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Early Access!

Decide carefully if you want to buy this now or wait until later and take the following into consideration!

This product is being released in an Early Access version, because people really seem to want a product like this. Early Access means that there are a lot of profiles missing, but new ones will be submitted at least every other day. If you decide to buy this product now, but are not satisfied, then you will not be able to buy it again, once it is complete. Early Access is a way of getting your hands on the product sooner. You can also influence its development and support the developer. You also get it for a lower price than the final product.

Since it was asked: This product will become the full version over time. You DON'T have to to buy this product again when it is complete.

What you need to know about Early Access versions:
  • This product will become the full version (You don't have to buy it again once it is complete, you already own it)
  • They may have bugs (I feel it is pretty solid right though)
  • They may have missing features (treasure hunting for example has not been added yet)
  • They may be incomplete (there are over 500 world quests available, it will take time to add them)
What this product does now:
  • Completes the main quest line
  • Has an Autoloader to complete all available world quests
  • Complete the included world quests on its own without interaction
  • Travels to the quest location by itself
  • Offers configuration options to only go for the quest types you want to complete
  • Getting exalted with Argussian Reach and Army of the Light Factions
  • Use Artifact Power (if configured to do so)

What this product will do in the future (and does NOT do now):
  • Rare/Argunite/Treasure Farming
  • Invasion Points
  • Standard Quests
  • Unsullied Token Management/Mailing
  • Token Purchase

What this product MAY do in the distant future: 
  • Group multiple of your characters together to complete group quests

What this product will never do: 
  • Complete dungeon world quests

Custom Configuration
  • Uses the free Studio Companion plugin to give you an amazing profile experience
  • Picks the shortest travel route to the objective by considering over 150 possible travel options tailored to your character
  • Lets you decide which quest type, reward types and zones to go for

  • Use the QuestBot, because ... well these profiles need it. :-)
  • Have enough free bag space. There is a lot of loot waiting for you.
  • My products are developed using the standard Singular Combat Routine. Using other combat routines might cause issues.

Refunding a product results in the inability to purchase this product ever again. This is store policy at the time of this writing.

The following non-original work is part of this product:

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Date Obtained: 2016-13-10
License: All rights reserved

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All other parts of this product including, but not limited to, code, other images (logos, product images, parts of the software) and customizations of the aforementioned images are original work by Studio60. More information is available in the Legal.txt file that ships with the product, and will be provided free, on request.


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the best product at the store. Swift responce and very often updates.
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Changelog History

Version: 2.0.171019.1 (10/20/2017 10:56:21 PM)
- Optimized avoidance on the quest "Vengeance"
- Made several logic improvements to main quest profile
- Added more verbose quest logging
- Added quest availability checks/locks to many story quests that are only available for a set time
- Fixed an issue on "Bringing the Big Guns"
- Fixed an issue on "Light's Exodus" (Horde)
- Main quest profile will now automatically run if Argus world quests have not yet been unlocked
Version: 2.0.171012.2 (10/14/2017 3:20:06 AM)
- Added Fel Tornado Avoidance
- Added the first few profession quests to main quest profile
- Added more main story quests (up to the unlocking of Mac'Aree world quests)

Added Antoran Wastes World Quests:
- Den of Fiends, Gar'zoth, Inquisitor Vethroz, Watcher Aival, Varga

Added Krokuun World Quests:
- Commander Endaxis, Commander Sathrenael, Sister Subversia

Added Mac'Aree World Quests:
- Sorolis the Ill-Fated
Version: 2.0.171010.5 (10/11/2017 10:31:29 PM)
- Added "Fuel of a Doomed World" weekly quest
- Added emissary quests
- Added more main quest story quests

Added Antoran Wastes World Quests:
- Mining Regulation, Mix It Up, Soul Chain, Void Warden Valsuran, Vrax'thul, Wrath-Lord Yarez

Added Krokuun World Quests:
- Aerial Superiority, Tar Spitter, Tereck the Selector, The Ritual We Share
Version: 2.0.171008.13 (10/9/2017 4:09:37 PM)
- Added main world quest and treasure profiles

Antoran Wastes World Quests:
- Behemoths Awakened, Blistermaw, Houndmaster Kerrax, Nobody Expects Them, Pilfer, Ritual Completion, Ritual Interruption, Slumbering Behemoths

Krokuun World Quests:
- Crystal Methods, Vagath the Betrayed
Version: 2.0.171007.13 (10/8/2017 4:08:43 AM)
- (Very) Early Access Release