Nethershard Farmer

by Phelon

4 ratings


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Brief Features:
⦁    Farms Veiled Wyrmtogue Chests
⦁    Farms Hidden Wyrmtongue Chests
⦁    Farms Sentinaxx Portals when they are spawned
⦁    Collects Nethershards
⦁    Collects Order Resources
⦁    Collects Dauntless Gear
⦁    Collects and Uses Artifact Power
⦁    Uses Sentinaxx Stones to summon Portals
⦁    Improved Navigation on Broken Shore

⦁    Alliance or Horde level 100+ character.

Start point and Product Details:
⦁    Go to Broken Shore
⦁    Switch to Questing botbase, load & start "Nethershard Farmer".
⦁    While the product is nearly 100% AFK, monitoring is still RECOMMENDED, due to the still-new HB 3.0 server-side navigation throwing random Navigation issues, so getting stuck is indeed possible.

Coming Soon:
⦁    Dauntless and Relinquished Gear Buying
⦁    Group Finder Sentinaxx Group Joining
⦁    Realm Hoping for better chest spawns.

Settings | Anti-Stuck | Artifact Usage are based on code created by Echo.
* Bossland GmbH
* 5/20/2017


4 total
Terrible product. I paid full price for beta quality. Compared this product to Alisha's Nethershards Farm Module, and hers is 10X Alisha's module instead.
This is some bug. 90% afk free. need little repair. thx
主要是破碎海滩开箱子增长碎片,用了几天,总体来说还不错,修改之后比最早版本好用很多,增加了传送门杀怪。飞行中还有几个卡点,不知道是HB的原因还是脚本的原因。 建议使用的时候人不要离开电脑,过段时间点开看看。 否则遇到房子里面的箱子然后一直在上方盘旋。
perfect product!!!just need a little bit improve basic 99%afk
Great product

Changelog History

Version: (6/26/2017 12:02:35 PM)
* Added new option to only Farm Easy Wyrmtongue Caches.
* Fixed getting stuck Dalaran.
* Fixed Loading and Unloading of Hooks
* Added Blackspot for Flightor to avoid getting stuck leaving caves.
*  Reorganized UI to be more fluent. 
* Adjusted Depth to now farm Water Cache's.
Version: (6/2/2017 5:27:47 AM)
*Fixed Build Errors with 1.0.0,9
Version: (6/2/2017 2:27:08 AM)
*Fixed Use Artifact Settings to properly work.
Version: (6/1/2017 12:10:07 AM)
* Fixed a Bug with rare mob hitpoints.
Version: (5/31/2017 5:09:34 AM)
* Added Option to Kill Rares Solo.  It will not attack Rares below 100% health or others are near the mob unless this is checked.
* Will now always try to loot before moving on to another objective.
Version: (5/29/2017 12:58:05 AM)
* Added Rare Farming
* Fixed Blacklisting of Portals
* Added Elite Portal Rares
* Changed how it determined what portals to go to.  It should now try to move a lot less.
* Added More Robust Logging
Version: (5/25/2017 1:24:47 AM)
* Will now properly approach mobs and interact with them to get into combat at portal.
Version: (5/23/2017 10:05:33 PM)
* Added missing Veiled Wyrmtongue ID.  It should no longer skip chests. 
* Changed Z Scan point to include basin in middle of Broken Shore.
* Fixed Gui to properly load and save variables.
* Added Use of Portal Stones to summon more Portals.
* Added Ground Mount Waypoints.
* Added forced Interaction with Portal Mobs to make sure we are dpsing at portals.
* Removed player from Player Count at Portals.
* Added Logging to GUI Variables when they are toggled.
Version: (5/22/2017 10:03:55 PM)
*Corrected Hidden Wyrmtongue Chest ID
Version: (5/22/2017 2:34:53 AM)
* Fixed Legal
* Fixed for Code Review