Eclipse - Shadow Bot (RAF/Party/HealBot)

by Twist


Temporarily Frozen because it is erroring on new version of HB.

Eclipse - Shadow Bot (RAF/Assist/DedicatedHealer)

Eclipse - Shadow Bot:

Bot follows at a configurable distance.
Bot will join combat or not (configurable)"
Bot will loot (configurable).
Bot will pick up quests that are within its follow range. (Configurable)
Bot will Ignore attackers. (Configurable)
Bot will use your configured CC to fight/heal.
Bot has a LEADER mode so that if you are hand playing one character you can set it as a leader to communicate with the other bots.
Followers will mount automatically if they CAN mount and leader is mounted.
Leader can communicate position and Rally all followers to it's location.
Leader can force disconnect clients.
This botbase WILL pickup and turn-in quests. 

You can configure and send custom comms from your leader to your follower or vice versa.
I.E. if you want your follower(s) to cast a spell you can select it from a drop down and say "send to clients".


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Changelog History

Version: 1.6 (8/27/2015 3:28:42 AM)
--- Ver 1.6 --- 
Removed leader logging that would cause a character name to be output to log.
Removed follower logging that would cause a character name to be output to the log.
Removed redundant logging that might log sensitive information.
Updated for new version of HB
Version: 1.5 (2/18/2015 11:25:14 PM)
--- Ver 1.5 ---
If bot looses leader fixed the drop in frame work by throttling the get leader call
Will now prioritize following over combat/healing.
Added configurable Sell at bag slots.
Will not sell if you set sell at bag slots to 0
Increase Mount Summoning WaitTime.
If follower cant contact leader it will stop trying until you start following again.
Removed most if not all instances that logged the name of the character when logging client/server packets.
Version: 1.4 (1/27/2015 11:29:07 PM)
-- Ver 1.4 --- 
If leader is lost during regular gameplay the Client will message the leader to get his location and then do a force nav to the leaders location.
The follower will now actively scan for the leader nearby before attempting to message teh leader directly.
Fixed vendoring items by Removing problematic Vendor CoRoutine - it will now sell but not everything.
Will now use your configured flying or ground mount.
Will now use a ground mount or flying mount depending on what the leader is doing (i.e. flying). 
If no mount is configured in HB will now fall through to your first flying/ground mount.
on Healbot mode will now force dismount before trying to heal.
Added a dismount call in the Server Commands section.
IF mounted while combat is started sometimes it will not dismount - on combat mounting is now forced (if leader isnt mounted)
Version: 1.3 (1/24/2015 5:38:38 AM)
--- Ver 1.0 ---
Added auto mounting
Added force nav to leader location
Added Added override commands via the leader console.
->Ready Check
--- Ver 1.1 & 1.2 --- 
Fixed UI/Lua hooks to initiate regardless of whether or not you turn on questing
Added Config background image (yay branding)
Moved the mounting command behind the null-leader check.
Fixed settings loading issue.
Fixed bug where local player wasnt being set in shared resources.
Bot will now properly find a vendor 
Bot will now sell all GREYS. (poor quality items)
--- Ver 1.3 --- 
In all cases were i was logging i changed it to target.entry.
Changed product images and removed non Creative Commons content.
Removed sleep and replaces with coroutine commands for random ui waits.