Broken Shore

by Aion

10 ratings


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Brief Features:

[QB][110]Broken Shore.xml:

  • Unlock Broken Shore: the new Patch 7.2 zone
  • Reputation farming for "Armies of Legionfall" faction
  • Clearing 70x World Quests on the Broken Shore
  • Supporting the most chapters for "Breaching the Tomb" zone achievement
  • Complete Excavator Karla's Secret Treasure Lair Quest line.
  • Use all Artifact Power items for current Artifact (beware)
[QB][98-110]Legion Invasions.xml
  • Legion Assaults: Invasion World Quests (98-110 lvl) Final scenario (110 lvl only)
[QB][110]Hidden and Veiled Wyrmtongue Cache - FLYING ONLY.xml
  • Farms both kind of treasures, while roaming.
  • Use all 3x Ancient Shrine Buffs (but Fortitude one)
  • Use all Artifact Power items for current Artifact (beware)
  • Use all Dauntless Tokens for current Loot spec (beware)
[QB][110]Nethershard Farm.xml - supports both Ground and Flying
  • Same features as the above profile (roaming for treasures is flying only, so far)
  • Farm Rare Bosses, once they spawn.
  • Opens Unstable Nether Portals, while roaming.
Sentinax Farming is in alpha testing and NOT Public yet!

  • Alliance or Horde level 110 character
Start point:

1. Switch Questing botbase
2. Load Profile => From Buddy Store => Broken Shore => [QB][110]Broken Shore.xml
3. Press "Start"

While the product is nearly 99% AFK, full monitoring is still STRONGLY RECOMMMENDED, due to being new product, so stucks or product flaws are possible.

Known Issues:
  • To be added.
  • Nethershard farming: Sentinax & Rare Bosses
  • Optimization on the World Quests order
  • WQGF support.


Profiles code: Original work, made by me; 
Various Runcode snippets: Inspired by code snippets, publicly shared on by EchoTiger, Chinajade, Thebrodieman, MaxMuster, Studio60, Zinner and other developers.
Intro Image, Store Icon:
 modified by me
    Obtained: 16.03.2016
    Licence: / Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain, Free for commercial use, No attribution required
    Obtained: 14.04.2016


10 total
sometimes it works, half the time it doesn't, even with quests in my log it just says nothing to do. simple things like kill 100 demons either isn't added or just doesn't work.
i cannot control it to do what i want to do.
or i cant use it
Works Perfect :-)
Works great
It onworks pretty good for me. Says nothing left to do a lot but I figured out that a. I didn't have access to the next part or b. I needed to farm more rep. Almost exalted with this so far. Works for me!
Great Support, answered all questions I had in a timely manner. Appreciate the package, excellent - highly recommended.
Need updates, but they work nice already
nice profiles, need a bit updates, but there's no other proposes for the last content
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Changelog History

Version: 7.3 (10/6/2017 2:45:11 PM)
Compliance with Patch 7.3:
- Artifact Power and other quests removal
Version: 1.4 (8/28/2017 11:45:44 AM)
Several fixes!
Version: 1.3 (6/6/2017 3:21:36 PM)
NEW: [BETA] Nethershard Farm Pack:

1. Hidden and Veiled Wyrmtongue Cache - Flying Only profile:
  • Farms both kind of treasures, while roaming.
  • Use all 3x Ancient Shrine Buffs (but Fortitude one)
  • Use all Artifact Power items for current Artifact (beware)
  • Use all Dauntless Tokens for current Loot spec (beware)
2. Nethershard Farm profile:  both Ground and Flying.
  • Same features as the above profile.
  • Farm Rare Bosses, once they spawn.
  • Opens Unstable Nether Portals, while roaming.
- Sentinax Farming is not supported yet!

Continued development:
Broken Shore:
- 5 new World Quests added for total of 70 WQs supported.
- 14/15 chapters for "Breaching The Tomb" available.

Legion Invasions:
- 1 new World Quests added for total of 64 invasion WQs supported.
- Additional avoidance and bug-fixes to all 4 Invasion Scenarios.
Version: 1.2 (5/18/2017 9:32:55 PM)
Broken Shore:
- 6 new World Quests added for total of 65 WQs supported.
- 12/15 chapters for "Breaching The Tomb" available.
Legion Invasions:
- 8 new World Quests added for total of 63 invasion WQs supported.
- Added avoidance and fixes to all 4 Invasion Scenarios.
Version: 1.1 (5/8/2017 9:47:28 PM)
Broken Shore:
- 20 new World Quests added for total of 59 WQs supported.
- "
Secret Treasure Lair" Quest line added.
Legion Invasions:
- 16 new World Quests added for total of 55 invasion WQs supported.
- Tons of improvements on all 4 Invasion Scenarios.
Version: 1.0 (5/1/2017 2:40:15 AM)
Initial Release.