM)
- Several issues were addressed, incl. different way for taming friendly Withered.
- If we have 2 Berserkers, bot will unlock the first top-right door and move along.
- Once we recruit army of 40 Withered, bot will return upstairs and attempt to clear the room (still in testing).
Version: 2.3 (4/15/2017 2:31:03 PM)
Improved logics and various small fixes.
Version: 2.2 (2/7/2017 6:13:08 AM)
Initial release.