@ProfitMaster: [Legion] Mining All 5 Zones! [Realms Switch!]

by @alisha


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====================================== ! Require ProfitMaster BotBase !! < HowTo Run ProfitMaster Profiles > ============================================
< Max Efficient Mining Farming Profile Pack for Legion > [ HBRelog Supported! ] < Recommended for Toons with Herbalism for Max Output >
Feel free to ask support: Join My Discord Channel! or by Skype: alisha.hb

This Profile Pack Will Auto Farm Legion Felslate + Leystone for you, as additional
if you have Mining profession, it will gather Legion Ore (However i recommend to have it Off, as it can provide Navigation issue for HB in some locations),
if you have Skinning profession, it will skin mobs which attacks you also or skinable corpses around you (check ninja skin settings for this).
Plus it will collect all nearby Chests, which in Legion contains besides other - Artifact Power.
In Sarumar it will also collect Ancient Mana.

Sky Golem supported, "Stonehide Leather Barding","Leystone Hoofplates" supported.
Will follow Frenzied Fox and step on all Flowers it left. Will Kill & Harvest all mobs which can spawn after harvesting Herbs / Ore.

This Premium pack have 50 Profiles, with Multiple profiles for each of Legion Zone, you can choose any to Run, depending of your like.

Max effective for characters with Flying, can be used with ground only movement.
You can start it in Any place in Legion it will Auto Navigate to need location via Taxi & Mount run.

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If you have stuck in mesh issue, please do post it to Navigation/Mesh issue thread: https://www.thebuddyforum.com/honorbuddy-forum/10827-navigation-mesh-errors-post-new-post.html
(as it stays for Core Honorbuddy Navigation functionality and not related to product itself)

  • Quest:
    • Toon located in Legion (preferable in Zone you will be farming)
  • BotBase: ProfitMaster [ free ]
  • Profession: Mining - for mining profiles
  • HB GUI Settings: Enable Harvesting minerals node & skinning (if you want also to do this to)
  • Start Location: Any in Legion
  • Toon ilvl: Recommended 850+

Profile Data:
  • Blacklist module: you can blacklist any node which cause problems for you (Alisha Engine -> Blacklist options)
  • Enable / Disable Harvesting underground node: nodes, which located in caves can provide issue for HB Flightor, you can disallow harvesting such
  • Sky Golem supported: harvesting herbs without dismount
  • Advanced Roll System: Will roll Need for Items if possible, including BoP!
    Ready Check: Will Auto Confirm Ready Check if in group to be less botish!
  • Switch Realms: + Will Auto use Group Finder! Will Auto Join Group with Difference Realms to get Maximum Profit Output!
  • Auto Navigation: Will Auto use Taxi + Mount
  • Ready Check: Will Auto Confirm Ready Check if in group to be less botish!
  • Sell Gray items: On Full Bags [ free slots < 3], Will Auto Navigate to Merchant, using Taxi + Mount if needed
  • Repair: On Durability < 55, Will Auto Navigate to Repair, using Taxi + Mount if needed
  • Survival Helper:
    • Activate Heal Behavior & Rest & Precombat Buff Behavior if CR have it
    • Use Grilled Saberfish \ Saberfish Broth to Restore Health \ Mana
    • Use Felmouth Frenzy to Restore Health \ Mana
    • Use Best Food to Gain Food Buff or Restore Health / Mana
    • Buy Food from Travel Mount [Yak, Mamonth, etc]
  • Humanic:
    • Start Location Randomize for less Botish Behavior and not stack other boters
  • Main Goal: Farm Felslate + Leystone [You need Mining to have ability to Harvest it & <Harvest Minerals> enabled in UI -> Alisha Engine Settings ]
  • You need Mining profession to have ability to Harvest it & <Harvest Minerals> enabled in Honorbuddy Settings]
  • Additional Goals:
    • Harvest Herbs[ You need Herbalism lvl 1+ for it & <Harvest Herbs> enabled in UI -> Alisha Engine Settings ][/*]
    • Skin Mobs [ You need Herbalism lvl 1+ for it & <Skinning> enabled in UI -> Alisha Engine Settings ][/*]
    • Loot Mobs [ You need Herbalism lvl 1+ for it & <Loot mobs> enabled in UI -> Alisha Engine Settings ]

      Full loot Statistic Generation and Show after run:
      Statistic screenshot example:

      How To Start:

      How to Start ProfitMaster Profiles


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