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Execute Activity on Argus:  World Quests, Invasion Points, farming Argunite
!! Can be used for farming Herbs & Minerals on BrokenShore as well !!
>> This is module for TreasureHunter BotBase, it require you to have it order to use. <<
Have all features of Alisha Engine, as based on TreasureHunter BotBase,
which do inherit all it's features! Which include by not limited by
switching toon spec on bot start, using Artifact power, items etc.
Support as ground as fly navigation. Still be aware HB Nav system not perfect and can have stucks and i recommend to watch toon on any activity in open world.
All Navigation issue with stucks, especially with Flightor (can't find landing spot for indoors location, for example cave) do address to HB Navigation thread on forum, as this HB Core issue not product itself.

This is an in active development!
Make sure you have read the product description bellow before buy.

  • Module [ Quest Group Finder ]
    • Do not depend on user have wow addon "World Quest Group Finder"
      • Will still use WQGF integration if available (to apply for Group created by WQGF and Create groups recognizable by WQGF)
    • Will automate Search & Join Groups for Quests Execution:
      • Will create groups \ handle invites \ apply to groups by it's own[
      • Will convert group to raid if needed (World Bosses)
      • Will auto pass leadership to other group members if have any
  • [ Farming reputation ]+implemented!
    • "Argussian Reach" faction
    • "Army of the Light" faction
  • [ Argus World Quests ]+implemented! Already 93 WQ in DB!
    • Execute World Quests in Argus
    • Supported World Quests in all 3 zones: Krokuun, Antoran Wastes and Mac'Aree
    • New World Quests will be adding as they appear in realms
  • [ Exchange Argunite - Equipment purchase ] + implemented!
    • Ability to plan which items to buy from Argunite Vendor
    • Ability to auto use purchased from Argunite Equipment items
  • [ Unsullied Tokens Manager ] + coming next!
    • Check if item fit character class
    • Ability to set min ilvl restriction for item to be used
    • Compare item based on equipment slots
    • Check if item fit restriction by ilvl to use+ Use item if allowed & equip
  • [ Argunite Farm ] + partly implemented!
    • Farm treasure chests if nearby (adjust radius settings in Alisha Engine)
    • Daily farm rares for Argunite, AP, Tokens and more!
  • [ Invasion Points ] + planned!
    • Execution Scenarios for Invasion Points (Portals) in Argus
  • [ Daily] +implemented!
    • Check for Argus daily quests
    • Pickup, Execute and TurnIn them
  • [ Storyline Quests] + partly implemented!
    • Unlock Argus continent (110 lvl toon required [ done ]
    • Proceed Argus compaign to unlock all 3 Argus Zones [ partly done]
    • Unlock Krokuun World Quests [ done ]
    • Unlock Antoran Wastes World Quests [ done ]
    • Unlock Mac'Aree World Quests
  • [ Emissary ] +implemented!
    • Check for Emissary Quests completed
    • Turn Emissary, pickup & open Emissary chests

What does the Active Development Stage mean:

  • ]Not all planned features are implemented
  • New content are added constantly
  • Existing context and features receive care and improvements
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Changelog History

Version: 1.3.1 (10/20/2017 11:03:59 PM)
Storyline Quests
1. The Hand of Fate (Horder & Alliance)
2. Two If By Sea (Horde & Alliance)
3.Light's Exodus
4.The Vindicaar
5.Into the Night
6.Alone in the Abyss
7.Righteous Fury
8.Overwhelming Power
9.A Stranger's Plea
11.Sign of Resistance
12.The Prophet's Gambit
14.From Darkness
15.Prisoners No More
16.Threat Reduction
17.A Strike at the Heart
18.Return to the Vindicaar
19.A Moment of Respite
20.Gathering Light
21.Crystals Not Included
22.A Grim Equation
23.The Best Prevention
24.Fire at Will
25.Locating the Longshot
26.Bringing the Big Guns
27.Lightly Roasted
28.Light's Return
29.The Child of Light and Shadow
30.Essence of the Light Mother
31.The Vindicaar Matrix Core
32.An Offering of Light
33.The Burning Heart
34.Securing a Foothold
+ Unlock Krokuun World Quests
+ Unlock Antoran Wastes World Quests

+Krokuun - [48230]<Fragment of the Past>
+Antoran Wastes - [Normal] [48624] <Who Let The Dogs Out?>
+Krokuun - [Normal] [48285] <Aerial Superiority>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48105] <Peer Review>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48728] <Umbraliss>
+Krokuun - [Normal] [47724] <Besieged>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [47833] <Shadowcaster Voruun>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [47456] <Calming the Void>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48102] <Scale Samples>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48723] <Vigilant Thanos>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [47858] <Security: Engaged>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48730] <Sorolis the Ill-Fated>
+Antoran Wastes - [Normal] [48360] <Supplies Needed: Fiendish Leather>
+Antoran Wastes - [Normal] [47566] <Gar'zoth>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48386] <Jed'hin Tournament>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48729] <Ataxon>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48722] <Feasel the Muffin Thief>
Version: 1.1.2 (10/11/2017 10:23:28 PM)
+ New Activity: Argunite Vendor+ Ability to plan which items to buy from Argunite Vendor+ Ability to auto use purchased fro Argunite items
Storyline Quests
+ Antoran Wastes - Quest TurnIn [48799] <Fuel of a Doomed World> to Npc <High Exarch Turalyon>[126954]
+ Antoran Wastes - Quest PickUp [48912] <Supplying the Antoran Campaign> from Npc <High Exarch Turalyon>[126954]
+ Antoran Wastes - Quest TurnIn [48912] <Supplying the Antoran Campaign> to Npc <High Exarch Turalyon>[126954]
+ Krokuun - Quest PickUp [48910] <Supplying Krokuun> from Npc <Chieftain Hatuun>[119388]
+ Krokuun - Quest TurnIn [48910] <Supplying Krokuun> to Npc <Chieftain Hatuun>[119388]
+ Mac'Aree - Quest PickUp [48910] <Void Inoculation> from Npc <Nabiru>[127037]
+ Mac'Aree - Quest TurnIn [48910] <Void Inoculation> to Npc <Nabiru>[127037]
+Krokuun - Quest PickUp [49293]<Invasion Onslaught> from Npc <Illidan Stormrage>[126408]
+Krokuun - Quest TurnIn [49293]<Invasion Onslaught> to Npc <Illidan Stormrage>[126408]
World Quests
+Krokuun - [Normal] [47724] <Besieged>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [47833] <Shadowcaster Voruun>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [47456] <Calming the Void>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48102] <Scale Samples>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48723] <Vigilant Thanos>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [47858] <Security: Engaged>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48730] <Sorolis the Ill-Fated>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [47844] <Recurring Madness>
+Krokuun - [Normal] [47507] <Khazaduum>
+Antoran Wastes - [Profession, Mining] [48349] <Work Order: Empyrium>
+Antoran Wastes - [Normal] [48783] <Nobody Expects Them>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [47828] <Memories of the Fallen>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48725] <Venomtail Skyfin>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48100] <The Defense of Mac'Aree>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48739] <Commander Xethgar>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48098] <Garden Pests>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [48096] <Core Mechanics>
+Mac'Aree - [Normal] [47135] <For Their Own Good>
Version: 1.0.1 (10/8/2017 4:18:20 AM)
Initial Release