Raid Studio / Warlords of Draenor

by Studio60


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This bundle enables you to farm many mounts, pets, tier sets and transmogrification items. You can decide for yourself which raids you want to run, in whatever order you want them and in what way you want them to be completed: Boss Runs, Mount Runs, Trashfarming, there are so many options. There have been requests for those raids for over a year. At times I would get requests for it on a daily basis, but now your wait is over and I give you a Warlords of Draenor bundle containing all raid profiles I have created for this expansion.

The Bundle contains profiles for 2 of 3 raids from Warlords of Draenor.*
  • Highmaul (10/25)
  • Blackrock Foundry (10/25 Normal)

* Missing raids and difficulties (Heroic, LFR and for some raids Mythic) will be added over time, provided the available bot functionality and the currently attainable character gear level allows for it. Some bosses require a significant gear level to be beaten or they will kill the player. These deaths are mechanical deaths and can not be influenced by the profile.

Studio Companion

All of these profiles work hand in hand with the free Studio Companion plugin. This means you have more options than ever to get exactly the run you want. You want to do Mogu'shan Vaults, but only for the mount. Go ahead and select "Mount Run" in your options. The bot will leave the raid after Elegon. With these profiles and the plugin you will be running raiding profiles in a completely new way.

Studio Planner

The "Studio Planner" is a part of the Studio Companion and enables you to chain run raids. I hope it is a solid foundation for even more awesome things to come. You just configure the raids you want to run. Then you can start the run through the "Start Run" button as seen on the screen or through a profile which will be generated by the Studio Companion. Its location is displayed on the HBRelog tab. You can easily stop the run at any time. The plugin will figure out which raids it should still go to when you continue.

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All parts of this product including, but not limited to, code, images (logos, product images, parts of the software) are original work by Studio60. More information is available in the Legal.txt file that ships with the product, and will be provided free, on request.


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