Rayze - Mobile Banking

by Pookthetook


  • Automatically deposits items in your guildbank
  • Scans your inventory for specific items
  • Supports Horde & Alliance
  • You are able to configure following settings

  • Deposit all items you have in your inventory
  • Deposit only Herbs, or Ores
  • Deposit items by Quality (greens, blues, etc.)
  • Deposits specific items as soon as you get them
  • Deposit items when you have x bag spaces left

Bug-Reports & Improvements 
If you found any bugs, or you have any improvements feel free to join my Discord Server (link at the bottom), or message me on the Honorbuddyforum.

Item: Logo of Mobile Banking Plugin
Original Author: David, Rayze's friend
Date Obtained: 22-Okt-2017
Obtained from: David, made by himself.
License: He allowed me to use this logo for my plugin.


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